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Bakusquad Zombie Apocalypse AU

Basically I was thinking about a zombie apocalypse BNHA au and thought that the bakusquad would be like a zombie fighting biker gang or something?

So I just made this lmao. If you like this au and wanna see more of it, shoot me an ask. :P


possible zombie AU sticker designs! Not sure if I’ll actually make them, but I really think they look cool so, let me know what you think!

Also! I’ve been trying to come up with names for this au, since calling it “Zombie Apocalypse AU” is kind of a mouthful. I’m torn between “Bites” and “Started with a Bang.” Lmao im tired. 

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I would 100% like to hear more abt this apocalypse au! It sounds awesome


Basically all of 1A went to the same school (I’m thinking it’d be funny if it was some fancy private school or something for LotF parallels but idk or care) anyways they were on a field trip when the apocalypse started, and were in their respective friend groups when it happened (bakusquad, dekusquad etc) and were split up. Deku and friends were with the teachers and managed to find some random safe camp or something (and then shit goes down but that’s for another day when i draw the dekusquad). Bakugou also find a safe place, a facility run by the League of Villains (they go by another name but I don’t really know), which is basically a lab looking for a cure— and they’re chillin until the League find out that Bakuboi is immune to the zombie virus. So they want to experiment on the boi and he’s like “hAH no” and they fucking leave, and find a bunch of motorcycles before starting a gang. So yeah they’re just nomadically fucking shit up while being on the run from the League that really wants Bakuboi. 


(excuse the sloppy art i spent like no time on this)


(n.) A preference or love for darkness or night, finding relaxation and comfort in darkness.

Genre: Zombie apocalypse! au, angst, fluff, smut

Word count: 16k

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

Summary: Surviving in an apocalypse is hard, but what’s harder is surviving it together with a person that you care about and that you could lose in the blink of an eye. That’s what you and Taehyung thought when you decided to try and survive together, keeping the distance between each other. 
However, things don’t just work out the way you expect them to.

Tw: Swearing, thigh riding, dirty talk, oral, praise kink, Dom!Tae

a/n: Heyy guyss!! I know it’s been a while but I passed like the whole week writing this story and it’s honestly one of my favorite that I’ve ever written. I did it together with my friend @aralty, she’s super talented and will start writing here on Tumblr soon so please check her out, follow her and read the works that she’ll post! Hope you like it!

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When the zombie outbreak first made its way through the small borders of your hometown, chaos prevailed on every thing that surrounded you.

Screams filled the air as people ran on the street with the only intention of escaping – evading from those horrifying monsters with dry, peeled skin and torn clothes stained with dark blood.

The thought of living that nightmare never crossed your mind until you found yourself face to face with an infected man – your lovely neighbor that now had nothing alive in his gaze, only a bright white color that suggested the idea of death.

You had waited patiently for your father to come home after the news of the deadly virus came out, only to find yourself alone without anyone that could tell you how things were going to get better.

Lights were cut off along with the system from around and the only person who could still be contacted was your boyfriend of 3 months, Jaesung, that luckily for you lived right around the corner.

At first, when you told him that you were by yourself asking him to meet up, he sounded doubtful – too afraid to step out of his own house, but he eventually put on a brave face.

When you saw him coming inside your house with a huge black gun you couldn’t help but freeze, widening your eyes.

“Why the hell do you have that with you?!” You panicked, receiving a bored, yet scared, gaze from him.

“People are dying outside. We’re in the middle of a fucking zombie apocalypse. I won’t walk with empty hands.” He explained with a shaky voice.

“Do you even know how to use that?” You asked, hugging yourself to stop your body from shivering.

He huffed, crossing his arms before opening his mouth to talk.

“Of course I do! Do you think I’m an idiot?” He asked, furrowing his brows.

Of course he didn’t. Why would he know how to use a gun if he never had the need to before?

“Whatever-“ Your conversation was interrupted by a loud noise coming from the kitchen, not too far from you.

“What the f-“

“Shut up!” You whispered to him in attempt of not getting caught.

Your boyfriend tightened his hold on the gun while you, as silently as you could, started to walk towards the source of the sound. You could only hear your shaky breaths and low grunts that seemed to get louder the more you got closer to the room.

As soon as you entered the kitchen, something that you wish you hadn’t saw came to your sight.

Those things were trying to break through the glass of the door and windows.

“I need to get out of here.” You murmured with wide eyes before running towards your room to grab a backpack yelling.

“Fucking move Jaesung, We need to go! WE NEED TO GO!”

Your boyfriend didn’t waste time as soon as he heard your order and got out of the house without waiting for you to catch up.

“How many bullets does that thing have?” You asked loudly with heavy breath as you ran out of your home behind Jaesung, who was already quite far from where you both were before.

“One.” He answered without looking back, dodging every person that came in his way as he escaped from the fuss that the city was becoming.

People were screaming and you tried not to look at the bloody bodies that were laying on the cold ground, right below groups of zombies that fed themselves with their flesh.

Windows were broken and desperate crowds were trying to steal as many items as they could – whatever could be useful to survive this imminent apocalypse.

Some shops were on fire and the shine that it caused was your only source of light, helping you as you ran without stumbling on anything.

“Wait for me!” You yelled out of breath, watching the figure of your boyfriend before slamming hard on someone that cut you off.

You turned around, ready to apologize for your clumsiness only to let out a loud scream at the sight of the zombie in front of you.

It looked even more disgusting from up-close and the rotten smell of his skin was almost making you puke.

You started to ran as fast as you could, feeling the grunts of that creature closely behind you and it didn’t take you long to understand that he was chasing you.

At one of his steps, the leg of the zombie broke away – causing him to fell to the ground and hold onto one of your ankles.

His fingers were cold and tough, strong enough to almost making you fall along with him as well.

“JAESUNG! Help me!” You yelled out and your boyfriend turned around at the sound of your desperate voice, widening his eyes at your sight.

“Shot him!” You ordered him as you tried to move out of his clutch without touching him.

He looked at you hesitatingly before responding with a pitiful look.

“I’m sorry babe. I only have one bullet left, I can’t use it now.” You felt tears come up to your eyes, looking at him as he turned around – mouthing “I’m sorry” one last time.

You kept on screaming, trying to get Jaesung’s attention but the zombie was now almost pulling you to the cold street with him. He couldn’t just leave you to die like this.

You had to survive – to get out of there.

Looking up at him one last time, you noticed something making his way to your boyfriend.

At first you thought it was a zombie, but to your surprise a tall, skinny boy with blonde hair revealed himself.

For a moment you forgot about the creature that was trying to kill you: you couldn’t help but watch what was happening in front of you. The mysterious boy grabbed angrily the gun from Jaesung’s hand ignoring his cusses and started to walk towards you.

You tried to get away, afraid that he would shoot you but you froze on the spot at the loud sound of the gunshot – and the movement of the zombie falling emotionless behind you.

You looked wide-eyed the boy that you had never seen before, his looks were stern and dark – the gun still in his hand as he walked closer to you.

He offered you a hand, helping you getting up from the floor and for a moment you got lost looking at his handsome features. A small mark of blood covered his puffy cheek and his skin glowed from the light caused by the fire. His eyes were dark but, for some type of reason, you felt intrigued by them. After giving you a small smile, he turned around, facing once again your boyfriend that was now looking at the scene with shock plastered on his face.

The boy’s big hand was still holding tightly onto yours and his stance covered you completely from Jaesung.

“If you don’t get out of your sight in three seconds, I will pull out my gun and shot you in the face, I have one bullet left and I won’t hesitate to use it on garbage like you. Did you understand?” He spoke up – a low voice came out of his throat and you looked at his back surprised. You didn’t expect it to sound like that.

Your boyfriend became paler at the sudden threat, but he tried to act tough – speaking in response.

“Whatever. Y/N come here. Let’s go away.” Jaesung talked, walking towards you to take you back but at his action the guy’s grip tightened.

“Don’t fucking touch her.”

“Dude, who do you think you ar-“

“A better person than you, not that it would be difficult to be one. Do you think is fucking okay to leave a girl like that? And then once you see that she’s alright, take her back?” The stranger stared at Jaesung with ice cold eyes.

“Leave us alone, she won’t need you anymore from now on. And if you just try to lay a finger on her again, I will rip your fucking face off.”

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Zombie Apocalypse AU! Shance

I finally finished part one. I’ll post a link on here to the next part when it’s finished (as well as the Ao3 link once I have the account set up). Enjoy <3

Part 1 | Part 2 >      Ao3 Link

A solid kick took out the rotting boards that stood in the way of one Takashi Shirogane. The broken pieces clattered to the dust covered tiles underfoot. Shiro’s steel eyes scanned the inside warily. Once confirmed that the inside was void of the living dead, he stepped inside and began searching through the convenience store’s shelves for supplies. Most of what was left were either expired or already taken. A frown touched his lips as he kept up his search. He moved from shelf to shelf. Finally, he came across a sealed box of batteries in a back storage room. Slipping a pocket knife from his back pocket, he opened up the cardboard box.

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B.A.P in a Zombie Apocalypse

|||Anon asked:  Can you make a reaction of B.A.P in a zombie apocalypse??|||

Zelo/Choi Junhong 

Originally posted by mybabyoppa

  • Would try to survive the hardest but he’s literally already in a safe zone, chilling, drinking tea, and there was even no need to try to survive.
  • He would be gone though as soon as he realises how unstable this safe zone is.
  • Good at avoiding trouble and moving quickly.
  • He met Jongup that way, while he was sneaking past zombies.
  • Decided to start a team with him upon seeing him but actually had to try real hard to convince him.
  • Tends to outsmart the zombies rather than kill them.

Kim Himchan

Originally posted by ssonqs-archived

  • He would probably be the one who panics the most as it would be impossible to convince him to take up arms. 
  • The first idea he had was to barricade himself inside his house and never come out until Daehyun came to pick him up and saw what the heck he’s doing.
  • The only thing he had to say was “I’m sorry, but going out there with you would be suicide.”
  • But even so before he realised he was already out on the road.
  • Actually mostly refuses to kill the zombies and still thinks that his idea to remain in one place is the best.

Yoo Youngjae

Originally posted by yooyoungjae-gifs

  • He would probably be one of the few people to be ready for this.
  • He knew a day like this will come someday and he was preparing all kinds of equipment and supplies.
  • He even bought a countryside house just in case.
  • When he heard about a virus spreading he immediately packed everything and left the city.
  • Was living all happy and safe till bloody Yongguk came crashing through his door. 
  • “What the fuck do you think you’re doing? These doors were expensive! I think.“ 
  • Seeing as their is a bunch of zombies after him he decided to kill them and help Yongguk.  
  • He was practising a lot so his accuracy is no joke. 

Jung Daehyun

Originally posted by daematos

  • The moment he saw the news he knew he had to go. 
  • Tends to regret his decision to pick Himchan up as his constant complains gets on his nerves. 
  • Still happy he’s not alone in this though. 
  • As he had to protect both of them he got really good with all types of weapons.
  • Actually had a lot of ways, some not pretty to get around and survive. 
  • Would sometimes kill (not only zombies) to get the thing he wants. 
  • Upon meeting the others there was an immediate tension between him and Yongguk. Everyone had no idea why but tried not to leave them in the same room alone. 

Moon Jongup

Originally posted by ab1004

  • He was outside the city when it all started and had to come up with his own idea of what happened. 
  • As he had almost nothing on him in the beginning he got really good at scouting. 
  • Prefers to stay somewhere high up, so he often slept on rooftops and such. 
  • Tried to avoid other people as he knew that staying in a group only meant trouble. 
  • Really, really didn’t want to join up with Junhong but the kid was very persuasive and left him no choice.
  • Prefers silent weapons (like knifes) to guns.

Bang Yongguk

Originally posted by mvssmedia

  • Knows how to take care of himself and of course the zombies.
  • Has been interested in weapons (especially guns) for a long time so his survivability greatly depends on handling them.
  • Better not stand in his way when he’s angry as he kills everyone in sight, even humans.
  • Having run out of ammo he crashed in to a nearby house surprised to see that someone was living there. 
  • Was very impressed by Youngjae’s skills and decided that his company would definitely help him survive.
  • Upon meeting the others, immediately found Daehyun suspicious so he stays very wary of him.

A/N: This was fun to write!! Feel free to request more scenarios, reactions etc, I keep up with a lot of groups, both male and female!! 😃

Comfortably Alone AU

It’s the zombie apocalypse, and Character A has made a home for themself. In the middle of nowhere, protected by a fence that Character A patrols daily, they haven’t had a real zombie emergency in months. Coming home from a supplies run/routine fence inspection/harvesting the vegetable garden/etc., Character A walks into their kitchen to find Character B, a ragged looking human that’s stuffing their face with Character A’s food.

anonymous asked:

aaaaa can we see jirous character sheet? also do u plan on making character sheets for any1 else? i’d b interested in seeking todoroki

Here you go! (Bakusquad here )

As for the other characters… I do plan on introducing them as well! Though this isn’t going to be a full fledged comic, there is a story it will follow, and as characters appear, they will get sheets. :D 

IMAGINE: Zombie Apocalypse!Tom AU


Warnings: Lots of death mentions!!!!!, blood, family death mention, swearing, gun use

Words: 2465

Prompt: I watched the walking dead lol


   The world surrounding you was silent besides the crunch of dead leaves under your feet as you walked. The forest was still today. The brisk autumn air chilling your bones, running shivers up your spine. Next to you was Georgia, an amber haired teen who had some how survived the last year by herself inside of a gas station. She held a large dew-drenched map in her bony hands, the colours of it reminded you of your old bedroom. Pink and green and any pastel colour. When the world was sweet and innocent. When you were sweet and innocent. In your hands was a beloved shotgun your father shoved at you just before he died.

   Death was a common thing nowadays.

   It started with a virus. A simple cold- at least that’s what everyone thought at first. It turned into something more disastrous, monstrous, perfectly evil. When the high fever broke and the vomiting was gone the world was hungry; hungry for brains, flesh, human meat. Anything that had to do with blood.

   And the world just took and took and took anything it could grab its hands on. Cities were destroyed. Families wiped off the board. Sunlight didn’t feel so warm anymore, and neither did the sound of music. Every thing now was either dreary, dark, or dead. You wished you were dead. You didn’t want to see the carnage anymore. You didn’t want to hear the screams of innocent people in the distance, how your heart wrenched to help them but you knew better. Helping people would get you killed in a gruesome way that you couldn’t dream of, never wanted to dream of. But there was something that pushed you to stay alive.

   It was like a video game your brother played in the basement. But only this was reality and there were no do-overs, no second life’s, no restarts. Once you’re dead you belong to them. You don’t even remember anything and neither does anyone else when you turn, but you all have the same instinct for blood, flesh, and brain.

   You watched it happen your younger brother, how he was one of the first to go. Later, as it got worse and the world was slowly tearing apart, your mother caught it. Six hours and then she was one of them. Six hours and the person who you loved and cherished was gone. It’s been two years since their deaths.

   You hadn’t had the chance to see it happen to your father if there was even anything left of him. You were stupid enough to convince him to join a group, thought it would be safer, that you could start a new family. You thought you could trust them. You were so stupid, so, so stupid. And your stupidity got your father killed, the only family you had left.

   The group had ditched you to save their own skins when a swarm of the dead came in. He gave his life for yours, along with his stolen shotgun. It weighed heavy in your hands, a broken promise to a girl from her daddy that he’ll always protect her.

   You clenched your jaw in anger, feeling tears pricking your eyes. You blinked to keep them away. Be strong, be fearless, and move on, you chanted to yourself. Some days, the mantra was the only thing that got you out of your sleeping bag.

   “Uh..” Georgia’s voice filled your thoughts. You stopped walking, fingers clenching around the shotgun as you faced her.

   “Uh?” You pushed with raised eyebrows.

   “I think… I think we’re lost.” Her voice was small.

   You tried your hardest not to snap at her.

   It’s been two days since the both of you’ve eaten. It’s been two days since Georgia decided if the both of you took a shortcut through the woods it would lead to a suburban area. Food, there was a promise of food.  Your stomach gurgled at the thought. Another broken promise.

   “What do you mean you think we’re lost,” You growled through clenched teeth.

   She looked to you, fear flashing in her hollow green eyes. “I-I don’t know where we are…”

   You opened your mouth to yell at her, to let out the pent anger that had been raging inside of you for days. But it wasn’t worth it. Half the forest would hear you if you did, and that would create some unwanted friends. A strong blow of wind pushed through the trees, they groaned and swayed side to side as if they were waving. The air promised winter. Winter was more deadly than the dead.

   “Georgia, Georgie, sweetie.” You began. “How long have we been lost for?”

   “A few hours.”

   “What?!” It came out louder than it was supposed to. You winced, your hands hot on the gun and eyes immediately darting to the trees around you for any sudden movements.

   Georgia’s voice cracked as she spoke in a whisper, “I.. I didn’t know what to say. I didn’t want you to get angry.”

   You scoffed. “Me? Angry? I’m upset now because we’ve wasted more time when we could be eating. Georgia… we’re gonna starve if we don’t find food. Please tell me you realize that, right?”

   “I get, (Y/N)! I get that we’re lost! I get that we haven’t eaten for days!” She screamed. “Don’t treat me like a kid!”

   Oh no. Oh no, no, no, no, no.

   “Shut up,” You whisper-yelled grabbing her wrists tightly.

   “(Y/N), let go of me!” She yelled, slapping your shoulder as you continued the death grip on her wrist.

   “Shut up, Georgia. Shut! Up!” You pulled her in close, faces inches apart.

   You could smell her breath, something that was surprisingly minty fresh. You squinted at her mouth, noticing that when she opened to whine that there was a piece of white gum on her back molars. You gasped.

   “Are you stealing my gum?”

   “No!” Was her first answer. “Yes.” Was her second answer after you squeezed her wrist again, digging your nails into her grimy skin.

   “What did I tell you about-”

   She interrupted you, her body going still. “(Y/N)…”

   “Hey, don-”

   From behind you, a groan sounded. Everything in your body locked up, the hairs on the back of your neck standing up. The groan came again, this time longer and more urging. Your throat became dry as you whipped around. In front of you were ten maybe twelve of dead corpses shuffling towards you and Georgia.

   “We’re fucked,” Georgia said after catching her breath.

   You froze in fear, watching them inch closer. You could smell the decaying bodies on the wind that whipped your hair around your face. You stared at them as Georgia tugged on your arms, screaming your name and telling you that you had to go.

   They were close, and your scent was the only thing on their minds. If they even had minds. Your chest heaved up and down as your breathing rapidly changed. Georgia was right, you were fucked. And you were going to bed dead in a moment if you didn’t move. But there was something entrancing about the dead. Hw they moved, how their heads cocked to the side at every sound.

   The sound of a gunshot rang beside your ear. You jumped out of your haze, hands instinctively raising and covering your left ear. You twisted in shock, leaves and wet dirt spewing about your feet. Georgia held the shotgun, her face clenched in such fury and fear that you knew she was gonna fire again. Without a second thought you grabbed the shotgun from her hands, then her wrist, and then you ran.

   Stupid, stupid, stupid. Firing a gun in the valley would welcome more dead. Not only that but you used ammo, precious ammo that you’ve been saving for something important. If you hadn’t stalled you wouldn’t be in this situation.

           Running, you felt like that was the only thing you knew. Under your feet, you felt your sneakers suck against the mud from the past days of rain. Icy wind kissed your flushed cheeks. You pushed harder, hearing more moans coming from behind you. How they kept up, you didn’t know. It only made you run faster despite the piercing in your lungs created. Alive, stay alive.

   “(Y/N)!” Georgia called your attention. You skidded to a stop to see her turning down a hill, her hair vanishing out of sight. For a moment your heart leapt in fear for her but she called out for you again, “We can lose them at the river!”

   With a sharp glance, you stare down the dead that had multiplied in numbers. The river. Your father’s voice echoed through your head, run. With a grunt you took off after Georgia, leaving the walking dead behind you. As you went your scarred hands slapped and scrapped against trees and sometimes hit the cold, wet ground, as you tried to keep balance. There was no room for error.

   The hill was steep, full of trees and overturned leaves from where your companion had run. You followed her footsteps, eventually finding yourself alone at the bottom of the valley, a thick, strong current river inches before your toes. If you hadn’t slowed down you would’ve been in the frigid water and been swept away to who knows where. Hypothermia and you’re dead.

   An eery silence filled your ears. There was no groaning from the dead, no calling from Georgia, just the wind caressing against the towering trees. You took a moment to watch the orange and deep red crinkled leaves twirl through the air, most of them landing either around you or in the grey twisting river.

   “Georgia?!” You dared to call out. You heard your voice laced with terror and discomfort echo throughout the valley. A few crows flew out of the tops of the forest around you. They cawed, filling in the silence. “Georgia..?”

   You continued walking, deciding to walk down the river until you could find a safe way to cross. You wished to your lucky stars that there would be an abandoned bridge or a sturdy log that would allow you to find the other side of the river. And once you did find a safe passage, your next mission would be finding Georgia.

   You stuffed your shaking, mud covered hands into your stiff pockets, the fingerless gloves with pulled strands did nothing to keep the chill off your brittle bones. The pit in your stomach grew larger the longer you walked, the hours that passed, the more by groaning you heard and avoided, taking different paths. Georgia not only had the map, but she also had most of the food as you decided to carry the sleeping bags and weapons. If neither of you found each other by nightfall, you would both be royally fucked.

   It was now nightfall, and your bones ached with each step. You didn’t dare to call out for Georgia anymore, but you continued to look for the amber headed girl. In the dusk light, you watched your breath curl from your lips. A warning that it would be a long night and that winter was coming.

   Hours later when the sun was gone and the moon took place in the starlit sky you were wrapped in two sleeping bags, huddled up on a thick branch of a gnarled oak tree. For the last half an hour you’ve been dozing off, head leaning against the bark, rope tied around your waist you didn’t fall off halfway through the night. You woke up to the sound of rustling, which made your eyes snap open and body go rigid.

   Completely silent, you shifted to be able to see what was going on below you. Before climbing up the tree you had set a string full of garbage you found littered throughout the forest in a five-metre circle around the tree. A trip wire, something you learned from the group you were with a while back. With shallow breaths you held onto the large hunting knife you’d taken from a corpse last week. It had come in handy for close range attacks if you were brave enough.

   Then you saw it. The flash of clothing beneath the moonlight. There was greasy hair, amber and a dark chestnut, both shimmering so bright. Your breath fell short when you saw that it was Georgia and that she was limping and being supported by another person not too far from you. You couldn’t tell if she was conscious or not. You exchanged the knife for the shotgun, your oily forehead softening with fear. You pushed past it, knowing you’ll never forgive yourself if you didn’t jump down to save your companions ass.

   So you did. You left your pack in the tree, shotgun clutched under your armpit as you jumped to the ground, then leaned against the bark for shadow cover. You waited, waited to see if Georgia and who ever it was would stumble over the line of string garbage. You waited.

   The sound of clanging and muttered curses was like music to your ears. They were in front of you, on the ground. It was a man, you noticed a familiar accent as he cursed the god that reigned in the sky. But there was no sound from Georgia, not even a soft whimper as she hit the muddy ground. You walked forward, squaring your shoulders as the muzzle of the gun was pointed towards the stranger’s head. You cocked it, the moonlight pushing through the trees, cutting shapes and patterns across his face. He twisted his body to see who was pointing the gun at him. His eyes, hollow but filling with fear, started from the ground, then dragged up to your shadowed face.

   You could see every curve of his face, the way his mouth was agape at the sight of the gun, how his left cheekbone was covered in mud and a few spots of blood. Just like you, he was grimy, hair greasy, clothing reeked.

   He was quite handsome, to say the least.

   You didn’t have time to think about that. Maybe in another life, where everything was normal and you were happy. Where you didn’t run for a living. Where you smelt like flowers or wore fresh clothes, or actually smiled. Smiled like he did just then when the moonlight shifted across your face.

   “You must be (Y/N).”

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Murphamy AU - Zombie Apocalypse

They went from enemies, to allies, to something resembling friends, and then finally to lovers within the span of a few weeks. But at the end of the world, time is irrelevant, and you cannot afford to be picky. Although Bellamy Blake and John Murphy hated each other at first, they know that they need to work together in order to survive. Falling in love, however, was not part of the plan. And when Murphy gets infected, Bellamy is faced with the heartbreaking choice of watching him turn, or put a bullet between his eyes while he is still human.

… Ace stops in his track. raises his bloodstained hands like you would when approaching a wounded animal. 

“… Sabo?”

a little illustration for chapter 9 of After Us by @paox  


and dammit I don’t know how to color it properly

Keep the awesome work! I will always wait for the updates of every saboace & asl fic of yours.

things you whispered in my ear

pairing na jaemin x gender neutral reader

summary things you whispered in my ear

genre & theme angst | zombie apocalypse au

warnings none

requested [✔️]


You could hear the moans and the banging on the barricaded doors, along with the shuffling of feet. Jaemin is sat next to you, one hand on your knee and the other on the hand of his bat, ready to strike in case one breaks the barricade.

Your body is tense, your eyes focused on the doors in front of you. You flinch every time the pole between the handles of the doors moves, seeing a small peek of those.. things you now live on Earth with.

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