I saw Black Swan yesterday and I think it’s one of the freakiest and creepiest movies ever. I think the cast did a great job and the music is bloody brilliant (can’t wait ‘til the soundtrack comes out!). It’s definitely a movie worth watching

[edit] added the swans

zomgart replied to your photo: You cant replace. You can only add.

wow you made your own cup?! how?

Ah, thats a Christmas present from our awesome boss. He stalked my deviant account, ripped some pictures and had it printed on the mug. I dont know where tho, probably some printing shop or something…I should ask him. :|

Its weird because it even has “Mindgroove” on it :| and he knows me by my real name. 

I haven’t had time to work on requests or my own stuff so I’m just going to upload old pieces of art/random doodles

note: I have never been to Venice before. This was just a painting of a photo I saw (I don’t have the reference photo anymore, it’s at my old art teacher’s studio).

20X28~ canvas
Oil Paint 

another preview of liane’s request :)

I’m not going to be posting/working on my requests at all tomorrow, Friday and Saturday because I’ll be busy morning to night with honor choir stuff. Perhaps I’ll have time to draw in my sketchbook so be prepared to be spammed (maybe) on Sunday >]

Thanks to everyone who recommended ‘cause ZOMG!art IS BACK ON THE FIRST PAGE OF DIRECTORY!! I was so happy when I saw that! Thanks everyone :)

and @ Kirstie who wanted that drawing, can you send me the picture to my inbox so I’ll remember?

Happy tumbling everyone,