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hey! i'd like to ask if you have any kaisoo with chanhun as side pair? or triangle love kaisoo with baekhyun as baeksoo? thank you so much! c:

hello i’ll just do the first one since our rules said one request per ask~

  • you have my whole heart (you always did) - i rly love this fic bc of the extra fluff (and smut), i feel so warm, dont mind the tags! it looks like a mess but trust it’s chanhun!
  • Break Rules, Not Hearts - from forkadionly! there’s age gap and ageswitch and hint hint chanhun ;) + chanyeol is ksoo’s brother how cool is that
  • Can’t feel my face (when I’m with you) -  im crying this is /mainstream/ jongin falling in love with /hipster/ kyungsoo like plea se
  • Sugar - CUTE, an antique bakery!au, im the pinch of love in this fic :/ (when you read it you’ll get me hehe) , i also rly love chanhun’s dynamics in this fic 
  • It’s The Season of Giving (So Give Me Attention) - this is a relatively new fic so pls support bc it’s adorable and funny omg!! mall!au where both jongin and sehun are crushing on two hot guys working at a christmas display
  • Evanescent - with fluff, there comes the pain :) warning, this fic talks about mental disorders and contains character deaths, this made me tear up ;; 
  • Midnight Talk - say it louder for the ppl at the back, real friends will always be there for you!! the chanhun here is depressing tho but kaisoo makes everything better~
  • We Pick Ourselves Undone - super fluffy zombie / vampire au, kyungsoo has rly nice friends (chanhun) who rec him trying a dating site and there he finds the cutest vampire with a zombie poodle!
  • How’d You Like A Little Alpha In You - alpha!soo thinks omega!jongin is super tsundere but not rly ;) they end up having a steamy sx while chanhun is doing their own thing in the next room lol
  • Seasons - age gap (older soo), jongin falls in love at with an upperclassman at first sight he meets at the local bar with his friends (slight chanhun), very fluffy slice of life 
  • My Apparition -  this is written from the first point of view and ksoo is basically a ghost :o

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