The Signs During The Zombie Apocalypse

Aries: The one who handles and runs the missions
Taurus: The provider of food to the group
Gemini: The tracker and henchmen to the group
Cancer: The one who shoots first and asks questions later
Leo: The fighter determined to survive
Virgo: Most likely to pull a Shane if no other way out.
Libra: Would sacrifice themselves to save others.
Scorpio: The voice and reason looking of humanity.
Sagittarius: The leader and protector of others.
Aquarius: The hunter and watcher of the group.
Pisces: Most likely to kill the still living to help the group.


so a little while ago I found this cool app called “Zombies, Run” and it is pretty much single handedly motivating me to workout.  See, what it is, is its pretty much like a radio show mixed with a video game.  See, you’re in a zombie apocalypse, and people use “runners” to go outside the towns and do important shit.  People talk to you in between ur music, telling you what you’re running for and giving you imaginary little goals and things to motivate you.  It really does kinda make you feel like you’re in a video game, and I find myself actually wanting to go running to “help the town” or whatever and progress the story.  I never really feel quite as heroic looking after a run as Sam Yao seems to think I am though…

As someone who tends to like zombie/horror stuff, as well as collecting dumb shit in video games, this is actually really working for me so far!  I highly recommend it.  Its in the apple store, and the first 4 episodes are free, but the $3/month is totes worth it for me for all the various extra runs and missions and stuff.  so if ya’ll see any more shit about this, now you’ll at least know what it is…