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Derek Hale + <i>future</i>.

Do you want me to do this in English? Wow, ok.

He likes being alone. He doesn’t feel lonely very often, even though he’s practically an Omega since Cora joined that pack in Chile and he’s back in Beacon Hills by himself.

Scott never wanted to be his Beta, so Derek doesn’t ask for a place in the pack. Scott doesn’t offer, either, but he let’s him stay in Beacon Hills, probably because he doesn’t know he’s allowed to kick him out. It’s not Hale territory anymore. The Nemeton ran out of power and the town is significantly less dangerous now, but Derek knows he’ll never be totally safe. He feels safe, though, for just a quick second now and then. Boiling some spaghetti on a tuesday night, reading a romance novel under a thick blanket in the winter, getting a cup of coffee from that place next to the post office. It feels normal and good.

He gets a job and he likes it, most of the time. He enrolls in school and he takes his time graduating, because what’s he supposed to do with a History degree anyways? But it’s fun, he kind of loves it. 

He dates. Not often, and not very successfully, but he tries. He goes to watch a movie with a girl from work, and it’s fine but Derek really doesn’t feel like kissing her at all. They actually try to stay friends.

Stiles knocks on his door one summer day, and Derek didn’t even realize he was back from college yet. But time really flies and he’s already graduated, and he looks good. Older and taller and brighter, with that god awful darkness mostly gone. He smiles and Derek feels himself smiling, and he really really feels like kissing him. They go out for a coffee instead. 

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Sheriff Stilinski + amor. (parece una llamada del tarot. SANDRO, ARE YOU THERE?)

John had a girlfriend when he met Claudia. She was his highschool sweetheart, a really nice girl. They had never talked about it, but everyone assumed they would end up getting married when they finished college. But then, Claudia came along.

It was Thanksgiving, and John was saving his money to go back home for Christmas, so his plan was watching the game in his dorm and eating mac & cheese. It was lame, but then, the Stilinskis never made a big deal about Thanksgiving, being Polish immigrants and all. His roomate took pity on him and dragged him to his family’s dinner. Claudia was elbows deep in the turkey’s ass when John met her. She had a frilly apron on and her hands full of stuffing. Claudia, John found out later, was his roomate’s sister, and still in high shool. He got punched in the arm just for asking.

She was short and chubby and her hair was a weird dirty blonde colour, and her eyes were so full of life and so expressive, she could convey a thousand words in just one eyebrow rise. She was funny in a sort of twisted way, and she was pretty mean to John the whole weekend. She probably knew she was too good for him. John fell in love so hard he almost got a concussion.

I wasn’t until a couple years later that she agreed to go on a date with him, and he got a table at the best, most romantic restaurant in the world. It was a disaster. They laughed so hard they almost peed themselves.