Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird.. It’s a plane… IT’S ZADAAM!

Celebrating the birthday of @47-asura / @next-lvl ! I wish you good loots, all the ascended chests and blessings of Zommoros! Wish you calm days and good buds and inspiration and lots of money and aaaa lot of luck! You’re cool - stay cool =v=/

Bowl of Basic Vegetable Soup

So you wanna be a chef, huh? Well first you have to give up the huntsman profession, since you think artificer is too valuable for some reason.  Fantastic, you have the stuff to make applesauce. So exciting. But a hamburger is also an option, so keep crafting kiddo. Hot damn, a bowl of salsa! Soon your inventory is going to be full of food you’ll save until you have to eat 25 for a daily!

At this point you’ll turn to the inventing part of the crafting station, where, much like with the mystic forge, you toss random ingredients together and hope for the best. Although, unlike with Zommoros who gulps down your exotics and rares with a side of mystic forge stones and spits back out second-rate equipment, you might get something delicious at the chef station. Like a Bowl of Staple Soup vegetables. Made from potatoes, celery, onions, and carrots, that … actually sounds terrible. Luckily, with some vegetable stock, green beans, and tomatoes you can make a Bowl of Simple Vegetable Soup.

You know what I like? Ratatouille bisque. And this kind of soup can be a lot like ratatouille, except that I hate celery, and I’m not feeling the carrots or potatoes. So, like with the Bear Offering, let’s give em’ the old razzle-dazzle and make this a Bowl of Not-So-Simple Vegetable Soup. This might get you to lv 53. The recipe is under the cut. 

-MJ & K

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Well, silly me forgot to take a screenshot of Zommoros actually presenting me with Juggernaut, but, nonetheless, it’s finished! This is my 12th legendary and was definitely one of the more difficult ones. Dreamthistle weapons are gonna have to wait because this precursor was steep!! Thanks to anyone who helped me with friggin silver doubloons in any way! I don’t tend to expect/accept much help on legendaries with the exception of my little sister, so it was a new feeling for sure. Now Castien is looking like a skritt magnet and my wallet is looking like a wasteland! On to the next one!!