zombies run art exchange


Got a new video editing software and wanted to try it out, so I used some clips I had on my hard drive (I was too lazy to search for other material) and I made this:

Run, just run! (A Zombies, Run! fan video)

It’s short and flawed, I know. I’m still not totally familiar with the new software, and with a bit more time I could have found some better clips to use, but considering all this, I think I did quite okay :)

Hope you like it!! (and feel free to reblog it ^__^)

Seems like I might join the Zombies, Run! Art Exchange after all…


I’m away this weekend, but I just wanted to put up my submission for the Zombies, Run! Art Exchange, which, honestly, was SO MUCH FUN.

My submission was for thewondersmith, who requested:

- SIMON x JODY. I’d be over the moon with literally anything with this ship, whether it’s art or hand-written in-character notes or couple’s cosplay or finger puppets. Seriously, I’m an embarrassingly huge sucker for these two.

So how about a couple’s cosplay with finger puppets?

Kas, thank you so much for organizing this!!!!!

ZRAX- and that's a wrap!

I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who participated in the first Zombies Run Art Exchange! It’s been really, really fun and I’m so excited to see all this awesome art! You guys are so dang talented and it’s been awesome getting to know everybody. Oh, and everyone should have received their fills, so please feel free to start uploading your stuff here if you’d like! YEAH TEAM ART!