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What started off as a silly project soon captured the enthusiasm of the entire township (with the exception of Janine, of course). The initial supply of film was quickly exhausted, but more can be had if you were patient and knew where to search.

After six years, the portrait collage dominates the far rec room wall and spills onto the next, now a catalog of friends past and present. The runners keep a constant eye out for film anytime their runs bring them near a drug store or gift shop.

The wall has also become a popular spot to leave messages and photo “vandalism” is common.

(I’m having too much fun with this polaroid prompt. Probably more to come. Tags updated to include actors’ names.)

Bonus photo:

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ZR Season 3 Outtake
The Cast of Zombies, Run!
ZR Season 3 Outtake

It’s recording season at Six to Start once again! We aim to record each mission in around an hour, which can mean that Matt and the actors spend prolonged periods of time in our office soundbooth, deprived of natural light (and occasionally oxygen).

For actors with a lot of lines, such as series regular Phil Nightingale (Sam Yao), this can sometimes lead to a little bit of confusion when we start a new mission, as you’ll hear in this outtake…


Zombies, Run! Fancast: Yasmine Al Massri as Nadia Al Hanaki- Take Two

“I wanted them to know what it felt like to not be able to trust the person on the other side”

After making my first fancast for Nadia, it was brought to my attention that, due to her last name, it was probably more likely that Nadia would be Arabic, rather than white. So, apologies for inadvertently white-washing. This actress is Lebanese, and rocked a headscarf in “Quantico”, and as much as I don’t like Nadia, it’s really cute to picture Lem bringing her pretty fabrics to use.