zombie self

fo4 male companions: friendly militia leader with severe trauma, simpleton giant interested in shakespeare, charismatic mercenary who appeared as a kid in fo3, cold merciless android learning how to feel, suicidal anarchist zombie, self-loathing android detective with pre-war human memories, wisecracking faceless secret agent, brotherhood loyalist with a dark secret

fo4 female companions: normal girl i can fuck, french maid android i can fuck, punk drug addict i can “fix” and then fuck


Sci-fi/radioactive zombie makeup. Inspired by Alexys Fleming’s look. The only training I have acquired is from the amazing glamandgoremakeup

                             i’m afraid.
  Of what? 

               —–  L I V I N G  like   this,   and   dying   for   N O T H I N G.                          


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Runs like this one help remind me why I run.

I do not run because I binged yesterday.
I do not run because Thursday’s appointment left me feeling as if I’m not doing enough (not bad, not at all, just not good enough).
I do not run because I hated my body yesterday.

I run because I was looking forward to a long run all week.
I run because the weather was gorgeous and I wanted to be out there.
I run because it reminds me that this is something my body can be as well.
I run because when it came to sleeping in vs getting up early to get this run in before leaving for a visit to my parents, there was no doubt in my mind that I would get up early and do the work.

I run because I’m a runner.

(Of course, I also run because I want to survive the zombie apocalypse XD.)

Random doodle of my ocs Sienna and Trixie
Trying to work out their personalities and.. well.. its this!
(Apologies for bad scan quality on corners)