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A clean bandage, warm water left to cool on the cloth pressed to his cheek. Lamp light and a soft couch, the small comforts of a home he had almost forgotten. Ben could only blink silently, peering at his foreign surroundings with an odd sense of detachment clouding his mind. Home for him this last perilous month had been little more than a bunker filled with rations and weapons, stark and cold in its necessity. Soldiers had no need for quilted blankets and stacked sheet music, the lingering scent of chocolate and coffee somehow stronger here than the blood and fire amongst the streets. He was used to hard-faced men and women marching the corridors in quick, brusque steps, guns heavy at their hips and determination a hard light in their eyes. 

Johanna… Ben settled his gaze on his saviour of sorts, the movements of her hands deft yet graceful, gentle in a way he hadn’t experienced in what felt an age. The fear was there, of course it was; it plagued everyone, regardless of circumstance. So why did this young woman feel so much stronger to him? Living alone, surviving against the odds… it was a miracle, in all honesty.

Wiping at the dried blood at his chin, Ben once again examined the room. Aside from the haphazardly boarded windows, the small living space seemed almost untouched from the horror happening mere feet away from them.

“Has this…” he paused, unsure whether to ask personal questions. People these days were so guarded when it came to their pasts, the hard decisions they had been forced to face. The last thing he wanted was to upset his host. “Has this always been your home?”

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For everyting a reason“ by Carina Round

They say that everything happens for a reason. Levi wasn’t quite sure if he wanted to — or should — believe it. He used to believe in a lot of things, after all, either of his own free will or because of what people said, and some of them did him no good.

"Was it necessary?” He asked, not looking back at the person standing behind him even once. He didn’t have to; he knew who it was, he could feel it in his bones. “To pretend that you’ve died, to make me mourn you for months, and to make me think that I’ve lost you? And to come back now like nothing happened, Erwin? What was so damn important?”

Maybe he should turn around, stop talking to headstone that won’t answer him anyway, and start talking to the person that could.

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He doesn’t know how it started.

One minute, he’s a happy, healthy thirteen year old, hanging outside with his two sisters. They sit and cloud gaze. It’s a comfortable silence and Death City is just as peaceful as ever.

Within the next minute, he and his sisters are separated, and screams of agony and fear are ringing through the air. He doesn’t know what else to do, he wants to go back and find his sisters but some disgusting, foul-looking creature oozing slime is swinging at him so he has to run. He runs for his life.

In a few days, Death City is a wasteland, overrun by the repulsive beings. Kid has found his sister, one of them, and returns to his old home to attempt to find the other. They don’t get far, as the house is now full of zombies, and he recognizes one as his math teacher. The last he remembers from then is a man coming and taking him and his sister to a camp downtown.

That was four years ago, yet the humans have not succeeded in taking back the city. He sits with his back against a wall, looking at other kids about his age reloading guns and other weapons. He’s so out of it that he doesn’t notice a girl hovering over him.

“Do you need something?”

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{I'm sorry I know we have too many threads but zombie} "D-Daniel... You've been bitten..." He said with wide eyes. "You.. You're... We... Oh god."

“Vlad–n-no…” Danny choked a bit, laying on the ground against his side with his mouth agape. “There has to be a way to st-stop it.” He spoke in a strained voice, his veins in his left arm showing more visibly, seeming to slowly spread up the limb.

Zombies, Run! Cross-stitch

So it’s been a long time coming, but I finally finished my ZR cross-stitch a couple days ago! I forgot to take photos until I was already at the post office, but here is about a month and a half of finicky-but-fun work ^_^

And have some close-ups for texture as well:

Cotton floss, Aida cloth, and a lot of time, but I think it was worth it. The world always needs more zombie-themed thread craft.