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Masterpost of podcasts please


-Welcome To Night Vale
-Alice Isnt Dead
-Wolf 359
-The Bright Sessions
-Wooden Overcoats
-Within The Wires
-Eos 10
-King Falls AM
-ars Paradoxica
-Secrets, Crimes & Audiotape
-The Black Tapes
-The Orbiting Human Circus (of the Air)
-Jim Robbie and the Wanderers
-Greater Boston
-The Bridge
-Lake Clarity
-Dead Serious
-The Falcon Banner

-The Haven Chronicles

-Zombies, Run!
-The Adventure Zone

-The Strange Case of Starship Iris
-The Magnus Archives
-Return Home
-Alba Salix, Royal Physician
-Our Fair City
-Rex Rivetter: Private Eye
-The Stage Podcast
-The Grayscale

((yea my to listen list is long im tryna juggle taz and zr its not fun))

(((oh yeah i also listen to sleep with me but i didnt know where to put it so…)))

“I play the drums on the subway for about three hours per day. It’s like the matrix down here. A lot of bad energy. Everyone is rushing and tense and people don’t like to look at each other. So I’m trying to spread some positivity and keep people out of the zombie zone. Yesterday I was singing some Bob Marley and a man screamed at me to stop playing. I think he was bothered by my light. He got too close to the sun.“

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zombies are everywhere. the sky is dark with smoke and ash. we are in a 70s volkswagen that we car jacked. we are driving towards New Mexico, a supposed safe haven. we have supplies in the back of the van. I am the one driving. You see a seven eleven and get an insatiable craving for hot Cheetos. the area is a danger zone for zombies and the sun is setting soon. of course I say no, but you take the wheel from my hands and crash into the seven eleven. you race out of the van (1/2)

!!!!!! !!!! <3 <3 <3 !!!<3!!!11!!!!

but i’m actually hurt you have me jacking a car & choosing a volkswagen

Please fire me. A co-worker sent an email to our cubicle farm asking for consensus on a temperature. Now 60% of the floor is wandering around into and out of cubicles testing for feel. The zoned heating has never worked correctly in the building in the 6 years I’ve been here.

Project idea: zines of the apocalypse

Boom Headshot: a semi-annual guide to zombie population management, safe-zone establishment, policing a small population, and other important topics for people looking to get the fuck out of their current stronghold.

Aquatica: stories, in both writing and comic format, of the weirdest damn shit people have encountered while scavenging in the drowned east coast post global warming induced sea-level rise. Has a sort-of companion zine, Nautica, written by a loose group of nutjobs who actually try to confirm or debunk the weirder stories.

Rust: an all-purpose newsletter/obituary/single’s column/help wanted for Chicago’s West Side after WWIII. Notable for it’s pitch-black sense of humor, and absolute glee in pissing off whichever crime lord is in power this month.

The Signs in a Zombie Apocalypse

Aries - Tripping others to slow down the zombies. Never stops running and they’re always on the move. (Survives)

Taurus - Lasts for a while due to their experience with zombie games but inevitably dies in a fit of squealing. (Dies)

Gemini - Has a mental breakdown whilst running away and ends up just lying face down on the floor whilst Cancer fights zombies away using sarcastic remarks and sassy comments. (Survives)

Cancer - Struggles at first, but quickly establishes a safe haven for their self and Gemini to exist in. Making the occasional trip out for supplies and to find survivors, making them quick and an expert at destroying zombies. (Survives)

Leo - Hiding in their house and eating cold pizza until someone finds them. In the end they are the unexpected hero. (Think rain, blood and a pile of unmoving zombies)(Survives)

Virgo - Cleverly dodging zombies and breaking from the group leaving the others to fight off the horde. Eventually finds their self living alongside Gemini, Cancer and Leo. (Survives) 

Libra -  The only person in the city, they hunts animals with their German Sheppard whilst trying to find a cure. After their loyal companion turns zombie forcing them to kill the dog they are a shell of who they once were but have no choice but to pull themselves together in order to protect a woman and her son. (Dies)

Scorpio - Backed into a corner and forced into fighting the horde solo, but still slaying despite the zombies unfair advantage. Overwhelmed eventually by their need to dive into crowds of zombies. (Dies)

Sagittarius - Bitches about the zombies in the form of catchy songs until the zombies get fed up and smash their between a wall and an eighteen wheeler. (Dies)

Capricorn - Takes a unconventional route out of the city, confronting the small amount of zombies that cross their path and beating them to death with their bare hands. Escapes to a zombie free zone. Somehow looking hot as fuck whilst they do it. (Survives) 

Aquarius - They are that uninteresting character that dies immediately to stress how dangerous the situation is. (Dies)

Pisces - Crying and hiding under their bed until a zombie drags them out and kills them brutally. (Dies)

Seriously, though.

Imagine you’re watching a zombie apocalypse movie with a friend of yours. You’ve both been watching from the beginning, with the outbreak and the protagonists’ friends and family dying and raising and turning on them. You’ve seen civilization crumble. You’ve seen the heroes learning how to survive in the new world. And then it fades forward and you see their Zombie Survival Bunker, with a cobbled together generator, a perimeter fence, huge stockpiles of food and supplies scavenged from stores, improvised and scavenged weapons, et cetera.

And you’re watching and your friend goes, “Wow, they’ve got it pretty good, don’t they?”

And you’re like, “What?”

And your friend is like, “Look at that! They have everything they need right there, and absolutely no downsides”

And you’re like, “…it just panned across a shot of a hundred zombies outside their security fence.”

But your friend insists, “They’re like lords of creation, with all their free food and free power and free weapons. What do they even need all those weapons for?”

And you’re like, “The zombies.”

And your friend is like, “Maybe zombies were a problem in the past, but they’ve taken care of them. They’re in a zombie-free zone where they never have to worry about zombies anymore.”

And you point out, “They have to keep watch at all times to kill zombies that figure out how to get in and fix the weak spots in their fence.”

And your friend is like, “Must be nice. That’s all I’m saying. Must be nice. Makes you wonder what they even need those weapons for. Kind of sketchy, if you ask me.”

And you’re like, “They need them to survive.”

And your friend is like, “They SAY they’re about survival, but they have WEAPONS? Hypocrites. They don’t even deserve what they have.”

Your friend in this hypothetical example is what you sound like every time you say that women on the internet are constantly praised and supported for everything we do, or that “SJ groups” control Tumblr/the internet/the world.

You are looking at people who have to build virtual bunkers, post guards, stockpile resources, and watch each others’ backs just to survive online and saying we’ve clearly got it good.

I used to think that this just happened for the fairly innocuous (in intent if not impact) reason that people whose offline world is fairly homogeneous aren’t used to seeing The Other organized in a way that can withstand challenge and aren’t used to being challenged themselves, so they assume that we’re all under an aegis of protection while they’re in a constant life-or-death assault (of disagreement and disapproval).

But I’m beginning to see it’s more self-serving than that, because often the people making these claims are asserting that we’re a protected ruling class that suffers no backlash or abuse or disapproval even as they are lashing out at us.

So it’s a way of spinning the narrative. We see this whenever a few thousand people dogpile on a single woman, all of them thinking that they are bravely standing up as an underdog to speak Truth To Power. The internet protects and coddles women, so if they don’t stand up and say mean things to her, who will?

How I Pulled Off Spoooky_ghost

On October 2nd, I joined Mindcrack. But none of you knew it yet. We were brainstorming ways to make the announcement and for me to join the server. We thought about me announcing it in the Weekly Recap, just uploading a video one day with no hype, or even announcing it at an upcoming convention. However, with it being October and all, what if something spooky haunted the server and it was unmasked, Scooby Doo style, to be me?

We all wanted to avoid another NewMindcracker situation. There was a lot of drama on the subreddit and comments surrounding NewMindcracker. To avoid this, we agreed that I should only be spoooky_ghost for about a week, not let the joke run too long, and everybody should act like they don’t know who it is.

Under spoooky_ghost, there were four major points I wanted to happen:

  1. Everyday there would be a new “spooky” themed prank that would target specific Mindcrackers
  2. I wanted to frame other Mindcrackers 
  3. I wanted to be a massive troll. When I wasn’t pulling off a prank, I would be trolling people during recordings and livestreams.
  4. I wanted Mindcrackers to pretend like they didn’t know who the ghost was or that it existed, they needed to guess who it was

I spent the couple weeks before I would join as spoooky_ghost to come up with pranks and design them in a creative world. After designing them, I would pull them into MCedit and get an exact count of resources I would need for each build. Here are the list of pranks I was going to pull, the ones bolded are the ones that actually got pulled.

  • Fill Bdoubleo’s house with witches (Partially happened)
  • Build the Lochness Monster in Lake ZEL
  • Haunt Guude during Torch Tuesday
  • Build a Headless Horseman at the Racetrack
  • Fill Vechs and Aureylian’s Dyed and Died shop with Black Cats
  • Build a giant Zombie Danger Zone
  • Surround Zisteau’s base with pumpkins

Here’s part of the schedule I made up:

I officially joined the server on the 20th, Monday. I gathered resources on Tuesday and Wednesday with my first prank being pulled off on Thursday. BTC and Jsano uploaded videos with spoooky_ghost in it on Friday, and I asked Vechs to tweet a screenshot of spoooky_ghost on the server.  

On Saturday, the Headless Horseman was discovered and Avidya found my black cats for the Vechs prank. The world border stopped moving this day. I had nothing to do with the border, but lots of people on reddit thought it was part of The Spookening :). 

By Saturday, people seemed to catch on pretty quickly that I was spoooky_ghost. I needed a way to get the attention off me…and I had the perfect idea. Guude, Beef, and Pause were all live streaming on PlayMindcrack…so I should join…with the ghost! I sent a quick text to my friend: 

This threw most people way off! Success!

I kept gathering resources for pranks throughout Sunday and Monday, and then on Monday afternoon I got called into a meeting. I got let go from my job. Because of this, I didn’t complete the amount of pranks I wanted to. I spent a lot of time setting up stuff like Patreon and wrapping my head around everything. 

On Tuesday, I announced the company let me go. BTW, my Tuesday night stream…if you go and look back, I am on Minecraft 1.8.1pre-2, a version no longer available told download in a client and the same version the Mindcrack server runs on.

Tuesday night I was talking to Aureylian. She said she needed to record 17 videos in 2 days with a couple being Mindcrack. This was the perfect opportunity to do something to Aureylian. I wanted to hide a prized possession of hers and make her go on a treasure hunt for it. 

She didn’t know what my plan was. But when she said her barn was a prized possession (I was just thinking small things, like animals or some other item), I immediately knew this was perfect. I would steal her barn.

I spent the next 24 hours awake gathering resources and rebuilding her barn in the nether and then destroying it at her base. The barn in the nether is perfect in every detail, including the placement of torches, chests, and crafting tables.

I didn’t get the amount of pranks I wanted done, but I did get to troll Pak pretty hard during his stream on Wednesday. 

Thursday, we recording the revealing…and now it’s Friday, Halloween! That is how I pulled off spoooky_ghost.