zombies are just like people

"Zombies, Run!" - the app that changes lives

Did an app ever change your life? Did an app ever make you laugh, cry, yell - while making you healthier? Did an app ever get you so caught up in a story that you forgot the world around you while listening to it?
The app “Zombies, Run!” does all of those things for me on a weekly basis.

Seeing how my favorite app ever is currently celebrating its fifth anniversary, I thought I would tell you once again just why you should try “Zombies, Run!”

I have been running on and off for ten years. Back in early 2007, I think, I began because I wanted to lose weight. It did help. And I did get in much better shape. But I never really made it past 5 km runs. I got bored.

Soon to be three years ago, in May 2014, I saw a Tumblr post describing an app in which you ran from zombies while being a part of an awesome story line. Having been more off than on running for a couple of years at the time, I decided to give it a try.

I have never regretted it.

I remember it vividly. The first time I played “Zombies, Run!”. It was May 29, 2014, at 10.06 AM. I pressed that “Start mission” button, and then I wasn’t in Copenhagen anymore. I was on a helicopter, making my way over an apocalyptic England towards a small settlement called Abel Township.

Only before I reached the township, my helicopter was shot down by an unknown party. Having survived the crash, I had to run through a zombie-infested area to get to safety, with a stranger named Sam talking to me in my headset, guiding my way.
“I’m gonna call you Runner 5,” he told me. I have been Runner 5 ever since. And now I have even managed to finish a 25 km run. That’s quite a bit more than the 5 km ones I began with.

The glory of this app is that YOU are Runner 5, and Runner 5 can be ANYONE. The characters talk to you, but they never indicate gender, age, or looks. It also doesn’t matter whether you go on short or long runs, or even whether you run or not - you can also walk the missions, if you want. What the characters do tell you, however, is how important you are to Abel Township. That what you do matter. You become a hero.

As you run, you make your way through an amazing story line: Each mission is an episode in a season, as if you’re running a tv show. There are currently five seasons. The writers are working on a sixth. I am continuously amazed at the twist and turns of the story, the character development, the “ohfuckingshitthatdidnotjusthappen” moments … And that’s saying something, because I can be a picky skeptic.

You can use your own music playlist for your runs. Every mission has music breaks between the sound clips. During these breaks, you also pick up items to expand your base in the app. And (if you choose to put that setting on) you can get zombie chases - which means that when the app tells you that zombies are approaching, you have to speed up to get away from them. It’s great for interval training, and it’s completely optional; you can turn it on and off.

All in all, I want to recommend this app to anyone who needs motivation to get out there and move your body - or to anyone who wants to listen to a well-written and exciting post-apocalypse story with zombies and lovable people. And if you’re just starting out and would like a training program to follow, you can also check out their “Zombies, Run! 5k” app, which guides you through eight weeks of training, from couch to 5 km runs. The story line is not as “on the edge of your seat” as the original app, but still very captivating.

So what are you waiting for? Go find it where you usually buy your apps! The first season is free, the rest costs less than 200 DKK a year, and it is money well spent.
And then let me know how much you enjoyed it!

U kno what’s annoying?

The way certain people portray texting as just a mindless activity. As just staring at a screen and tapping it with your thumbs

You may not HEAR the voices speaking, but it’s actually a conversation???

Don’t tell me to stop texting and go socialize. I AM socializing. Just not in a way you’re used to.

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From the trailer for in the flesh it looks like it's just about zombies, but I don't think people would love it this much if that's all it was about (or, I mean. People love the walking dead:/ I guess I don't think people who also love skam would think just a zombie apocalypse is enough). So what's it really about, what makes it great?

It’s in moments like this I regret having deleted my ITF sideblog.

Usually we, In The Flesh fans, omit mentioning that they are zombies in because we know what it makes it look like and how it deter people from watching. But you know already so here goes:

In The Flesh is a BBC TV series created and written by Dominic Mitchell, a lovely bean who’s always in touch with the fandom and makes most of his characters queer.

The show starts after a zombie apocalypse: the dead rose from their graves, people fought The Walking Dead style, except…a cure was found.

OK so it’s not really a cure, it’s a drug (the Neurotryptiline) that makes the Partially Deceased Syndrome sufferers better. It restores the mental abilities they had before turning into zombies, makes them like they were. Only they’re still dead. And they have to take the drug (that has side effects) every day. If they miss a dose, they might revert back to their rabid state.

Quickly, the government decides to release these treated PDS sufferers into their old homes (despite a lot of people being against that decision and downright just killing any PDS sufferer, treated or not, who crosses their paths), and Kieren Walker is one of them.

Before the Rising, Kieren committed suicide. But now he’s alive again, more or less, and being send back to his family after such an act, well…it’s not going to be easy.
Especially seeing as his parents and sister still live in Roarton, a small English village famous for giving birth to the violent HVF: Human Volunteer Force.

The show has canon queer characters and relationships and portrays mental illness the most realistic and respectful way I’ve ever seen in a TV series (with SKAM). It has great cinnamontrography, complex and flawed characters, doesn’t talk down to its viewers, and did I mention queer people? (oh and it won a BAFTA)
Worth mentioning that it’s very white (like SKAM) unfortunately.

It’s only two seasons (9 episodes) long and it’s one of the best shows I’ve ever watched and you should just go give the first 10 minutes a try you’ll see what I mean (here are the first 3 minutes readily accessible)

Sorry for the wall of text. I really hope you do give it a try.

Just; C.H. 2

A/N Calum gives me serious feels lately. Let me know what you think xox

Part 1


I can’t help but let my excitement show as I take the steps down to the front of the auditorium where my professor occupied the small desk. The room was silent, an occasional pen dropping to erase a word or a sigh leaving someone’s lips when he or she didn’t know the answer. My grin was wide and bright though, my feet slowly thudding along the linoleum down to my awaiting professor. It was the last exam before summer started, in my prospects I thought it went pretty well and within twelve hours I’ll hopefully be so drunk I won’t even know down from up. Life of a college student is great. 

“Ah, miss Y/L/N. Sadly to hear bio informatics isn’t up your alley. I was impressed with your paper. Wouldn’t mind you mastering in this. But still, have a great summer.” She smiles at me over the rim of her glasses as she takes the paper out of my outstretched hand. I didn’t absolutely loathe the course, but it always took place on Monday mornings and Friday afternoon. Which, as with any student, are the hours I actually don’t want to go. And most of the times, I wouldn’t. Until the professor told us on day one that our permanent evaluation would be a forth of our grade. They’re kind of forcing you to go then, aren’t they?

“Thank you ma'am. You as well.” I don’t grant her a second glance as I turn on my heel and snag my bag off of the floor near the door and bolt outside in a matter of seconds.

I breathe loudly in relief as I pull the door closed behind me, ending this horrid school year and opening up summer. I sling my bag over my shoulder as I type a response to Sarah’s message wishing me luck and telling me to stop by after I’m done. I am not paying attention as I walk towards the staircase and roughly bump into a hard, solid chest. 

“Ah – fuck. Sorry, shouldn’t walk and text at the same time.” I apologize and look up from my phone, which was now screen down on the floor, into the dark brown eyes of Calum Hood. He bends down and picks up my phone, inspecting the screen before holding it out to me. “Don’t worry about it. I think you dropped something… Y/n, was it?” He smiles, a dimple showing. And now I completely understand now why all those girls swoon while being near him. I might actually do the same thing, this exact moment.

“Oh uh - yeah thanks.” I take it from his hands and inspect it briefly before sliding it into my back pocket, away from harm. “So Y/n, you coming to our party tonight?” Somehow I’m a bit shocked that he knows my name, but on the other hand, he didn’t get so popular by being a complete jack ass either. He was known to be friendly, sometimes even a bit too friendly.

“Yes, Ashton asked me last week.” I bite my tongue when I realize what I have said and walk down the stair case, Calum following closely behind.

“Oh, didn’t know you knew Ash?” I turn my head to glance at Calum but continue walking. “Uh yeah we once had a class together.” I continue to bite the tip of my tongue as I speed up a little when the last set of stairs comes into view, ready to bolt out into the harsh sunlight and leave Calum behind.

His hand lands on my shoulder as we reach the bottom and he stops me in my tracks.

“Well Y/n, a friend of Ash is a friend of mine. I’ll see you tonight.” He lifts his sunglasses from the top of his head onto his nose, but not before throwing me a wink. His long legs take him out of the hallway, out the door, in mere seconds and I’m left alone. 

My phone loudly rings through the now empty hallway, a giggle escaping my lips as I walk through the door into the sunshine and pressing the phone to my ear. 

“You were going to let me know when you were done! How did it go?”

“Uh, I walked into Calum and dropped my phone, I’m only out for like five minutes now. I think it went fine, I’m coming over right now I’m at my car.” I breathe into the receiver, dropping my bag onto the passenger seat before I circle the car. “Okay I’ll see you in a bit, then you can tell me what that shit with Calum means.” I laugh loudly but end the call without another word.

“So, what was that about Calum Hood?” Sarah wiggles her eyebrows as she stares at me from her spot on her bed as soon as I step into the unlocked door. I chuckle dryly, breaths passing my lips with a loud huff as I let myself fall onto her desk chair, lazily spinning circles with my head thrown back. 

“I was texting you and my forehead collided with his tit. That’s about it.”

“Did he apologize?” I stop my spinning, feeling a bit light headed, blinking slowly. “Well no I ran into him. He asked if we were coming tonight though.” Sarah flies upright from her spot, throwing her magazine to the side, the paper landing against the wall before sliding through the crevice where her bed meets the wall.
“Since when do the popular guys care of your whereabouts?”

“They don’t. They’re just being friendly, they aren’t some mythological monster, S. Now grab your stuff, we’re changing at my place.” I throw her empty back pack onto her lap and hoist myself up, swaying from the dizziness of my spinning. Sarah roughly starts throwing multiple dresses into the small bag before turning around and shoving half of her make-up articles down the opening as well. I’m leaning against the doorway, nodding my head at Kyle passing Sarah’s open doorway and winking in my direction. “Hi Y/n, Sarah. Have a great summer.”
“You too Kyle. Going somewhere?” I reciprocate and lean my back against the hall, overlooking Kyle’s summer look and glasses up on his nose.

“The girlfriend and I are going on a road trip. I’m heading over to her right now.” He smiles and I grin in return, holding my arms out for a hug and I’m dangling ten centimetres above the floor. “Have fun. And say hi to Wendy from me.”
“I will. Bye girls!” he turns the corner and is out of sight within a minute, leaving me to refocus my attention on Sarah who’s beside me. “He’s such a sweet guy.”
“Hm. A great friend.” I hum in return, waiting for Sarah to close up before we too follow the same way Kyle did, out the door and towards my car.


“Seriously? Are you going in a pair of jeans?” Sherilyn raises her eyebrow as I walk into the living room, ruffling up my loose curls. “Why wouldn’t I?” I stop in front of the television, eyeing my two best friends who are occupying my sofa. They may be in – what I’d consider – the best outfits to snag a guy tonight, but the way they’re splattered across my sofa tells you they’re as big of pigs as I am. “You wouldn’t expect Y/n to go in a slutty dress now, would you?” Linda smirks as she appears into the area. I raise my eyebrows and point to my dorm mate, quite a bit thankful for her presence right now.

I know Sher and Sarah probably want to drag me back up to my room, forcing me to change in something they consider more appropriate for tonight’s events.
Sarah shrugs her shoulders and I let myself drop next to her, grabbing a handful of popcorn and dropping the kernels one by one into my open, awaiting mouth. “We should get going soon, I am planning to get drunk fast and crash the rest of the eve in my soft, loving bed.” Sherilyn sighs as she redirects her gaze from her watch to the people in the room. I’m glad at least one person had the same thoughts as me, but seeing the glare Sarah is throwing Sherilyn right now, I know I’m up for something tonight.

“It’s only ten, those parties don’t start until midnight.” I groan loudly. “Are you going?” I turn towards Linda who is still leaning against the open doorway. “Yeah, ‘round midnight. Before that it’s just a snore fest.” I widen my eyes and point towards Linda again, trying to get my point across without using my words. “See?!”

“Y/n, come on. If you lay on that sofa for two more hours there is no way we’re getting you out of there again.” Sherilyn whines as I chew on my popcorn loudly, laying down more comfortably. “She’s actually right, Y/n. You’re a lazy ass.” Sarah agrees with Sher and I can’t help but to roll my eyes, wiping my butter covered hands along my jeans before standing upright with my hands on my hips.
“Alright then, let’s go.”

As we walk up the driveway of the frat house, all that can be seen are scattered red cups, drunk people stumbling about like zombies and some even just laying knocked out on the on the partially dead grass. A scoff leaves my lips as I step over one of those dead beat bodies, shaking my head. It was only ten thirty by now. How, in Hell’s name can they be that wasted already?

“Told you party would be in full swing.” Sherilyn points out as we approach the front door, only for me to stop right before we enter. “Those fuck wats are probably drinking since their exam ended, if not earlier.” I roll my eyes and hear Sarah chuckle behind me as I push past the moving, sweating bodies. 

I navigate us towards the kitchen for our first drink of the evening, filling three cups with the keg that’s on the counter. “They do know how to throw a party.” I yell over the music, bringing the cup to my lips as I take a long, freshening sip. I wave as Derek passes the door opening towards the living space, now transformed into the dance floor, and he stops in his tracks to jog over. “Ladies, long time no see.” He presses his lips to each one’s of our cheeks, throwing his arm around Sher’s and my shoulder nonchalantly. I could stand it when Derek touched me, merely because I knew he would never do so with the wrong intentions.

“Celebrating end of exams are we? I already got my grade. Guess I’ll be back in August.” He shrugs his shoulders, seeming not fazed by it all. “Well, I’m heading off. Tell your brother I said hi Sarah.” He winks at me before letting go and disappearing as fast as he appeared. “Shouldn’t he have graduated ages ago?” I laugh, throwing the rest of my cup back and refilling as Sarah answers. 

“Two years ago yeah. He is taking it slow my brother told me.” Sarah laughs as she lifts her own cup. “There’s Calum.” Sherilyn points in the general direction of Calum’s whereabouts and I glance over in a swift motion before turning around. “Yeah?” Both girls roll their eyes and I refrain from asking them what’s up but I am interrupted by a loud, booming male voice. 

“Y/n!” Ashton appears by my side and he presses me into a tight hug, spilling half of my drink over his back but he doesn’t seem to mind. Or he’s so drunk he doesn’t notice at all, right now I am not even sure which once it is. 

“Hi Ash. I see you’re having a great time.” I smile and let him, just as Derek did mere minutes ago, throw his arm around my shoulders for leverage. “And who are these fine ladies?” He points towards my best mates in front of me, a bit of yellowish liquid sloshing out of his red solo cup. 

“Sherilyn and Sarah.” I smile, pointing to the respective girls, both of them grinning and waving towards a wavering Ashton. “We could use some hot girls like you. I think everyone here is ugly.” Ashton whines. Drunk. Definitely completely off of his ass. 

“You should meet the rest of the group. They’d like you lot.” His gaze wanders off around the perimeter searching for any of his friends. I give my girl friends an apologetic grin but they chuckle in response, probably not minding it one bit. “Oh Nathan. Nathan!” Ash completely forgets about our conversation as he bolts off towards, apparently, Nathan and disappears from sight. 

I chuckle dryly as I once more chug my cup down until the last drop before giving myself another refill. "Well this is going to be an interesting night.“ I mumble to myself as I see Sherilyn has already disappeared to a guy which I know is in one of her classes, but don’t ask me which. Sarah is looking around too already and I know it won’t be long before I’m wandering around in the house all by myself. As long as they’re having fun.

Part 3

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Hello! I've been seeing a lot of "Robbie the Zombie" recently, I wanted to know, where did he originate from? Is it something the fans did? Or something that Jack made? Help 😂

Well,He came from a Thumbail of the PUGB Video that jack plays in the zombie mode,In this thumbnail he is a zombie with purple hair and wearing a shirt with stripes
And People just likes the ideia and they want to Rob be an Actual ego ;) -Mod Hybrid

My dear boys

In about two days, your storyline comes to an end… no one knows what lies ahead and no one knows how it’ll end. In about two days, we’ll have to say goodbye, but deep inside my heart I know I can’t. I’ll never be able to and I think a lot of people won’t. You’ve been to hell and back, you’ve fought so hard and we’re all so proud of you. For more than five years, you’ve played such a big part in my life, you’ve made me smile whenever everything else put me down and despite me not being able to face the end, I’ll miss you guys so much… I love you and I’ll never ever forget you and the things you’ve done for me

… thank you


This pathetic excuse of a human being


“Hardhome is an unholy place, it’s said. Cursed.”

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Pardon me if someone already did, but has anyone ever asked you what you would do if you had to survive in an Others-infested Westeros, a la zombie survival plan? Let's say you could choose any location in Westeros as your homebase, and you could recruit any five characters to help you survive the War for the Dawn. Which location would you use, and who would you recruit? (and no cheating by hopping on a ship and sailing for the Summer Isles)

Well, if I were stuck in Westeros during the invasion of the Others, the first thing I’d do is jump on a ship to the Summer Isles… oh damn, you caught me. ;)  Darnit. What am I to do, then…

OK, any location in Westeros, any characters, and they’ll actually listen to me? OK, fine.

Location: Storm’s End.

Yet Storm’s End endured, through centuries and tens of centuries, a castle like no other. Its great curtain wall was a hundred feet high, unbroken by arrow slit or postern, everywhere rounded, curving, smooth, its stones fit so cunningly together that nowhere was crevice nor angle nor gap by which the wind might enter. That wall was said to be forty feet thick at its narrowest, and near eighty on the seaward face, a double course of stones with an inner core of sand and rubble. Within that mighty bulwark, the kitchens and stables and yards sheltered safe from wind and wave. 

Never fallen to siege or storm (how Aegon & company conquered it we’ll find out in TWOW I suppose), and its walls are imbued with spells that keep it safe from harmful magics. Possibly built with help of the Children of the Forest, or designed by Brandon the Builder. So I’ve got protections similar to Winterfell, but I’m also far south enough that it should take a good long while for the Others to arrive. (Hopefully they’ll be defeated before they get that far.) And it’s got plenty of room and resources.

OK, now… five characters. I’m making this hard for myself by excluding Dany, Jon, and Tyrion, because they’re needed at the front. (Losing Tyrion was a wrench, as well as Dany because of y’know dragons.) Also Bran’s extremely important to the fight, and also Arya will probably be at the front too, so alas, neither of them can hide out in Storm’s End with me. I’d also like someone with an army (because “you and whose army” is a great threat, plus hey, cannon fodder), but I assume the rules of this thing means I can only select individuals. Maybe if I got to Westeros early enough, I could convince Aegon and co. not to leave Storm’s End. (Is Storm’s End empty, btw, or would it have its normal complement of servants and such?)

But enough dithering. My five:

Thoros of Myr: The benefits of Melisandre without the craziness. That is, he can see the future and resurrect the dead (on our side). Could have useful knowledge about R’hllor, which may be relevant, never know. Might be able to teach people how to light their swords on fire, which couldn’t hurt. Also, he has healing skills (just in case something happens to my next guy), and is an evident survivor.

The Elder Brother: An amazing healer, and it couldn’t hurt to have even more gods on my side. (I’d love to see him and Thoros talk, too.) Ex-knight, might know some strategies. And he’s also the closest thing in Westeros to a therapist, and lord knows this group could use one. (Everyone in Westeros needs therapy, truly.)

Sarella “Alleras” Sand: Not a maester yet, but on her way, and I really need a tech person. Also knows how to use glass candles (one of which she’s bringing with tyvm) so we can get info from the front, and may have learned other magic too, and maybe even metalcraft. Plus, she’s awesome, and I want to talk science with her.

Sandor Clegane: Because. OK, he’s a warrior, a survivor, and it couldn’t hurt to have him with. Yeah, he’s got a bad leg, but still. You’re asking me this question, this is what you get. Maybe I can acquire a Valyrian steel sword for him, too, from where I dunno, but somewhere. [The only person who has one right now who I’d be willing to have on my team is Brienne, but (a) she’s busy and will probably be at the front too, and (b) my fifth slot is full, sorry Brienne!]

Sansa Stark: Because. Well, you’re not letting me go to the Summer Isles and take her with, so we’re just going to hide out safe in Storm’s End tyvm. Plus her presence will keep Sandor motivated. And yay, another person to talk to the EB. :D  And she, at least, is taking Littlefinger’s Valyrian steel dagger with her before she comes to safety with me.

There, I hope that satisfies. And I’m stocking up on dragonglass, ok? Well, you didn’t say I couldn’t…

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18. Do you believe the dead ever come back to walk the earth?

[Ask My Muse About Death]

Meryl shudders. “I have NO idea what those Arapice zombies were, if they were literally animated dead, or just like, people turned into rabid animals. Zombies are disgusting and friggin’ terrifying, so I really hope not.”

Colin squeezes her shoulder. “I’m 90% sure that was some fucked up neurotoxin gas that just made them wild and ravenous. Dead can’t come back to life, love.”

Sean raises a brow. “What about that Sunshine bloke you said you had to shoot like 15 times because he kept getting back up?”

“We don’t like to talk about him,” Colin quickly shushes him.

Eli spends a while wringing his hands. “I mean, kind of as a continuation to the last question about an afterlife, I think, if I could somehow have my way with how souls and stuff work, I’d like there to be some kind of reincarnation. In that way, I guess, in essence they would one day walk the Earth again.”

“The Bible teaches us that Jesus’ second coming will raise the righteous dead and all that,” Ruth says. “I doubt I would be among them given my, ahem, less-than-stellar track record in life, unless there are some serious loopholes in there I am not privy to. That’s all I will say.”

Nigel initially snorts in amusement, but then his smile fades. “Nah, prolly not.”

Can anybody save my poor beautiful baby?!


Twice MV Meaning

I have seen a lot of comments tonight about how the zombies have nothing to do with the OOH-AHH music video and that it’s silly to have them there. I must say I have to disagree.

The song’s lyrics begin like this:

People can’t leave me alone for a single minute,
I’m so pretty,
I make everyone smitten
- - Everyone is staring at me

The singer is saying that the people around her won’t leave her alone, because she is so pretty. Just like zombies these people follow her around because she is something desirable, just like a meal to a zombie.

Some people ask “Who’s your mama?”
They take a fresh approach,
But I don’t feel a thing

- - I’m waiting for someone who can make me feel
Something like never before

These “followers” are nothing special to her. They have no substance, just like a zombie doesn’t. She wants to fall in love with someone who is more than just your average fool. (Nice touch with the small JYP diss lmao)

What to do, keep me still
Make me like Ooh Ahh Ooh Ahh
Fake, fake, empty-hearted fake
Goodbye, good riddance huh (Like OOH-AHH)

In the chorus the same idea is repeated. She wants to feel something special and tells those who can’t do it to go away. The fake, empty-hearted people are represented as zombies.

In the 9 teaser videos (that were posted last week x) the zombies tried to get the girls’ attention, but the girls ignored them because they were nothing special. They didn’t give that OOH-AHH feeling.They weren’t even scary, because these girls are so cool that the people/zombies can do anything they like, but it won’t matter. Just empty talk and threats.

In the end of the mv one of the male zombie’s heart starts to beat again and his eyes get clearer. He represents the guy who can finally give this cool girl the OOH-AHH that the others could never give. Or, he might have a chance:

I’m not a girl who gives it up so easily

The end.


Happy Birthday copse~ n.n