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Chapters: 14/14
Fandom: NEOKOSMOS (Webcomic)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Major Character Death
Relationships: No romance - Relationship
Characters: Dr. Xaveria, Dr. Zehra, Tye, Z, Nine, Seven - Character, Scree - Character, Other Original Characters
Additional Tags: Blood, Zompies, Death, Horror, Sci-Fy, Combo of First person and Omnicient Narrator, NeoKosmos - Freeform, Zompie AU, Compies, Aliens, all sorts of stuff, A LOT of violence, Weapons, gross things, some fatshaming (only for one chapter and is used reluctantly), coded words, German words, new characters - Freeform, offensive language, Dr. Xaveria - Freeform, Dr. Zehra - Freeform, Tye - Freeform, z - Freeform, Seven, Nine - Freeform, scree, Triss - Freeform, Red - Freeform, The Director - Freeform, Level 3 kids, Level 1 kids, The Apple Jam, Humans, just read and find out, ask me anything about it
Series: Part 1 of NeoZompie Act 1

What if there was a zombie outbreak on the station in NeoKosmos, but with Compies? And it happened after Xaveria died…

Yep. Here it is. An AU where zombies exist in NeoKosmos. Only these zombies are Zompies! Basically the Compies are the ones infected and they spread a virus throughout the station. Now these hordes threaten the lives of Tye, Z, Scree, Seven, and Nine. How will they handle the “Zompie Apocalypse”? Just read and find out! I do take questions and criticism, so please! Tell me anything via this blog: https://flannelshirtatheistaskblog.tumblr.com/

Special thanks to the main NeoKosmos Discord and Crispiil for inspiring me to make this idea I posted on the server at one point into an actual story. I appreciate it (even if you haven’t helped me at all in making it). And a big thanks to Bittergum, Bry@n (or Z with a star behind the Z), and Amber and Shelby Cragg for further inspiration. I hope to make Act 2 later in the year. So I hope you enjoy my first (and not my best or last) NeoKosmos AU.