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Neat old International Travelall 4x4 spotted for sale, Phoenix, AZ. Standard disclaimer, I have no knowledge of the vehicle or seller, not even sure it’s still available. I want one of these at some point. Cool!

Status Report - Week of 01 Dec 14

Now that 0.51 has reached stable branch we’ve had the pleasure of watching how the survivors of Chernarus interact and experiment with its content and mechanics. Be it player to player interaction through the extension of the meat harvesting systems, or traveling together across the map in search of a V3S. For now the team is focused on critical bugfixes and server side performance optimization for 0.52 midway through December (due to the upcoming holiday season).

For me, the first two quarters of 2015 hold a great deal of excitement.

The last year has had a large amount of work ongoing behind the scenes that effect gameplay, and playability for a significant part of the active Early Access userbase. As someone that has spent over three thousand hours in Chernarus this year I am genuinely excited for the possibilities.

Speaking of my time in Chernarus, as you all know the military tent (packable) was recently added into stable branch. This as I envision it is one among many possible “persistent objects” that survivors can find, and use to create their own base camp in Chernarus. Ranging from tents, to barriers, horticulture, containers, varied levels of fireplaces, and so much more - I see this feature expanding upon the initial pup tents of the mod into something that resembles a true improvised and -scalable- survivor camps.

 Speaking of survivor communities, our Private Shard contest has concluded and while I am happy to announce the winners - I have to say there were far more entries than I had expected, and the decisions were not at all easy.

There are a lot of fantastic DayZ communities out there, and at the very least I now have a whole list of servers I need to take time to visit.

The winners, in no specific order are:

- FriendlyFlashMob
- The Midnight Crew
- TAW.net

Congratulations to the winners, make sure to reach out to support@dayzgame.com to start the process of claiming your private shard server. For those who entered and did not win, don’t be sad - Of all the tons of submissions, there was not one that was not outstanding.
We’ll be rolling out new support and options for private shards in January, so keep your eyes open for those.

Still not a bandit.
Brian Hicks / Lead Producer

Chris / Lead Artist

“Long time, no talk! Sorry about that - but it was for good reason. Lots of things are going on with the art team!

Character Art:

Current character work is focused around the upcoming changes to the zombie AI and animation systems. We are re skinning the old zombies and exporting the skeletons into a new proprietary format. This has not, however, this has not held us back from creating a new batch of zombie model templates with which we can quickly create loads of new zombie types of various shapes/sizes/and ages. This is particularly important since the latest news regarding testing of the new zombies suggests we may soon be able to significantly increase the number of zombies spawning. Work in this area will be ongoing and my still take some time to finish but it should pay dividends in the long run.

Regarding survivor clothing, we finished a bomber jacket and will be also adding a new quilted jacket, which should have fewer model clipping issues than the current bubble jacket, which it is intended to eventually replace. 


We added the AUG in a somewhat unfinished state as it currently does not work with any attachments. However, we do hope to transform it into a highly modifiable platform and adding a RIS is the first step in that direction. The model is ready and soon, perhaps, I’ll release a picture as a teaser. 

We’re also working on a Winchester Model 70 Alaskan which means I need to get off my butt and figure out a design for scope situation (i.e. one scope for many rifles). Also, its possible that I was told to make sure the suppressors are looking pretty so that they can be triumphantly re-added.

Now that design is settling on some technical requirements as it relates to art for vehicles, we’re formulating a vehicles roadmap to plan for the number and types of vehicles that design has requested. It will be exciting to see the vehicles feature expand in the coming weeks.  We also recently added a new helicopter crash site which looks quite a bit better than the old UH60s.”

Mirek / Lead Gameplay Programmer

“This week we have pushed the current work on new Infected/Animals AI into internal testing. The core AI system was developed by the Bratislava team and is also using the new animation system, which will help us to have better navigation for AI units and more complex combat systems.

For the initial implementation, there is not many new things about the infected, but it should improve better server performance and navigation. It will also allow us to have more infected on the map and to implement stealth mechanics into the game.

Current testing is aimed for performance and if everything will go fine, we’re planning to push it on to experimental servers (once we’re happy with how it performs). After that we’re planning to tweak stealth and combat and we would like to push it on experimental servers with 0.53 version.

We’re also continuing on tweaking vehicles, improving loot distribution and loot respawning systems and other long term tasks, such as new game control mechanics and a new inventory system. Stay tuned for more details to come.”

Peter / Lead Designer

“Long time no seen my dear survivors. I hope that surviving in Chernarus is a little bit more satisfying now with your new best friend - Praga V3S (by the way V3S is an abbreviation for the 3-ton military special). Indeed that rolled out version has rather stripped down functionality however you should enjoy the free ride while it lasts. We started to work on more complex mechanics for maintenance and repair. The battery will be most probably the next part that will be needed to get your vehicle functional so without it you can try to start the engine as many times as you want but it won’t get you anywhere, which also means that we are adding in the actual action for turning the engine over and off. If everything goes fine we will add animations for entering and exiting the vehicle as they were removed in last minute before release due some issues with action conditions that leads to undesirable results such as entering/exiting vehicle through closed doors. We are also working on setting up the inventory container for the V3S as with the current state of inventory implementation it is not trivial as it seems. New color variants of V3S are ready to go so you will be soon have the chance to drive also gray, orange and blue one. 

You may ask what else is being worked on not regarding the vehicles? I’m glad that I can tell you there is a bunch of upcoming stuff that was hinted a long time ago, specifically silencers, chainsaw and suicide. Recently a feature to use more shooting sounds per firearm was added thus we can now made the silencers useful and bring them back to loot spawns. It also opens possibility for crafted ones so you will be able to decide if you keep that PET bottle as a water container or made a silencer from it. The chainsaw was put on hold for few reasons that were connected to animation and melee systems but now we feel it is quite a good time to push it in the wild finally at least in some crude form. We decided to redo the way how suicide was supposed to work completely. We ended up with a fluent part of the gameplay which doesn’t break up the immersion. Suicide starts with a gesture and while you are in this verbose pose you can still decide if you really want to pull the trigger and end your misery at once or leave it be and try harder to survive even with bad cards on your hand. Added value of this solution is that you can do such pose even with empty hand. 

Apart from all that we are still improving the horticulture with the possibility of making fertilizer while cooking is being refactored with some advanced functionality in mind for example you will be able to put your ammunition to fireplace and examine what it will do with them over time. We are also supporting the hermit way of play. In the near future you won’t need to scavenge surroundings for loot and become self-sufficient if you wish and choose such a way to play. For now we will be adding new items and crafting possibilities including primitive stone blade and guts, next step will be to add bones, torch and alternative way to ignite the fire without matches.  

Don’t forget to save some fuel for chainsaw… see you in Chernarus folks! ”

Standup Notes for the week of 01 Dec 14
(Note: Standup notes are not a change log - they are a quick high level look at tasks the teams worked on throughout this week)

• Full length ghillie
• Quilted Jacket
• Bomber Jacket
• High fidelity V3S instrument panel 
• Winchester Model 70
• Cleaver
• Hatchet

• Support to new Zombies
• Optics
• Vehicle animations
• Chainsaw Animations
• Sword animations

• V3S Praga Bugfixing
• Config and scripts for suicide
• Silencer configs
• Chainsaw configs
• Loot defines for new centralized loot spawning

• Critical inventory fixes
• Walkie/Talkie support/fixes
• Sound System support
• Loot distribution redesign/improvements
• Audio/Global Messaging bugfixing
• Vehicle simulation diagnostics / bugfix
• Character connection issues (protecting players from attack while logging in/before being able to move)

Status Report - Week of 20 Oct 14

The subject of the central economy has been one of varied opinions within the community. The idea of centralized control over both rare items, and quantity control over more common items of loot is very polarizing. As we look towards the remaining months left in 2014, the team has been discussing our intended goals and level of functionality desired from the loot spawning system, and the central hives’ control over it. As the current behavior for the spawning and respawning of loot is a placeholder system and the limits of this form are very visible when observing the current behavior on experimental branch servers we have outlined the following goals for the final functionality with the programming, and design teams:

  • Control over quantity per server instance for rare / high value items (Eg: M4A1, SVD, etc)
  • Loot table control per region/area type rather than per building class name
  • Even distribution of loot economy across the whole of Chernarus

As work moves forward on deploying the intended functionality into loot spawning/respawning, server side stats analysis will allow fine adjustments to the system to be made, and experimental branch updates on a weekly basis will allow us to iterate, and volume/stress test against a large user base. Status reports throughout the remainder of the year will keep people apprised on the progress of this new system. - Brian Hicks / Producer

Chris / Lead Artist

“This week, I’m taking a look at our skybox and lighting settings to see if there is opportunity to improve the experience visually - particularly at dawn/dusk and night.  I’m hoping that we will find a way to add the milky way spiral arm visible in the night sky to our game.

Work continues on several new character pieces (women’s clothing, prison uniform, medical scrubs, craftable clothing and new zombie types) as well as various environment models which I have mentioned previously (new heli crash site, objects for the NEAF, building signs, other props).

The Derringer, AK74M, AKS74U and MP133 with pistol grips have all been passed to the animators, designers and sound team for their part to be completed. We are still be on course to add 5.45mm ammo and the AK74 before the end of October.”

Peter / Lead Designer

“The art team has completed several new weapons and delivered the assets to the animation and design teams. One of these new items is one quite a special case, which we need to figure out how to do properly and it’s a flare gun. So in the meantime you will get other dangerous toys to play with. By the way do you remember that little useful item from the mod which was used to heat yourself up? Character exposure mechanics were expanded again and good old heat pack is back and it’s better than ever. When you use it, it starts to produce heat to warm you up as long as the pack lasts. With advanced weather impact we had introduced also some meaning for shoes you are wearing. But that wasn’t enough for us within scope of the survival. Shoes have potential to became very important part of your clothes to take care of as they are gets damaged now depending on movement speed, surface type and distance traveled and eventually hurts your feet.

Previously, I had mentioned the new controls system which is currently being worked on and we have working prototype of it already. You are probably curious what changes it will brings to game and way it’s played. We are focused to make the controlling of your character as fluent as possible so there will be no immersion breaking due to clunky controls. That means we want to eliminate user action menu, or at least have this possibility just for very special cases. Usage of items will be driven contextually, let’s say you have an apple in your hand and you invoke action by pressing and holding use button - if you are pointing on someone you will start to feed him while you are holding the use button, if not then you will start eating it by yourself - when you release you will stop the action. You will be able to use items even during movement. Still have that half-eaten apple in hand when zombie suddenly appear? Just hit him hard with that apple in your hand - yes all items (of course firearms too) can became melee weapons. New controls allow us also to expand melee system which we are considering to do with addition of two types of attacks - fast and charged, or to add push instead of fast attack. We will see how the prototype of these goes and how it will play with server performance and synchronization in general.

Next time I will talk a little bit about the new inventory too. As usual apart from such exciting stuff we made some fixes such ammo-box container inception and other smaller ones. I nearly forgot that we spent some time on defining what animal companions should be, but that’s something to talk about later.

Choose your footwear wisely… see you in Chernarus folks!”

Standup Notes for the week of 20 Oct 14

(Note: Standup notes are not a change log - they are a quick high level look at tasks the teams worked on throughout this week)


  • Improvements to the skybox and lighting
  • Multiple crafted leather items
  • Women’s shorts, sweater
  • Polishing bush rag and 3D camo for weapons
  • Prison Uniform Pants
  • Medical Scrubs
  • Steyr AUG
  • Large Tent
  • Various new environment models


  • Sitting gesture changes/polishing
  • Prone animations with pistol polishings
  • New hand poses for items
  • Wring clothes animation done
  • Binoculars animation graph tuning
  • Bow reload animations in progress


  • Bugfixing (tent pitching, repairing leather items, struggling, containers)
  • Configs and scripts for new items (heat pack)
  • Shoes and foots damage
  • Expansion of weather impact
  • Loot tables maintenance
  • Damage and destruct textures
  • Advanced melee
  • Barricading
  • Animal companions
  • Loot distribution
  • Injured character
  • Controls
  • Inventory
  • Vehicles


  • Critical inventory fixes
  • Unintenional weapon switching
  • New gamecontrols
  • Loot distribution improvements
  • Gameplay statistics
  • Door states persistency
  • Implementation of the V3S vehicle
  • Zombie/Animal AI
Status Report - Week of 10 Nov 14

Now that 0.50 has rolled out to stable branch, the focus of the team shifts to the incremental roll out of 0.51 for November’s monthly stable branch update. As with any monthly stable branch update, this comes with several new features, functional changes to existing systems, and its own unique collection of bugs and general game play issues. Those who encounter any frustrating blockers to their gameplay experience on either stable or experimental branch are encouraged to utilize the DayZ feedback tracker at feedback.dayzgame.com.

Looking towards the 0.51 update and the Christmas break, in addition to the obvious feature and functional goals - Server side performance is paramount. Addressing critical issues and blockers in releasing 0.50 on schedule has resulted in reduced server performance and with our end of year feature/functional goals coming up the programming team is focused on ensuring a smooth and solid server side frame rate. Experimental/Unstable servers will be used to profile and test 0.51’s performance throughout the month, so if you are looking to participate in this stress testing - make sure to opt into Experimental branch!

On experimental branch this week we’ve pushed out several new security related hotfixes, as well as pushing BattlEye’s upcoming changes. As always with security, working in tandem with our external partners (BattlEye and VAC) as well as observing exploits and behavior on experimental and stable branch servers allow us to iterate, and address via experimental > stable branch update paths.

It is important again to understand that during the Early Access Alpha period of DayZ’s development vulnerabilities will be introduced as the engine and systems surrounding it are created. Addressing these vulnerabilities and iterating via the experimental > stable branch update path is a constant tug of war. Through utilizing the DayZ feedback tracker to properly report valid information and issues encountered surrounding these areas, we can more quickly “patch the holes”

This Friday (the 14th) we had the first of our “dev play sessions” on experimental branch and the footage captured during this stream will be edited and commentated over in next weeks “dev experimental branch discussion” video to be released in next weeks Status Report. It is our hopes that combining general developer experimental branch gameplay with a “directors style commentary” alternating weekly will allow both the light hearted side of seeing the team play and experiment with systems in development, and the more serious gameplay and design oriented development discussion that the dev experimental branch discussion videos will allow.

This paired with the upcoming restructuring of the Dev Hub, as well as moving the Status Reports to Fridays and rolling out “Update Notes” for Wednesday experimental branch releases (via the dev hub) will be the first step towards increasing community/developer interaction moving forward into 2015.

Don’t forget about our private shard contest, announced during last weeks Status Report. Submissions are still being accepted!  - Brian Hicks / Lead Producer

Peter / Lead Game Designer
“Not much has changed since the last status report update on our front. Vehicle implementation is still flagged with the highest priority. There are of course some issues down the road which needs to be tackled to some extent so it can be considered ready to go for public testing. We advanced a bit as we were passed the vehicle physics parameters in configuration to set up car behavior correctly which is not an easy task and can take countless hours of tweaking and balancing to get the feeling right and believable. For example we already had iteration where our beloved “V3S” was acting like a boat or was falling on its sides while steering.

At Thursday and Friday we had a visit from part of the Bratislava team here to talk about features and design. It was nice to have them there and discuss things in details - like animals, cooking and horticulture. In meantime we’ve added MP-133 with pistol grips and fixed walkie talkies. We also added one more way to gather meat. Apart from that there are some new issues with restraining and struggling which we are taking the care of now. We are also revisiting the way how the suicide was supposed to be working and if everything goes fine it will be seamlessly integrated into the gameplay at the end.

Come get some… see you in Chernarus folks!”

Chris / Lead Artist

“This week, I’ve been working closely with Peter regarding design of the V3S and will be working on a high quality interior of the V3S with functional gauges. The initial implementation of the V3S will have some placeholder interior as the high quality version is being created.

We have also finished the prison uniform and are closing in on finishing the prison complex, which will be an interesting area to explore. We plan to also create prison-themed zombies which you will have to face if you want to explore the facility.

The Steyr AUG model is done and we will soon send it for animations, cfg, and sounds. I am optimistic that it can be in for next stable release but its worth saying that it will be the base version only. We are looking into swapping barrels to convert from the standard AUG to an HBAR version.

The military tent is also finished. I expect it will be found in next stable release.”

Standup Notes for the week of 10 Nov 14
(Note: Standup notes are not a change log - they are a quick high level look at tasks the teams worked on throughout this week)

• Prison Complex
• High fidelity V3S instrument panel
• Steyr AUG
• Prison-themed zombies

• Mp133 Pistol Grip Reload Animation done
• Player Suicide Animations in Progress
• Vehicle animations
• Throwing in crouch and prone
• Animation changes for new controls
• Zombies with new AI
• Vehicles

• Configs and scripts for new items (V3S Praga, MP-133 with pistol grips)
• Fixing restrain/struggling
• Fixing walkie talkies
• Fixing suicide
• Vehicles
• Horticulture
• Cooking
• Damage system

• Critical inventory fixes
• Vehicle settings for physical simulations
• New gamecontrols
• Loot distribution improvements
• Zombie/Animal AI
• Player connection issues (possibility of attacking players before they can play)
• Character duplication fixes

Status Report - Week of 05 Jan 15


We live in the future people. 
2015 looks to be a pretty awesome year for DayZ, I’d like to kick off this months Status Reports by talking a bit about how the team has settled in during our first week back, as well as some awesome points of inspiration for us.

First off, I was forwarded a link to Eternum Pictures DayZ fan film - which has some outstanding emotional points about friendship, and loss. The loss that the main character in this fan film experiences is something that resonates with me. I can recall how it felt to meet, befriend, and then lose a stranger in my early DayZ mod days. As the option to instantly respawn after death somewhat limits this experience, it brought to the discussion table some server options that we’ve had on the drawing board for awhile. Speaking of servers…

Over the next few months we’ll be rolling out some expanded server options to extend support for administrators, and introduce more customization options for private shards.

- Admin Logs, covering: Connections/Disconnections, Chat, Player Deaths (Env & PvP)
- Hardcore Mode: Initially we’ll only support this on Private Shards, while we see how the mechanics impact gameplay - However the intent is to offer server operators the choice to restrict how long since a players last death they can respawn. Eg: A hardcore server could conceptually restrict players from respawning until 12 hours after their last death. We’ll gauge how much impact this has on the design, and decide if it stays restricted to private shards, or we open this up to all public (consumer rented) hive servers. 

Now that the team have returned back to the office we’ve begun going over data compiled from stable branch since Christmas, and looking at what is left to do for the 0.53 release at the end of January. We’ve got some awesome stuff on the table for 0.53 and 0.54, and as always we’ll be pushing to experimental to test things out as development on the update progresses.

Speaking of the end of January, PAX South in San Antonio is coming up and we have some awesome things in store for the first Penny Arcade Expo in the great state of Texas. We’ll be sending out information on that via our twitter and facebook channels next week. In addition, the finishing touches are being put on the DayZ website - as we look to centralize where you all get the latest news on DayZ development, and interact with the DayZ Dev team.
Over on the Official DayZ forums the team leads have begun using their new sub forums to interact directly with you, the Survivors of Chernarus. Head over and take a peak, we’ll start to use these more and more - giving you guys a direct line to the people that guide the vision that is DayZ.


I look forward to increasing visibility into DayZ development in 2014, and evolving what it means to survive in Chernarus as we march forward to DayZ 1.0.

Chocolate Milk Bath, do it.
Brian Hicks / Lead Producer

Peter / Lead Game Designer

“Welcome to the first devblog of the 2015, I hope you enjoyed the holidays and spent some quality time with your families, friends and DayZ!

I will keep it really short. We all know that this year will be very important for DayZ. With all these big ongoing and upcoming changes it will be quite tough but the outcome will be splendid.

Currently we are focused mainly on new controls/interactions. We would like to use them before we start switching character to the new animation system so we can identify possible issues with the old one and address them. Apart from that we are looking forward to the new scripting language which should be ready as soon as possible so we can start rewriting currently used scripts with it, optimize and polish them which also bring some performance boost (server side, yay!). Design for manual transmission for vehicles is ready for the review and when we settle down on last little things after discuss it with programmers its implementation will begin. We are also making a prototype for non intrusive group identification so that you can easily identify your companions.

Have an amazing new year and don’t forget… see you in Chernarus folks!”

Chris / Lead Artist

“Character Art:

We’re still working on new character clothing and new zombie templates.

This is ongoing, long term work that occurs during luls when the art team isn’t needed to support new features being added by design. We’ve finished the quilted jacket and a new batch of zombie templates. An M65 Field Jacket is also WIP.


Work has begun on a school building. Its giving me flashbacks to my days dodging balls in the gym. We’re working on desks, chairs, bells, and gym equipment. This is a piece I’m personally excited about.


We’re nearly done with a new pump-action .22LR rifle based on the FN Trombone. We’ve also recently completed a Winchester Model 70 and two new guns I think people will be excited about are currently WIP. In addition, over the last couple of weeks, we’ve churned out a series of new melee weapons for people to try out.


Some of you may have noticed that we’ve introduced a new area on the official forums where it is possible to interact with the team and I’ve been busy this week visiting and answering questions. I’d encourage you to drop by and check it out.”


Standup Notes for the week of 05 Jan 15
(Note: Standup notes are not a change log - they are a quick high level look at tasks the teams worked on throughout this week)

• M65 Field Jacket
• FN Trombone 
• Vehicle design standup
• School structure
• Winchester Model 70

• Bugfixing
• Hand poses for weapon attachments
• Hand Poses

• Bugfixing
• V3S Changes
• Cooking
• Diseases
• Independant content of canisters
• New scripting language
• Traps

• Security vulnerability fixes
• Vehicle persistency
• Loot distro per building for new system
• Close range weapon sound fixes
• Suicide fixes
• Zombie/Animal AI
• Vehicles - Manual transmission
• Server side logging