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Gashapon Sound Rider Gashat 03 (ガシャポンサウンドライダーガシャット03 / Gashapon Saundo Raidā Gashatto 03)

Rider Gashats with limited functions.They are packaged as two separate pieces with a sticker.

  • Drago Knight Hunter Z Gashat
  • Dangerous Zombie Gashat
  • Drago Knight Hunter Z Gashat (Metallic Ver.)
  • Dangerous Zombie Gashat (Metallic Ver.)

MSRP: 500 Yen apiece

Release date: Early February 2017

anonymous asked:

Hi, I really like your prompt fills, they're amazing! I really love the prompt fill on zombies being representations of the seven deadly sins. I don't know if this is thinking too much into it but is/are there any specific person/people who specialise in dealing with packs of Envies? And who does repair work on the corral?

(Part One)

Numbers sleeps out by the Envies some nights.

 Most nights. 

Okay, nearly every night. She thinks that most sane people would with people like Stella and the General in the camp. It’s not that she thinks they’d ever go after her (except for how she does). It’s just that she doesn’t have confidence they won’t get her the next time camp is attacked.

“Don’t be ridiculous,” Tia says when Numbers tells her this. She hands the girl a bag of food, that day’s rations. “They’ve been doing this way too long for that.”

Numbers doesn’t say anything. Two years ago, when this started, she’d thought people wouldn’t make mistake like that, wouldn’t hit a human instead of a zombie. In a way, she was right.

It wasn’t a mistake then and she doubts it would be one now.

“Thanks for the food,” she says, holding up the bag.

“No fire tonight,” Tia warns. “I don’t like how many Sloths have been around lately.”

Numbers casts an uneasy look at the horizon. Their camp is on a small hill which leads down to a flood plain. She can see the ruins of a city a mile or two away, but between here and there are too many holes, too much foliage, too much coverage for zombies.

“’Course,” Tia says, too nonchalant, “you could have a hot meal if you came to stay in the camp. Get to know everyone.”

Numbers is already shaking her head. She’s the newest member to the camp, the youngest to boot, and she likes the anonymity that gives her. She’s pretty sure Stella doesn’t even know her name.

Tia sighs, used to losing this particular battle. “Well, you know the knock. It baffles me that you’d feel more comfortable out here next to them though.”

Numbers looks where Tia gestures though she already knows what she’s pointing at. Numbers has just put a new batch of Envies in the corral and they’re getting to know the older ones, bumping into each other as they wander around aimlessly. Every now and then, they almost scent her and Tia and stop, those with noses letting their nostrils flare. Then they go right back to meandering, what’s left of their minds forgetting the distraction as soon as the wind snatches the scent away.

“Envies are predictable,” Numbers says because she likes Tia. She rustles in the bag of food, checking out her supplies. “People aren’t.”

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Zombie Hunter Elite Foxy with Vampire Blade

so yeah i attempted to make a fullbody Foxy with a weapon and it’s really challenging me yet the result is still satisfying x”D and tbh the hardest part is making the fullbody male body sketching, cuz im a bit obsessed with “perfect anatomy” ;P 

and another thing is that, i’m feeling that if i was no longer in the Fnaf fndm anymore, i might turn him into an OC with the name of Max Kanine (probs Foxy as his alias), so what do you think with this? :D

reblogs are appreciated <3

The train- Isaac imagine

Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines

Can you do an IsaacxReader, with something similar to what happened to Aria on the Halloween train and the pack save her and Isaac kisses the reader and vows to protect her?

A/N: I can’t really remember what happened to aria so I wrote this instead. Warning its sooooooo long, took me ages to write but I actually had a lot of fun writing it! Enjoy xxxxx

Words: 2283

On a cold day in the middle of winter, you found yourself covered in blood, stood on the platform of a train station. You didn’t recognise anyone around you, everyone had gone all out on their costumes. You had chosen to go as a zombie hunter with Isaac, your boyfriend, going as the zombie. On the run up to the event, you had had many discussions with him about it. He would always argue that he would make a better zombie hunter, yet you showed him with a few martial arts moves that you would be the better choice.

You received a text message as you waited, the timer until the train arrived at the platform reaching zero. The message was, of course, from Isaac. He was somewhere further down the platform with Brett, Scott and Kira and would find you once everyone was on the train.

The train was painted a shimmering black with silver details. Heavy smoke poured out of the front, almost blocking out the light from the moon. The carriages were dark as the train pulled up, the glass in the windows covered.

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