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I need some bookish help, please!

I have to write an important paper for university and I need some help finding books for it! Based on a text by a scholar claiming zombie’s are used to work through the trauma(s) of the Sovyet Uniom in contemporary Russian fiction, I’m supposed to find out wether there’s actually a difference between Russian zombie novels and western zombie novels.
The thing is, I don’t know anything about zombie novels. At all. So please, if you have any recommendations, let me know! Especially Russian ones, because I’m having an even harder time with finding those, but really everything is welcome.
So far I’m planning to use Viktor Jerofejew’s “Akimudy” (can’t use cyrillic letters, sorry!) as a Russian example and possibly “World War Z” As a western one, because it seems to be pretty popular? But beyond that, I’m just stuck and I obviously need to read more than just two books to make a general statement about something as big as this.
So yeah, if you have any recommendations, please tell me. And if you don’t, it would be so, so nice of you if you could reblog this for your followers to see! Maybe one of them has some good advice for me. Thank you!

@carriecomehome tagged me to post 11 facts about myself. thank you!! i love talking about myself…

1. I have nine cats, a squirrel, a raccoon, three dogs, a turtle, and two pigs.

2. My favorite band is The Devil Makes Three.

3. I love western movies! My favorite is A Fistful of Dollars, which I watched the other night with my good friend @transboyjimbo. I have also watched it with my friend Ferris. I will take any opportunity to watch it. I also really love zombies and think the ideal film would be a gay zombie western, mayhaps.

4. While I know realistically that it’s something I can’t achieve, I’d really like to be a cop.

5. I met the band Everclear once and have been to several of their concerts.

6. The NCR is my favorite faction in any of the Fallout games. Of course, my favorite Fallout is New Ve.gas.

7. I really want to learn to skateboard. I also think motorcycles are really cool and would like to have and ride one.

8. My favorite book is Breakfast at Tiffany’s and I’ve read it probably over a dozen times.

9. I have a cat named Arcade Gan.non. He’s orange and very stupid. I love him so much. Other cats include: Cain and Abel, Moby, Obsidian, Wendall and Rika. None of the others have very interesting names. Rika has only one eye, and we have another cat with only three legs.

10. I live in Pennsylvania. I would like to move to Pittsburgh some day, or another big city. I think tall buildings are super cool.

11. I am currently in the process of dropping out of high school. I’m going to get my GED and hopefully start living my life.

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but like

the bulk of the story is told through the diary of one Hallie Elizabeth Carson, who works on the family farm and shoots any zombies that happen to wander by

(they were warned when they moved out west, about dangers that lay there, but so far the winters have been survivable and the animals defeatable, so this can’t be too bad either)

She writes letters to her best friend Sarah Ann Langley, a fine lady from back east, and they trade stories of their supernatural dealings

(“Dispatching those monsters don’t sound at all pleasant,” Sarah writes, her script neat and even. “Dealing with vampires is much cleaner.”)

(“There ain’t much that’s clean out here,” Hallie writes back. “Once everything’s covered in a layer of dirt, beheading things ins’t hard at all.”)

there’s no widespread panic, no barricading yourselves in your home, just a watchman assigned to each local graveyard and an attitude of “well, roll up your sleeves, let’s get this done.”