the signs as outdated gravity falls theories
  • Aries: grunkle4grampa
  • Taurus: mystery trio
  • Gemini: lebam
  • Cancer: the author is the Main Bad Guy
  • Leo: dipper has been possessed by bill This Whole Time
  • Virgo: carla mccorkle in general
  • Libra: robbie is actually a zombie
  • Scorpio: 'stans tattoo' is a demon ward
  • Sagittarius: tad strange is a dream demon
  • Capricorn: dark!dipper
  • Aquarius: triangle guy has no plot significance
  • Pisces: mcgucket wrote the journals

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Project Runway

Challenges I’d like to see on project runway:

1. Funeral challenge. “Design a respectful look for a woman going to a funeral.”

2. Ugly challenge. “Design a look that is purposely hideous so we know you know what NOT to do.”

3. Zombie apocalypse challenge. “Design a look based entirely on functionality instead of beauty and that will hold up in a zombie infested world.”

4. Tattoo challenge. Design for a HEAVILY tattooed person that will compliment and showcase their tattoos well.“

5. REAL woman challenge. "Design for a woman over size 18.”

6. Project runway/Faceoff crossover challenge!! “Design a horror movie costume for one of the contestants of Faceoff while they create the make-ups.”

7. Alien challenge. “Design something you think an alien would wear.”

8. Blind challenge. “Design a garment that will be heard and felt but not seen, as the runway will be pitch black! The designs will be judged on their other sensory values. And we have a blind guest judge.”

9. Prison challenge. “Design a look for a former male inmate recently released so he can go out and get a good job.”

10. Homeless challenge. “Create clothes for a homeless person.”

11. Astrology challenge. “Now that there are twelve of you left, you will each choose an astrology sign that will be your inspiration for this challenge. Your designs must be something that your sign would wear and match their personality traits.”

12. Fake fur/faux leather challenge. “Design a look that showcases faux leather and/or fake fur, and makes them look GOOD. The winning design will be featured in the magazine ‘All animals’, and will be auctioned off with all proceeds going to benefit the humane society of the united states.”

13. Dissociative identity disorder challenge ;). “Work with a client who has D.I.D and design three cohesive outfits for three different personalities of theirs. Because picking out clothes with D.I.D is HARD.”

I can think of lots more lol. Would also like to see a season made up entirely of unconventional challenges (who wouldn’t? 😼) and also a season where all the contestants are people who went home on day 1 or day 2. It would be so awesome to give them another chance.