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I have this tumblr since 2009 (whoa old lady) but I think this year was the first time I really talked with people around here. I made some nice friends, had some fun, some good moments and I think I should say “thank you” for those who made my dash a happy place to live (even if we never talked to each other, yay).

I wanna say thanks specially for those people who don’t belong to the football fandom (yo Lais, yo Deia, yo Caterina) but keep following me. This is a proof of love and I really appreciate your patience! You have a special place in heaven.

I hope you all had an awesome 2013 as I had. 2014 will be better because of: World Cup. But hey, even if you’re not really into football (yo Deia) you bet that 2014 is gonna be incredible. Just don’t forget that you can’t just sit, wait and wish.

I’m really sorry if I forgot someone. And I’m sorry for the shitty edit. And sorry if I bothered you anytime.

Lots of love xx

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