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I see your Cthulhu Crane and I raise you a Zombie Scarecrow! (guest starring Zombie Killer Croc, Zombie Two-Face and Zombie Clock King)

Batman: The Brave and the Bold #3

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147. Zombies aren’t real, I promise 

Set during Home Farm week.

It wasn’t just the sex.

Clearly, the sex had been great – it always was, after all.

They’d both revelled in the fact that they’d been able to make as much noise as they wanted, and that there had been no chance of someone interrupting them half way through, and they’d loved the rare luxury of having an actual bed to do it on, time and time again.

But, besides the sex, it had been about so much more than that.

It had been about them being able to be together, properly, for the first time.

It was about the moments in between the sex.

The parts where they got to have a go at being ‘normal’, as Robert had almost offensively put it.

It turned out, ‘normal’ was them ordering a pizza and bickering over the merits of Robert’s questionable DVD collection as they decided which one to watch.

‘Normal’ was Robert appearing at the bedroom door each morning with a coffee made exactly as Aaron liked it; Robert knowing he took an extra sugar in the morning just to help himself get prepared for the day.

‘Normal’ was joining each other in the shower – not for the obvious reason – but just because it was good and comfortable and intimate to do it; to wash each other’s body and watch the suds flowing over soft skin.

‘Normal’ was perfect, they both came to realise; even if the words went unspoken.

And as Aaron slumped down on the sofa – wearing his jogging bottoms and one of Robert’s plain white t-shirts – he knew he didn’t want ‘normal’ to end; feeling the pain of reality approaching fast as the week went by, wondering whether tonight would be his last night here before Chrissie returned.

Robert walked through from the kitchen with two plates piled high with steak, chips, onion rings and a salad that he knew Aaron would immediately turn his nose up at. He was smiling at Aaron’s reaction before he’d even seen it.

“Salad?” Aaron questioned as he rolled his eyes.

“Yes,” Robert replied with a smirk. “With home cooked chips and a medium rare fillet steak from the butchers in Hotten – the best piece of meat you’ll ever taste.”

Aaron raised his eyebrows playfully as Robert passed him his plate. They were eating on the sofa – something they’d done all week, and that they knew would make Chrissie mad – but it wasn’t like they’d been following any other rules that week either.

Robert laughed, realising his own innuendo.

“You’ve got a filthy mind, Aaron Livesy,” he purred with a wink.

Aaron snuffed out a laugh, eating a chip with his fingers.

“What we watching, then?” Aaron asked as Robert picked up the TV remote and flicked through Netflix.

“My pick tonight,” Robert smirked as he looked across at Aaron and raised his eyebrows. “After I had to sit through your Danny Dyer trash last night.”

Aaron rolled his eyes as he watched Robert flicking through the categories, until he landed on a stream of zombie films and started scanning left to right instead of up and down.

Aaron groaned.

“What?” Robert teased.

They smiled together in that casual, comfortable way that they’d found was becoming more and more natural to them over the past week.

“Zombie films?” Aaron questioned as he shook his head. “Aren’t you a bit old for all that?”

Robert took offence at that, opening his mouth as he threw a cushion in Aaron’s direction.

Aaron laughed as he ducked to avoid it.

“Just because that one the other night made you all jumpy,” Robert teased back, alive with the memory of Aaron jumping out of his skin after he’d fallen asleep on Robert’s chest and been woken up abruptly by the sound of a zombie on screen.

“Shut up,” Aaron dismissed him, cheeks tinging pink above his widening grin.

“Ah, bless,” Robert continued, enjoying the way this was bringing out that smile on Aaron’s face – the one he was sure only he got to see; the one reserved for moments like this, behind closed doors, when he could be truly at ease. “Don’t worry, Zombies aren’t real, I promise. And if they do attack, I’ll protect you.”

Aaron raised his eyebrows at that, throwing the cushion back in Robert’s direction.

“As if,” he laughed dismissively, settling in to eat his tea, plate resting precariously atop a cushion that probably cost more than his entire wardrobe. “Can’t imagine you’d be much good in a crisis, anyway. You’d be too busy collecting up anything valuable and making sure they don’t smash your car up.”

Robert laughed – a genuine kind of laugh that had been so alien to him not so long ago.

“I think I’d manage to tear myself away to make sure you’re alright,” he retorted with an air of sarcasm and an attempt at appearing aloof. “It’d be worth it to make sure of the lifetime supply of blow jobs in gratitude.”

“Twat,” Aaron smirked as Robert returned his attention to the TV screen, satisfied that he’d won and picking a film from the list.

The orchestral sound of the intro filled the room, and Aaron struggled to wipe the smile from his face as he sliced into his – admittedly – perfectly cooked steak.

About an hour later, when they’d finished their tea and left their plates stacked on the coffee table, and after Robert had invited Aaron over to his side of the sofa, and when they’d slowly blended themselves together into a perfect bundle of intertwined limbs and soft, gentle kisses against exposed skin, Aaron realised that maybe he could live with the odd zombie film, if he got to watch them all like this.

♈ Aries 

when you’re with an aries, you’re guarded. they will contribute to the group socially, but also in the battlefield. they’re always keeping an eye out for their team and they will have your back all the time, this is completely natural for the aries. they’re almost paradoxically calm and stable during the apocalypse, not freaking out in dangerous situations or panicking in emergencies etc, and maybe it’s because their usual intense and vigorous (sometimes aggressive) behavior fits very well in a more primitive world.
weapon of choice: chainsaw /best partner(s): sagittarius, leo, libra

♉ Taurus 

when you’re with a taurus, you’ll be prepared. they may not be the kind of people you’ll see go slaying zombies voluntarily, but they will be the ones barricading your camp and organizing your supplies and planning out the strategies. taurus people make the best plans, and they’re ready for almost anything. they were probably prepared for the zombie apocalypse even before it broke out. they’re logical and thorough, loyal to their families and probably one of the most reliable and useful characters in your team. 
weapon of choice: police baton or sledgehammer / best partner(s): scorpio, sagittarius, aquarius 

♊ Gemini 

when you’re with a gemini, you’re on the good team. they’re the intelligent, reasonable, long-term planning guys, the ones who adjust themselves immediately to this new scary situation but accepts it. no panic here, instead, they will go building up a secure base camp and start growing potatoes and begin the long project of reconstructing a civilisation. they’ll invite people to their camps and villages with pleasure, and then do their best to keep everyone safe and busy. geminis are like the foundation stones of the new world.
weapon of choice: shotgun / best partner(s): capricorn, leo


when you’re with a cancer, you’ll be cared for and looked after. they’re the most caring and considerate people you’ll ever know, always glad to keep you safe and treat your wounds and prepare your food. they’re usually the doctors of the team, or the caretakers, but the thing is that when something threatens a cancer (or even worse, their friends) hell will break loose. they’re not afraid of going extreme lengths just to keep their close ones safe and sound. if you fuck with them, don’t be surprised if you’re suddenly set on fire. 
weapon of choice: slingshot/throwing knives / best partner(s): pisces, libra

♌ Leo  

when you’re with a leo, you’ll be hopeful. they’re not only optimistic and easy-going, they’re very brave aswell. sometimes their self-proclaimed heroism can be a little too brave, almost reckless and excessively risky, but somehow they end up saving the day over and over again. they’re not too sad, either, they tend to keep up the mood even during the darkest times. leos are encouraging and high-spirited people, and even if they can get a bit annoying with their damn haughtiness (this might create human enemies), you’ll need them on your team sooner or later. 
weapon of choice: sword & bare fists /best partner(s): aries, gemini 

♍ Virgo

when you’re with a virgo, you’ll never be left alone. they will be your partner in crime, your right hand, your ABFF (apocalyptic best friend forever). they’ll stay with you even if you’re sick or tired or sad - they’re true friends and don’t ever underestimate that. sometimes just a little support and empathy can be enough for making the day. they’re the humanity left in this world, basically, but don’t think they’re weak or soft just because of that. if they stumble across 30 wild zombies in a dead-end, they’ll probably just give you a quick nod before hauling up the explosives.
weapon of choice: fire/grenades / best partner(s): scorpio, sagittarius

♎ Libra 

when you’re with a libra, you’ll be secure. libras are are very careful people and don’t take unnecessary risks - if there’s one place where it’s a good thing to be a worried, meticulous control-freak, it’s the apocalypse. a libra checks everything twice, never leaving anything to chance. this could be double-checking that the door is locked, testing the emergency exit, calculating possible threats in every situation, spying on a house before entering, always zombie-scanning a place 3-4 times before settling in, estimating the quality of food/water before consuming etc. but don’t mistake their thorough and finical behaviour as distrust or suspicion, they’re just perfectionists, which actually can be extremely valuable in this case.
weapon of choice: semiautomatic rifle / best partner(s): cancer, aries

♏ Scorpio 

when you’re with a scorpio, you never have to be afraid. they will gladly chop some zombie heads off if they have to - and maybe chop off a few more just for the hell of it - and then they will wipe some blood from their face, flip their hair and juggle the knife with a smirk. they’re not afraid to do the dirty work, or to make the tough decisions, but just because they’re often in the frontline or might come across as offensive, it doesn’t mean they’re stupid. they’re just doing what needs to be done in a zombie apocalypse, and finally, the scorpio is the expert in the field. they fit very well in this dark, violent world, how emo this may sound. and they’re actually kind of difficult to win, they wouldn’t team up with anybody, they’re kinda judgemental. so if you become apocalypse friends with a scorpio, don’t give that up for anything, they will fight for you to the last drop of blood
weapon of choice: machete & japanese ninjite / best partner(s): taurus, virgo, pisces

♐ Sagittarius 

when you’re with a sagittarius, you’re not just ”surviving”. you’re staying alive. even in the worst scenarios and the during roughest times a true sagittarius will just keep on fighting. they’ll never give up just because of something as silly as a zombie apocalypse - to them, that’s just another adventure. this can seem reckless, but don’t underestimate the importance of a sparkling energy and an adventurous approach. a sagittarius will do everything in their power to keep their families alive and not just breathing, like exploring the post-apocalyptic world, finding beauty and enjoying what’s left of it, and most importantly - knowing what’s worth fighting for.
weapon of choice: hand bow/archery / best partner(s): aries, taurus, virgo

♑ Capricorn 

when you’re with a capricorn, you’ll be valuable and important. capricorns are natural born leaders and organizers, and will most likely give everyone in the group a specific task or role. everyone can contribute with something, everyone, and in an apocalypse it’s extra important that you’re reasonable and cooperative. a capricorn will find your speciality, see your talents and listen to your opinions and then create the strongest teams in the whole apocalypse.
weapon of choice: trench knife/trench spike / best partner(s): gemini, aquarius, all signs

♒ Aquarius 

when you’re with an aquarius - you’re goddamn lucky! they’re very creative, innovative and exceptional problem-solvers. they’ll make super useful home-made inventions, like zombie traps, walker-alarms, hunting snares and water purification systams and DIY padlocks etc. they’re bursting with great ideas and scout-ish knowledge, to everyone’s benefit. but paradoxically, they will have a hard time coping with the apocalypse because they thought life was gonna be a beautiful and wonderful experience, and this can make them kinda dark and depressed people even if they’re good at heart
weapon of choice: crowbar / best partner(s): sagittarius, pisces, capricorn

♓ Pisces

when you’re with a pisces, you’ll be heartened. like virgo, pisces will never leave your side no matter what happens. they’re full of hope and love and they’re very good at enjoying the little things in life, which you will realize is very rare and vital. the pisces is neither a hero nor a warrior but definitely someone you can trust and rely on, a true friend and partner - they may seem naive but they’re just optimistic at heart, always happy to help people. they’re also very intuitive and have like a sixth sense or something when it comes to gut feelings, so if you encamp somewhere and a pisces say ”i have a bad feeling about this place” then you should definitely listen
weapon of choice: they’re usually pacifists, but if they must, a long spear or spike will be their first choice / best partner(s): probably all signs

My drawing of Kieran Walker from In The Flesh (my new favourite tv show that deserved so much more)

Cold Body, Warm Heart (Warm Bodies) || Leo & Blue

Leo had no idea what was happening. There were…dead? people around him and he can`t feel any life around him, yet they were all up and moving aimlessly. They looked like zombies when there was no one and nothing left to eat, and Leo was glad they didn`t attack him, only to see his reflection on a glass that he was apparently a zombie too. He kept walking in the opposite direction of where the other zombies were heading and scanned their faces, but recognized no one.

Where the fuck was everyone? 

He got as far as to the abandoned buildings a few miles from the airport. It was eerily quiet, save for the rustling papers and leaves on the empty road. He wanted to yell hello, but his throat felt dry and he can barely move his lips to form any word. He saw a water bottle on the side of the road but didn`t feel inclined to drink it.

Leo`s head whirled to the sound behind him.