Nicknames for Batfam Characters

Bruce Wayne a.k.a Batman: Grim Dad

Dick Grayson a.k.a Nightwing: Mr. Always Look The Brightside Of Life

Jason Todd a.k.a Red Hood: Edgy Zombie

Tim Drake a.k.a Red Robin: Lady’s Dork

Kate Kain a.k.a Batwoman: The Gay Cousin tm

Cassandra Cain a.k.a Batgirl a.k.a Black Bat a.k.a Orphan: Deadly Dancer

Stephanie Brown a.k.a Spoiler a.k.a Batgirl: Queen Purple of Waffleland

Jean Paul Valley a.k.a Azrael: The Unluckiest Blonde

Luke Fox a.k.a Batwing: Ironbat

Barbara Gordon a.k.a Batgirl a.k.a Oracle: Tech Mom

Harper Row a.k.a Bluebird: Bi You Assholes

Duke Thomas a.k.a (I don’t know his superhero name at this point): Street Fighter Gotham Edition

Damian Wayne a.k.a Robin: Brat Out Of Hell

Selina Kyle a.k.a Catwoman: Not So Crazy Cat Lady

Basil Karlo a.k.a Clayface: Can Shape-shift Into Anything But His Happinesses

Alfred Pennyworth a.k.a Penny 1 a.k.a The Nest: Sass Master

Julia Pennyworth a.k.a Penny 2: Punk Rock Sister

Doctor Victoria October: From My Heart and My Hands, Why Don’t People Understand My Intentions, Weird Science! 

Doctor Leslie Tompkins: Sick Of Everyone’s Shit tm


Helena Wayne a.k.a Huntress a.k.a Batman: Ready To Burst Out Of The Closet 

Thomas Wayne a.k.a Batman: Jason Todd The Golden Years

disneyroleplay  asked:

Whoa. Eric. Buddy. You have a little too much fun with Ariel? You've got like, bite marks on your neck. Wassup with that?

“What??” Eric blushed deeply, and slapped a hand to his neck. He regretted his decision only a second later, when a sharp sting of pain shot through his neck, all the way up to his ear, and down his elbow.


He didn’t remember being bitten, but it hurt. The pain calmed, but did not vanish. Instead, it faded to a dull ache. “I… I don’t know… I gotta go…”

Feeling nervous, he left the greyface, in search of his wife.