She’s all buffed up and ready for the final edge and brand. I have a badass sheath lined up for this one too, it will be a few days before that part is finished. . ⚡️⚡️This one of a kind badass will be up for auction when I’m finished with it. It’s going to be hard to let go, but I do enjoy watching yall fight after all. Keep posted for updates about the auction. #knife #knives #knifemaking #bigknives #chopper #zombieweapons #handmade #madeinphilly #oneofakind

Dogs are a common companion during any kind if apocalypse, they are extremely useful but not for a zombie apocalypse. The reason for that is they bark and ‘talk to you,’ if you can get them to keep quiet, go for it.
Range: close

How to use: sled dog, train to attack, teach them to hunt small game, if you’re cruel, you can use them as a distraction.

Usefulness(1-10): 8