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Had a super busy few weeks n spent today mostly working on owed art, so I gave myself a treat and busted out a bit of concept work I’ve had in my head for a while! More to come later, for sure–I have a lot of ideas for the how’s and why’s of these designs that I wanna address, as well as flesh out the setting.

I’ve been thinking about zombie-ish creatures created by infection from a type of mermithidae or nematomorpha worm (watch this vid ONLY IF U AIN’T SQUEAMISH) that specializes in humans. While the initial infection only seems to be discomfort from drinking contaminated water, when the worm devours/replaces ~50% of the victim’s guts it reaches sexual maturity and starts releasing control chemicals that radically alter host behavior and physical form, etc etc (for the fantasy human version, at least–the actual buggy predators are a little simpler). Since humans have a lower species turnover rate than bugs these particular worms can act as replacement organs and keep their hosts alive indefinitely…but will violently egress the body if it’s overly damaged, instantly killing the infected person. 

Infected are typically placid (when left alone) and like to float in large bodies of fresh water. They become aggressive when approached by large animals, including humans, partially from their intense hunger due to parasitization.

Scientists discovered it’s possible to save the infected in a two-step operation that surgically fuses the worm to muscle walls (preventing it from killing the host by vacating) and neuters the parasite, which stops production of control chemicals. After a few months of physical and mental therapy the infected can safely re-enter society. Post-apocalyptic humanity is desperate for all the helping hands it can get and usually welcomes them back, with post-surgery infected making up about 40% of any given settlement.

Bug emojis across platforms ranked by me, not-a-space-alien


Overall a decent bug, pretty hairy but the invisibility of three of its legs clashes with the otherwise hyperrealism of its style.  6/10


Now that’s a bug!  Not backing down on the number of legs it has and with a second pair of antennae on its posterior and the shine of its magnificent carapace.  9/10 


Are you even trying?  Where do I begin–the atrocious art style, the total lack of personality?  2/10 and the only reason I don’t give it a 1/10 is because all bugs at least deserve some recognition 


I take it back.  1/10.  Go back to Fisher Price


Overall a cute bug but suffers the same curious problem of missing half its legs.  The poor dear also is missing their antennae. 5/10


Good color scheme. 6/10


My initial reaction is to skewer the design for the blatant anthropomorphization of the face and upright posture but I can’t get angry at those deep, caring eyes and cute, nubby antennae.  8/10 has no mouth but must scream


A fresh new perspective on the issue. 7/10


What are you doing?  Is it a worm or a caterpillar?  It has legs, but only one pair and the way it’s holding them out coupled with those dead, hollow eyes makes it look like a restless zombie worm of some sort.  I will give it points for being very cute though.  4/10 give them legs back

Emoji One

This one is hideous, but still not as hideous as the monstrosity that Samsung managed to put out.  I’ll give it a 2/10 only for those ruddy cheeks 


Aesthetically, this is the ideal form for this emoji to take.  This is the kind of bug that would appear as an extra in a body horror film.  The lift given by the legs and the sharpness of the pincers impart an added layer of authenticity.  10/10

But Can We Imagine Anakin Labeling the Clone Wars Episodes like Percy Jackson chapter titles?

“Zombie-Worms Invade Everything”

“My Wife Decides to Become a Fucking SPY WITHOUT MY PERMISSION FML”

“My Best Friend Actually Has Sexual Tension With Someone and It Is Amusing”

“The Time my Padawan Is Bitten by Some Rat Thing and Almost Kills Me”


“Obi-Wan and I Are Drugged AND AGAIN IT IS NOT MY FAULT”

“I Go Mulan ‘I’ll Make A Man Out of You’ On A Bunch of Farmers”

“I’m Stuck Under Hunks of Metal With the Worst Conversationalist in the World”


“I Ride a Bat-Thing and Almost Get Killed by Plants”




“My Padawan Ditches and I Hate Everything”

Ok @jessyulrich tagged me to post some songs I’ve been enjoying lately so hold on to your balls.

1. Dead Skin Mask - Slayer

2. Jesus Frankenstein - Rob Zombie

3. Worm Infested - Cannibal Corpse

4. White Trash Freaks - Rob Zombie

5. Expendable Youth - Slayer

6. Winter Dreams - Accept

7. The Sentinel - Judas Priest

8. Demon’s Night - Cannibal Corpse’s version

9. Eat Me Alive - Judas Priest

10. Midnight Highway - Accept

I’ll tag @kirkhammies @flyinghetfield @jaymzcatfield @rikirachtman @goldenageoftheantichrist

tumb1r-core  asked:

Clone wars and rebels deals with many touchy topics that I'd Iove to discuss at any time

“Hey remember that time when the uber-loyal Captain Rex had to betray his Jedi CO because he was a dick and treating his fellow clones like expendable pawns and INTENTIONALLY giving them orders that would cause as most casualties as possible?

Remember that time when some clones were in an escape pod drifting through space and there was a droid ship that cracked their pod open like an egg leaving them to die in the cold vacuum of space?

Remember when Cad Bane was hired to kidnap force sensitive children for Palpatine to experiment on? 

Remember when Obi-wan, Anakin and Mace Windu mind raped Cad Bane for information?

Remember that time Anakin’s group took down a slave trade?

Remember the Geonosians and their zombie worms?

Remember when Darth Maul was revealed to be alive and the first thing he did upon regaining his sanity was murdering a bunch of civilians, including children, all to catch Kenobi’s attention? 

Remember that time when Obi-Wan had to fake his death to go undercover as a bounty hunter and how personally Anakin took it all?

Remember when some guy got turned into a living bomb because of explosive nano-droids and Asoka got framed for it and the actual culprit was somebody she considered a dear friend and she left the Jedi Order because nobody believed her?

Remember when said friend was right about the Republic being corrupt?

Remember when Fives was this close to stopping Order 66 from ever happening but ended up drugged into insanity and gunned down by his own brothers?

Remember when Yoda had to confront his inner demons to figure out how to do the Force Ghost thing in Return of the Jedi?

Remember how the clones are basically expendable child soldiers and the droids are MENTALLY HANDICAPPED Child soldiers?

Remember how TCW’s whole theme was “War is complete and utter hell?”

What’s that? No? You didn’t because you were too busy being upset that this wasn’t the Genndy series/because it involved prequel material? Well sucks for you.”

And that’s not even getting into the shit that’s gone down with Rebels thus far, which includes:

  • Zeb’s entire home planet being genocided thanks to Ion disrupters that slowly disintegrate organic matter atom by atom resulting in a VERY painful death
  • Luminara Unduli’s corpse and how she was used for bait for the heroes

  • Potential Rebel ally governor in exile turns out to be an Imperial agent to lure Rebel cells into traps

  • The Empire turning technicians into cyborgs and giving them implants that overload them with information 

  • Tarkin casually ordering two low-level officers to be decapitated for failure

  • The Grand Inquisitor is so piss-scared of failing Vader he willingly falls to his death rather than face him

  • Basically everything Vader’s done since his introduction, but especially Season 2′s Premiere where he had Lothal’s defecting governor blown the fuck up and blamed it on the Rebels.

  • Palpatine still kidnapping kids and doing God only knows what to them on Mustafar and this time nobody’s around to really stop him 

  • Kanan being blinded by Darth Maul

  • Ezra implied to be slowly drifting towards the dark side culminating in him being so pissed over everything that’s happened in the season 2 finale that he OPENS THE SITH HOLOCRON, WHICH ONLY SOMEONE WHO THINKS LIKE A SITH CAN DO
The RIP List of 2015

The RIP List of 2015

League of Legends can often feel like a living creature that evolves right before our eyes. With each change comes new champions, new item combinations to try out, and new strategies to win the game. But change also means saying goodbye (or good riddance!).

Join us in remembrance of the parts of LoL that are no longer with us.

RIP Minion Models - Updated with SRU

Animation by Xenitaph

In honor of their service, let’s raise a glass to those who’ve been our faithful gold generators for six years.

RIP Baron Nashor Model - Updated with SRU

Animation by yeamarc1

Here he is enjoying retirement as the centerpiece to the time-honored “Circle of Life Drain”.

RIP Revive - Removed from the Game

Now even Zombie Karthus can’t worm his way out of this many ultimates.

RIP Deathfire Grasp - Removed from the game

Video Source

It will be missed.

RIP Runeglaive Ezreal - Item changed

Video Source

So much poke…so much damage…

RIP Fiora’s Hydra Blade Waltz - Gameplay and Visual Update

Video Source

RIP Gangplank - Gameplay and Visual Update

RIP Old Mordekaiser - Gameplay and visual update

Now he haunts the occasional bot lane in search of AD carries and Dragons to enslave.

RIP Indestructible Poppy - Gameplay and Visual Update

Nothing inspired terror quite like a fed Poppy waddling toward your team.

Now that we’ve said goodbye to 2015, what are you looking forward to the most in 2016? Let us know in the comments below!

ladyjericho replied to your post “thoughts on the hagfish? slimy but powerful”

yeah i think so!! i did a report on them in 4th grade… they eat out the innards of dead fish, like sea vultures. clean up crew… and they curl into a knot and secrete mucus when theyre nervous. just some friends

AW.. ME TOO LITTLE DUDES… kinda like zombie worms yeah? except they eat whale bones..


“Dead I am the one, exterminating the son
Slipping through the tress, strangling the breeze

Dead I am the sky, watching angels cry
While they slowly turn, conquering the worm!”

Rob Zombie blog here


Happy Birthday copse~ n.n


Sometimes… we goof.
Usually the goofs are small: I get a mouthful of paint water thinking its coffee, or Bones steps on a pin (or I do, because she’s thrown them like confetti instead of putting them away). Then sometimes, we goof large.

This guy was intended to be one of the ordered Grims from our studio sale, but we didn’t realize until we were checking the order sheet… he’s the wrong colours. There’s nothing else wrong with him - he’s got all the same features, same size, same materials; he’s just not made in the right colours. He’s just as poseable, has just as many stitches, and toes…. but yeah. We goofed.
He is within the limited run’s cap, but there will be no others like him… because well, mistake. He’s roughly 1 ft. long, and stands about 8″ tall on all fours from toes to eartip. As always, this guy is totally handmade.

Our goof can be your goof.
He’s available to a good home (who knows how to undead kitten proof) for $350, and willl ship out with the last of the Grims at the end of the month.

If interested, please email us - wormsandbones@gmail.com
With your name, shipping info., and paypal address. A helpful Bones is standing by to answer your email (okay she’s sitting… and sewing… but still…).

Mistake is rehomed.
We will both be checking colour schemes twice now. *cough*