TWD Positivity Project Week 1
Reason I started watching → Laurie Holden as Andrea Harrison (season 1)

They could do so much with them and having a gay black man and a teenager be the leads of your show would be so interesting because God knows the last thing TV needs more of is broody, tortured men being given all the attention.

zombie-illithid  asked:

Are emblems always going to only be created by planeswalkers (and thus emblem creating loyalty abilities becoming instants or sorceries being off the table)?

Emblems are going to stay a planeswalker-only thing for now, so certain planeswalker abilities can’t be exactly redone as an instant or sorcery.

so that just happened
  • me:[watching steven universe]
  • me:[gets overwhelmed with emotion]
  • me:[instinctively gets up and starts running back and forth in my basement, like i do when i'm playing zombies run]
  • me:....okay