zombie survival rp


Some of my characters that will show up in No End in the distant future at some point. Not main cast but important characters in some story arcs either way. May not be final designs, it’s the first time I’ve actually drawn some of these lol they’ve just been… fully fleshed-out characters with vague appearance in my head.


REALLY STUPID COMIC I AM SORRY. Present day AU older Mav and Benny are THE most dysfunctonial couple and they’re DUMB AS HELL. I am also dumb as hell.

(Also demonstates rather well why I don’t do comics on my own.)

Spawned by this drawing.


Benny used Distraction. It’s super effective!

Sorry for super long post but I did this dumb disgusting comic because Benny had a birthday a couple of days ago (April 3rd). I went super hardcore and inked right on top of tiny thumbnail sketches so that I wouldn’t spend ages on this and it only took me a day! Wow it shows!

It’s present day AU Benny and Mav, but they’re around the same age as in canon. Couple of years older maybe.


So present day AU Mav becomes an elementary school teacher when he’s on his late twenties and because he sort of… doesn’t looke like a teacher at all, he sometimes has to dress up a little so that his students’ parents wouldn’t judge the absolute shit out of him and assume he’s not fit for teaching small children. So we joked that in addition to removing most of his piercings and wearing long sleeves he HAS to wear his hair in a “man bun” because it’s probably more of a trendy young man thing than letting his hair be in its natural state of disarray.

Then enter Benny who upon seeing Mav’s hair for the first time does a double-take.

survival rp - zombie apocalypse (anthro - please join)
  • *it had 3 weeks since it all started, since everything went to hell, and although it only been a short time, everything had taken a turn for the worse. It wasn't until you had arrived in a town to look for supplies that something good happened. You met someone, well, your saw someone, it was a child, a little boy and he looked lost.*
  • Boy: *he was wandering around the streets with his arms crossed over his body huddling for warmth, he looked scared and kept shouting out the name 'Blossom'. With all the noise that he was making he was bound to attract someone, or something, but whatever he attracted, it wouldn't be good*