Sooooo. Funny story!

After I uploaded yesterday’s zombie, I noticed something puzzling… The “Zombie-A-Day” album was telling me that my drawing was number 144 out of 144. Hang on, what..?!

Further inspection revealed that I doubled up on zombies about a week ago… I drew two number 136’s and accidentally put myself a day ahead. Me so smart. So, I have already drawn 144. So, today, I stopped.

Pretty unceremonious, I know. So here is a bodgy sketch of myself looking like a zombie while watching the Superbowl, which is what I did today. As a disclaimer for the quality of the drawing, I am a little bit drunk right now.

Thanks so much to everyone who has followed my zombies, it’s been a huge amount of fun and I have learnt a lot about myself and my abilities during the process. Youz are great. Now it’s time to work out what to do with my hoard (and also do some new, non-zombie-related art!).

Stay tuned, kiddies!