zombies of the night


i’m starting a club
where we don’t sleep or eat
we just worry
and watch our eyes grow red
and feel our bodies shake
and we ignore each other
in attempts to ignore the pain
we’ll write painful poetry
we never share

a club where we feel so weak
because we let the panic destroy us
night after night
we’ll become sleepless zombies
who are afraid of the dark

a club i started by accident
where no one has joined
but me 

    -molly eileen

HEY GUYS! Event Today!

OverWatch event today! I’m going to be hosting a custom game I created earlier today that I’d love for you to join! Just a friendly zombie killing chill kinda thing. :)            (Tested it out, surprising balanced with the modifiers I put on)

Game type:

2 VS 6 Zombie Outbreak.

Humans: Mcree

Primary fire only. Can roll. Slightly lower health and DMG.

Zombies: Junkrat

Melee only. 85% movement speed.

Before the nights done we’ll do a surprise round I set up!

If you wanna add me ingame to participate, just lemme know! I’m not sure of the exact time yet. Not too late. Thanks for your interest! 

Message me before hand and you can reserve what side you want to start of first!

on PC


“Where are we even going?”
“Omg Pidge would you just shut up for like, five seconds? We’re almost there.”
“Maybe I just like the sound of my own voice, Lance. Not everything is about you, you know. Maybe I’m just–”

“…This is what I wanted to show you.”
“Happy Birthday, Pidge.”

It’s Pidge’s birthday so obviously I had to draw SOMETHING.

It turned into Plance. Go figure.