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ego wallpapers based on my recent Schneep edit!

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so uh :^) here is some stuff from a drawpile i did w/ @badlydrawnoceanman (second page is from a cursed zombie au we made and i hghghfhhf  hate it with every single fiber of my being i swear)

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Open When Letters 

A continuación frases que puedes escribir en cartas para meterlas en los sobres, también ideas para complementar los temas:

  1. Open… Right Now!: The distance is only physical, [incluir breve explicación]
  2. You need a kiss: Utiliza pintalabios para colorear tus labios y luego besar un trozo de papel.
  3. You are mad: No hay diversión sin locura #YOLO
  4. You feel like crying: Nunca digas “no puedo”, levantate, respira, desahógate en el lugar que más te guste, sonríe, sigue adelante.
  5. You want to run out: [Incluir pétalos de flores, hojas secas] Aquí un lugar que solo tu y yo conoceremos.
  6. You want to be NERDY!: [Dibuja lentes y un moñito muy nerds] [Incluir pasos para ser nerd, aunque no sean muchos] [Puedes bromear un poco]
  7. You see a woman crying: No hay mujer más desnuda que la que llora en los brazos de un hombre.
  8. Halloween: Si eres de México puedes incluir una “calaverita”, si eres de algún otro lugar o no sabes lo que es, agrega una carta temática. [Obsequiarle dulces puede complementar el detalle]
  9. You are nervous: Nos vamos a poner los pantalones e intentar no vomitar… Lo de más es tuyo.
  10. You’re had a hard day/ need motivation: Eres más fuerte de lo que crees, levantate y sigue. Cuando pienses en rendirte, recuerda la razón por la que empezaste.
  11. You are tired: Cansado pero no vencido, y eres fuerte, se que puedes.
  12. You are going to do GYM: ¡VAMOS! ¡¿Qué haces aquí parado?! ¡Corre Corre Corre!
  13. You have nothing better to do/ Bored: [Regalarle hojas para que dibuje, un sudoku, una sopa de letras o algo que sirva para distraer.]
  14. You are sad: Ningún mar en calma hizo experto a un marinero.
  15. Open in case of Zombie Apocalypse: [Puedes ver la película “Zombielad” o “Tierra de zombies” y registrar los tips o inventar tu mismo una lista que lo salve de una epidemia zombie.]
  16. It’s october 25th: Octubre 25, es el 298° día del amo en el calendario gregoriano y el 299° en los años bisiestos. Quedan 67 días para finalizar el año.
  17. It’s five o’clock in the morning: “Buenos días domilón/a”
  18. Birthday: [Una carta emotiva donde expreses felicidad por su cumpleaños, incluir confeti, globitos dibujados y un pastelito, también dibujado.]
  19. You feel lonely: [Deja algunas de tus redes sociales y hasta tu número] “No estás solo, me tienes a mi”
  20. You want to be hipster: 1. Come mucha nutella 2. Repite todo el día “Okay?, Okay” 3. Lee libros y escribelo en facebook.
  21. You can’t sleep: Contemos ovejas juntos: 1….2…..3…..4…..5….
  22. You want to know more about me: [Escribe una breve autobiografía, en la que incluyes datos raros o curiosos sobre ti, hasta puedes incluir una foto tuya.]
  23. You are sick: ¡Que te mejores!. [Regalar un sobre de té de manzanilla.]
  24. You need information: Atelophobia: the fear of not being good enough, but you are perfect like pizza…
  25. Somebody hates you: Meteré tu opinión en mi cuenta bancaria, para ver si en un par de años me genera algún tipo de interés.
  26. You feel like a hero: ¡Eres un héroe! ¿Me darías tu autógrafo?
  27. You are gonna travelling: Te deseo un buen viaje
  28. You are stressed: “Rompele la cabeza a alguien, disculpate y sigue con tu vida” [Puedes incluir un té de hiervabuena o hiervasrelajantes]
  29. You want to draw: [Incluir una hoja blanca para que tu chico/a dibuje lo que quiera.]
  30. You want to celebrate: YOU ROCK [Agrega pequeños globos de fiesta, de preferencia reales]
  31. You don’t feel handsome: Para mi, eres atractivo.
  32. You need a laugh: [Busca chistes en internet y escribele algunos, o imprime fotos de memes.]
  33. You are going to sleep: Buenas noches, descansa, sueña bonito y nos vemos luego.
  34. It’s winter break: Felices vacaciones, no olvides tu chamarra y un rico chocolate/ponche de frutas.
  35. You miss me: [Imprime tu mejor foto y regálasela.]
  36. It’s new years eve!: [Una carta como si fuera el día de fin de año, deseando tus mejores de seos para él/ella y si quieres hasta su familia.]
  37. Christmas’ day: [Una carta para el día de navidad, deseando lo mejor y enviando abrazos.]
  38. You are working: Un café y un poco de música te mantendrán vivo.
  39. You want a surprise: [Agrega un dibujo, una cartita o un detalle pequeño que haga especial esta carta, sorprendelo/la]
  40. You need a push: Si estás buscando una señal para seguir adelante, aquí está, es esta.
  41. April fools day: [Puedes dejar vacío este sobre]
Things I’ve learned from uprising

medium is pretty simple, I’ve been playing hard and its… hard, I don’t even want to know what expert and legendary are like lol

  1. Look out for each other!!!
  2. Know your role (duh)
  3. Even if you’re playing someone you’re not comfortable with, if you have a basic understanding of your role (Offense, Defense, Tank, Support) just stick to the basics. I had to be Reinhardt (I never play tanks), but I just thought of what tanks do and we won. sry if this doesn’t make sense lol 
  4. Take out harder enemies together (The bomb dude, bastions, and OR15s) 
  5. Tracer really is the only one who can overextend and hold off enemies (come back for healing Tracer)
  6. if one of you goes down try to revive NOT rez, don’t waste your ult Mercy (I did at first cuz I didn’t know)
  7. The last part is difficult because you get a shit ton of bastions and OR15s, like #2 take one enemy down at a time as a team
  8. Time your ultimates, and don’t be afraid to use them!
  9. LOOK OUT FOR EACH OTHER seriously this will make or break your team

Definitely more difficult than Junkenstien’s Revenge, but these past few games have been fun and a challenge. Of course these only work if you got good teammates, which is hard to find on quickplay lol. Anyways im always open to more tips.

Troping 101: How to use a Depressing Setting

Hello everyone, this is Troping 101 where I not only discuss certain cliches and tropes, I talk about how to use them effectively in your stories and avoid their various pitfalls.

And what better to start my first post with then with “The Depressing Setting” also known on Tvtropes as “A Crapsack World”.

This is the type of trope you’ll see in Grimdark stories where characters have lost faith in humanity and for good reason.This type of trope is usually utilized in scifi stories or zombies stories but is also welcome anywhere else…usually.

You’re probably wondering why I chose such a trope as my first topic and honestly it’s because of how risky it is. I will admit that the trope lends itself well to morbid stories, but the thing that comes with that is also apathy, the last thing you want as an author.

See as an author your stories only work if the audience cares about your characters enough to continue reading the story. And if you’re bringing them a setting where the characters behave in such a way that readers can only care about one or two characters, who are probably going to die by the way, they don’t have much reason to put up with it.

I’ve noticed in my experiences , that other pitfalls new writers fall into when playing with this trope is that the main character is usually the one likeable character. And trust me, it’s not cause the main character is a likeable person, just that we’ve been following them around the most, so you get attached via stockholm syndrome.

But the good news is , despite the MC usually being the person that can make this trope worse, they’re also the first step in making it better. In the few ways I’ve seen this trope being used properly, it’s always in one of two ways.

1.There will be a glimmer of hope, that the main characters work towards.

Forget stories, let’s think about life for a second here. What do we always tell people who are going through a rough time? “Things will get better.” We should lend that ideology to this trope. If you set up your world as a place that morally hurts to live in, giving your characters a goal to work towards not only gives your story a plot but the audience has something to care about as they work towards making their life a better one. But what do you do if theres no hope for your characters?

2.Make the audience fall in love with how
Determined the characters are to live to see another day.

This trope and zombie stories go hand and hand. You ever notice that zombies never have an end goal. Just living is good enough for the characters. I always admired that most about the zombie genre, because if you really think about it, the characters are better off dead then living in a world where they are not only being hunted by zombies but by their fellow man as well.
Even autobiographies based on someone’s suffering always put an emphasis on how they never gave in to death

And at the end of the day, unless you want your audience to read your story ironically, this is what they want. Something to care about. Loveable characters to follow. It’s hard to realize this when most stories using this trope just involve depressing the reader just for the sake of depressing the reader.

I hope that this blog helped out, and I plan to do it daily until further notice. If you want to share your thoughts and opinions feel free or if you have any requests, I’ll gladly take any.

Zombie Apocalypse Tips

((Ok here’s some tips for the time of zombies.

-I don’t care if it’s your mom you stay away from people that are bitten

-wrap phone books around your body so you don’t get your skin bit

-collect canned food, water, and coolers to carry food and even refrigerate food items that need to be chilled

-when raiding a store gather food, medicine, pads/tampons, and depending on your current group: formula, blankets, and kids medicine (toys are a good option too)

-bring books and sketch paper

-stay away from high populated areas (southern areas aren’t any better, complete isolation)

-DONT TRY TO FIND AND ISLAND THATS “ABANDONED” (you’re not the first one with the idea)

-don’t rely on the military (they most likely have a plan to kill any living thing so the virus doesn’t spread)

-being in groups is fine, but if there’s a corrupt leader and savage like leader the group will fall apart

-A+ if you’ve played video games in the past

And that’s just some of the tips I have!))

Alright, but what if the apocalypse happened and those of us who are “glued to our phones/computers/soul-sucking wireless devices” actually knew what was going on and how to survive due to us being connected to other people and all the assholes who look down on us for being “internet zombies” had no idea until the literal zombies busted through their windows and tried to eat them.

Ultimate Supernatural Survival Guide

If you hear a strange noise don’t go “investigate” it. If it’s a major concern of yours, or you’re scared for your life, at least call the cops first. It could be a squirrel or a human, don’t always assume the worst. Don’t just ignore it, and don’t talk to it either.

Screw matches. Just don’t use them. They’ll burn out too quick, burn your fingers, and wind will blow them straight out.

Candles are also a no. Although they’ll burn longer than matches, wind can blow them right out. The only thing they’re good for is summoning and spells.

Lighters are best used for burning bodies, not as a source of light. They can be unreliable at times.

Don’t even think about flashlights and/or lanterns. They ALWAYS die.

Use glow-sticks. Massive, long-lasting, industrial strength glow-sticks. Attach them to a wrist band if you want. In fact, bring an entire arsenal of them with you.

If you’re outside don’t pick up a small branch as a weapon, find a rock or a THICK branch.

A small kitchen knife won’t help you. Grab a cleaver, or better yet, a machete as a weapon.

Shotguns are the shit but run out of ammo too fast, take time to reload and aren’t so great for extremely close up. I’d recommend a sawed shotgun, or something that can hold loads of ammo. Bring extra ammo with you as well.

If you run out of ammo, don’t just drop your gun, THROW it at thing that’s chasing you. Throw it HARD, at it’s face.

LOOK WHERE YOU’RE RUNNING! Don’t trip on something and just sit there like “this is it, this is how it ends”. Get the hell up and RUN!

Something is chasing you and you found a hiding spot? Don’t leave your hiding spot after thirty seconds because you think the thing may have ran past you, stay in the hiding spot, and no peaking around it for the thing that’s chasing you.

Screw simple salt circles. You know your house is haunted? Hot glue salt circles and lines everywhere!

You made a deal ten years ago? Hot glue goofer dust everywhere!

Bless your sprinkler system and pool’s water supply. Fill water guns with holy water.

Melt down silver, iron, and mix it with rock salt and holy water to create bullets. Carve in a demon trap or put one in the mold.

Combine silver and iron in your handmade weapons, such as knives and swords.

You see a sickly person creeping up on you who won’t respond, don’t continue to talk to it, it’s a zombie! Hack it’s fucking head off with your machete.

Don’t draw/paint demon traps, carve them into things.

Don’t whisper “Christo” unless you have some sort of plan for in case the person’s eyes go black.

Do not, under any circumstances, attempt to contact a dead person.

Don’t fuck or have any sort of relationship with Sam Winchester.

Don’t dig up graves during the day.

Combine salt with kerosene or gasoline BEFORE digging up a grave. You don’t want ghosts and shit trying to kill you while you take your sweet time salting the rotting corpse then applying gasoline, before playing with matches/a lighter.

If you feel like you’re being watched, you are. Get the hell out and never look back.

I know many people will be soon back in school, so I thought I would make a post with tips of how to wake up early & not end up being late for school. 

I have problems with waking up early. I need to set at least 10 alarms. More to that I’m doing everything slow, so I usually end up being late. That’s why I try new things to prevent being late and don’t look like zombie(;)). 

Some of those tips are obvious but anyway, I hope it will help. 

Full text starts under “read more” link.

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The Illuminati Deck. My personal favorite atm. It never fails to be brutally honest with me.

A student of mine gifted me the Zombie Tarot for Christmas! It is my first gifted deck so I am excited to get introduced to it over break! Has anyone used Zombie Tarot before?