A powerful moment, one that seals the fate of The Chosen Undead and it also marks the departure Dark Souls makes from other Fantasy Games. Oscar hands you the key that will change the course of Lordran.

Oscar of Astora represents other games, hes the hero from a noble family, which has a story depicting how the undead fate shall be revealed. It was supposed to be him who triumphed above adversity, him who would travel to Lordran and ring the bells … but somehow that task falls to someone who other games would just be … a zombie in a cell, somebody that has been killed in countless Castlevania games, Elder Scroll games, hell, even in Demons Souls! This is how one of the best stories ever told got started.

scrubbenyan  asked:

Mint Tea, Caramel Frappe and Earl Grey Tea for the asks!

Mint Tea : How do you relax?
Muscle relaxers heuehuehuhe  I just try to be in quiet, watching something I like or eating/drinking something I like; maybe with music
Caramel Frappe : Favorite video game?
Chrono Trigger
Early Grey Tea : The inevitable Zombie Apocalypse is upon us! What’s your plan of action?
Zombies never attack cell and molecular bio labs so; hang around with my good friend S. cerevisiae

The Zombie Apocalypse is ready to start! Scientists (who I assume are bored with life) create zombie cells!

“Our zombie cells bridge chemistry and biology to create forms that not only near-perfectly resemble their past selves, but can do future work,” he said, terrifyingly.

Get your apocalypse kit ready now!