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“Yeah, something like that…” Harmony muttered, listening for any sounds coming from anywhere around them. Nothing. It was quiet. Too quiet

“The Doctor…” Harmony whispered. “I haven’t seen him in awhile, actually. He’d be rather convenient to have around now, don’t you think?”

Suddenly, the footsteps began again. More than one set this time. They were becoming heavier and heavier as they approached, and Harmony bit her lip, thinking of what the options were at the moment. “I think we need to sneak out of this room…” Harmony told the girl, “You can tell me more about yourself as we try to find a way out. These things… they’re messing with the hospital so we can’t escape. They’re moving doors, rooms, staircases… we need to stick together.” 

Alivia got up and looked around.

“No more about me. But … this was my room so if I remember correctly” she said, moving over to a broom closet. She opened it and smiled. “I stocked up.” She tossed you a rifle. “My dad’s. He was in the army so permited to have them.” She grabbed one herself.

“Also you can’t remember anything that we did together. If you do one of two things will happen. Maybe both. Either your brain dies as you really shouldn’t remember. Or it creates a paradox so big that it could wipe out New York City. Love that city!” Alivia said, checking to see if her rifle was stocked.

“You got bullets?” she asked. She looked at you. It was weird. She seemed to look perfect with the gun, yet it was terrifying.

“And I need that man almost every second.”

Homeland Security Encourages You To Prepare For A Zombie Apocalypse (But With Ulterior Motives)

The Department of Homeland Security is encouraging citizens to be prepared for a zombie outbreak, not because they think there’s going to be one, but because they think the preparations you’d make for zombies are similar to those you’d make for a natural disaster or terrorist attack, and it’s just much more fun to stock up pretending the undead are coming. “The zombies are coming!” the Homeland Security Department says. Tongue firmly in cheek, the government urged citizens Thursday to prepare for a zombie apocalypse, part of a public health campaign to encourage better preparation for genuine disasters and emergencies. The theory: If you’re prepared for a zombie attack, the same preparations will help during a hurricane, pandemic, earthquake or terrorist attack.“

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Police block Mexico hospital, 6 may have radiation

PACHUCA, Mexico (AP) — Federal police blocked access Friday to a central Mexico hospital where six people were reported to have been admitted with radiation exposure.

Thieves steal a truck with radioactive cargo. Not knowing what it is they open the container and dump out the contents near a small desert town in Mexico.  What could go wrong?