zombieland is on tv

honestly those dystopian fictions like where the theme is “mankind was the villain all along” get so goddamn boring like anyone who knows anything about human nature would know that the majority of the human race wouldn’t just fuckin kill each other off

like sure maybe at the very beginning when no one thinks of the consequences ahead of time we might start going on a murderous rampage bc we think we can do what we want, but eventually our instincts would kick in and we’d start forming friendships and packs where we could trust people to have our backs

like seriously if mankind’s first thought in a life-threatening environment would be “every man for himself” then we literally would not be alive right now.

just, the whole fucking “trust no one” thing that every dystopian writer has for some reason is so boring and overused

anyway my point is quit watching shit tv shows/movies and go watch zombieland