zombieland quote

Bucky:Your father’s single, right? There’s nothing long distance or anything…

Peter: No.

Bucky: Good, good. And if he had, like, a type - if you can have a type - what would that be?

Peter: He kinda goes for, like, bad boys.

Bucky: Really?

Peter: Yeah.

Bucky: That’s cool.

  • Kraglin: Your father's single, right? There's nothing long distance or anything?
  • Quill: No.
  • Kraglin: Good, good. And if he had, like a type- if you can have a type- what would that be?
  • Quill: He kinda goes for, like, the bad boys.
  • Kraglin: Really?!
  • Quill: Yeah...
  • Kraglin: That's cool
  • Vax: I heard there's a place that's completely untouched by this stuff.
  • Percy: Yeah, out East.
  • Vax: You heard the same thing?
  • Percy: Eh, back East, we hear it's out West, back West, we hear it's out East, you know, it's just..nonsense.
  • Percy: You're like a penguin living in the North Pole, who hears the South Pole is nice this time a' year.
  • Vax: There are no penguins out in the North Pole.
  • Percy:
  • Percy: You wanna feel how hard I can punch?

“When I was auditioning… they would send me the log lines of the character and if it said beautiful or gorgeous or pretty even they would delete it before they sent it me, because I would immediately call them and go ‘I will not be cast, It’s not going to happen!’ Not to put myself down or anything but I just always wanted to be a comedian.” [x]