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  • What was the last fight you got into about?

Idk probably just a small argument with my brother?? I would never fight someone physically and I can’t think of any heated arguments recently

  • Coffee or tea?

Neither, I get palpitations and nauseous from caffeine :(((((

  • Favorite eye/hair combination?

Whoo that’s a tough one!! Probably either ginger and brown or brunette and whatever, idk I like all eye colours

  • Least favourite show?

I could legitimately reel off a tonne of shows but I absolutely detest South Park and Family Guy to name two

  • Most attractive celebrity?

I don’t pay attention to celebrities so I don’t know???? But Terry Farrell as DS9 Dax was a stunner so can that count as an answer 

  • Least favourite celebrity?


  • What’s your favourite food?

I have a weirdly strong love for chicken schnitzel, potato cakes, raspberries and grapes 

  • Can you walk in heels?

Hell no, lmao I haven’t worn full heels in my life and don’t plan to

  • How often do you wear makeup?

I only use it for cosplay, so every few months or so I think

  • Have you ever accidentally cursed in front of your parents?

My mum’s always been pretty cool with swearing when it’s in context so no, but whenever my hypocritical dad catches me swearing he gets so angry :))

  • If there was a zombie apocalypse, which two friends would you like to fight it with and why?

Idk I feel like @trevithan and @unalik would have enough of an idea about zombies because I’m absolutely clueless, but I’d rather not be stuck in a zombie apocalypse in the first place because I’m terrified of zombies lol

I’m not going to make any questions because I’m not going to tag people to do it (feels invasive, like I always say) but still thank you for tagging me!!

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