For those who don’t know this, Zombillenium is a french movie, not very famous but with a really good potential in my opinion ! The story and the characters are immersing us in this world of monsters unknown by humans. It tells the story of a human that discovered the secret behind the amusement parc called Zombillenium (In wich every employee is a real monster). Because he knew too much, he got turned into a monster. (And kind of has a new mission: saving the parc). Of course there’s a love story, or I wouldn’t even have watched It, but it’s very secondary.
Anyway, it’s a nice movie. So if you haven’t watched It yet, take a look 😉😘

Here’s the trailer in english:


Resident Evil 2 artworks (from biohazard darkside chronicles art book)

dedicated to all resident evil fans who are excited about the re2 remake❤️

Hogwarts Houses During the Zombie Apocalypse

Gryffindor: Gryffindor thinks that they are the leader of the group (they’re not.) But they are very useful when it comes to supply runs, always one of the first to volunteer. They will probably end up dying heroically or stupidly.

Slytherin: Slytherin is the real leader of the group. They come up with detailed and well thought out plans. They leave little room for error. Without hesitation they will kill a man, for the safety of the group that is. 

Ravenclaw: Ravenclaw has read many books on the inevitable zombie apocalypse, but they still weren’t prepared. They often create maps for the groups. They have been teaching themselves new skills to help make things like makeshift showers.

Hufflepuff: The MVP. Hufflespuff’s skills in sewing, knitting and cooking have been extremely useful. Not only can they make a can of Spam into a delicious meal, but they can even stitch up wounds when needed.

In the game Yakuza: Dead Souls (© Sega) protagonist Majima Goro is bitten by a zombie, but does not become one. This is ostensibly due to the fact that the zombie who bit him had dentures. However, the blood on Majima’s arm shows that the zombie did indeed penetrate his skin, and because the dentures were in the zombie’s mouth they would have been well saturated in zombie funk. Zombie infection occurs due to contamination from zombie germs in the bloodstream, not due to some metaphysical properties of being bitten by real teeth; being bitten by a zombie with dentures would be sufficient to result in infection and eventual transformation into a zombie. Therefore Majima did, in fact, cure himself from the zombie germs by getting blind drunk and going in a sauna. In this essay I will