zombie response

You get a mysterious text stating “Emergency: It has started” with an address you don’t know. When you arrive, it’s a parking lot with about 30 people milling about. Then you realize, everyone has the same spare wheel cover stating “Zombie Outbreak Response Team”

DollFace. SP.

A/N: My first Sweet Pea fic. This is just the beginning and the general set up of the OC. Sorry if its boring. This is also the first fic I’ve ever posted to Tumblr…so please be kind and let me know if you want to read more! 

p.s. italics are internal dialog or text msgs. 

WARNINGS: cussing, lots of it. other than that…nothing?

Word Count: 2,888


The fog had started rolling in already at 10pm, the perfect setting for a murder. Well if this wasn’t Riverdale anyway.

Neon lights called me closer and closer to Pop’s, the only place I wanted to be while the rest of my friends were at the back-to-school semi-formal.

All but one.

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Neat old International Travelall 4x4 spotted for sale, Phoenix, AZ. Standard disclaimer, I have no knowledge of the vehicle or seller, not even sure it’s still available. I want one of these at some point. Cool!

Good (Thomas Jefferson)

AN: ah, yes, this is supposed to be a writing blog. This is @whatinfreenation ‘s contest prize! (I’m halfway done finally lmao) 

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  • Anonymous- TJeff×Reader lazy weekend together where they are just being those two greatest dorks in love of all times. Really. It should be ilegal He loves her so much and he just adores her hair Sarcastic Reader, Sassy Thomas Prompts: 47, 2, 35, 31
    • 47.“Hold my hand until it’s over?” 
    • 2.“You love me as if I deserve you.”
    • 35.“If a zombie bit you, I’d be heartbroken, but I’d also shoot you twice in the head.”
    • 31. “I’m yours, in every way you’ll have me.”
  • Anonymous- Request for 25 from list 4 with Jefferson?
    • 25. “Did I stutter?”
  • Anonymous- Could you do a smut with Jefferson where it is readers first time and Jefferson is really kind and gentle. Like reader is younger by like 5 or so years. Thanks, also eight MesSEd M e Up! It was so good!

Warnings: smut, swearing 

Word Count: 2,417


Jenna was running a brush through her hair for the fourth time that afternoon when the doorbell rang, signaling Thomas’s fashionably late arrival. He almost never arrived anywhere on time and it drove Jenna crazy. She always felt like he was standing her up, which made he incredibly anxious, hence the excessive brushing. It wasn’t hard for Jenna to think that way with Thomas’s wealth and looks. Every day since they had started dating, she woke up wondering why someone so successful and mature was still with her.

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Apostles of Contagion

The Apostles of Contagion are a warband or vectorium of Chaos Space Marines drawn from the Death Guard Traitor Legion that dedicate themselves to the service of the Plague Lord Nurgle. They are a vectorium of the 4th Plague Company, favouring viral bombardment and sorcerous saturation before the battle begins. They march from amidst billowing clouds of corrosive spores and infectious vapours, their enemies screaming and putrefying even as they struggle to fight back. As the Apostles chant the praise of Nurgle, packs of daemons rise from the organic slurry to join the fight, overrunning the enemy with a tide of bloated bodies. The Apostles of Contagion are led by the vile and infamous Death Guard LordNecrosius, the self-proclaimed “Hand of Nurgle.” This Apostles are thought to be responsible for Zombie Plague infestations that broke out across the Imperial Armoury World of Vraks during the Siege of Vraks in 813.M41.

The Apostles of Contagion can trace their origins back to the dark days of the Horus Heresy that occurred in the early 31st Millennium. They were once Space Marinesof the resilient Death Guard Legion. When their Legion fell to the vile temptations ofNurgle, Necrosius, a former Death GuardApothecary, cast aside his former profession as a healer and gave himself over whole-heartedly to the predations of the Plague Lord. He soon discovered that he excelled at the daemonic arts. As a zealous convert ofNurgle, Necrosius rapidly gathered a loyal following amongst his fellows who had followed their dark master into corruption. Believing in the promise of eternal “life” brought to Mankind through the agency of Nurgle, these disciples would become the first Apostles of Contagion. Bending his knee to no master save for Grandfather Nurgle,Necrosius’ resentment of the Death Guard’s First Captain Typhus, whose betrayal sent theDeath Guard to its final damnation, festered into a bitter rivalry and open conflict down the years between Necrosius’ Apostles and the Death Guard warband led by Typhus, now the Herald of Nurgle and the host of the Plague Lord’s Destroyer Hive. Parting company from their fellows in the Death Guard, the Apostles of Contagion chose to go their own way, spreading disease and Nurgle’s greatest “gift,” the Zombie Plague of walking death, wherever they went. The Apostles were heedless to whom they brought this unholy blight, whether they were the loyal servants of the Corpse Emperor or even followers of the other Ruinous Powers. As a result of their actions, Necrosius and his Apostles have made many enemies and participated in a number of great atrocities over the millennia since the Heresy.

@freaky-zombie-chick submitted:  ((I thought it would be cool if I made cheesy and some lewd pick-up lines with the skeletons’ nicknames. Please dear stars up above help this zombie for she’s thirsty as fuck and no amount of chocolate milk can quench it!!))

*Freaky clears her throat loudly enough to get the skeletons’ attention.*

*She goes up to Sans and Papyrus first.*

“Oh Paps, you’re such a sweetheart and the bravest champion, so I wrote with all my heart on this special papyrus just for you”

“If I had a choice, I would like to be sansdwich between you and the kitchen table, Sans.”

*Now it’s Edge’s and Red’s turn.*

“To nearly fall on to my knees for you, I’m on the edge of my seat.”

“My cheeks may be pink but my ass is red from your slap.”

*Stretch and Blue are next*

“I hope you earned that nickname from what the ladies say, and I hope you can stretch mine too.”

“I figured out why the sky was grey today, all the blue is in your eyes.”

*For Rus and Crooks now.*

“Oh we might not want rus this, but we will just for tonight.”

“Our path may be crooked or lost at times, but we’ll still be there in in the end.”

*The zombie saved the last two her favorites, Blackberry and Axe.*

“You want to know why I call you sugar skull: because you’re so sweet.” *She giggles a bit but soon stops.* “But joking aside that kiss, of ours, left me craving for more of your sweet aftertaste of your magic. Oh so tarty like a blackberry~” *She gives him a wink.*

“And for my first friend in a long time, if you may, I would like to axe you a question.” *She leans in close, close enough for him to feel her hot breath.* “When in the hell are you going to call me for that coffee date!?! Because I’m getting all hot and steamy thinking about it!”

Papyrus perks up, beaming at the compliments, while Sans chuckles, his cheeks a faint blue.  “good one.  that can be arranged,” Sans remarks with a wink.

Though Edge blushes, he’s also scowling.  “UGH, A PUN!  YOU’RE AS BAD AS SANS!!”

Red wags his brows, looking smug.

Stretch barks out a laugh, caught off-guard, and actually blushes orange.  Blueberry beams with pride, his eyelights becoming stars.  

Rus smirks, blowing out smoke as he regards her.  “there’s no need to rus tonight, darlin’.”    Crooks seems to be pondering his line, his hand cupping his lower mandible.  

Blackberry’s blushing more than any of the others; it’s obvious that ever since the kiss, he’s had a crush on her.  “I-IF YOU’RE SO DESPERATE FOR ANOTHER KISS, I… I SUPPOSE YOU LEAVE ME NO CHOICE!”

But he’s taken too long to actually offer that; she’s moved on to Axe, leaving Blackberry to shout after her, “HEY!”

Axe, however, wastes no time in slipping his arm around her waist and pulling her flush to his side.  Grinning, he leans down, his good eyesocket shuttering halfway.  “i’m always ready for a coffee date,” he claimed, using their innuendo.  “nothin’ else gives me that much energy… an’ lucky me, you’re also a freak in the sheets.”  He chuckles.

58. Operatives are reminded to minimize contact with journalists, reporters and other civilian media unless lives are on the line. While we have yet to have an incident involving the mention of X-COM, Operatives are reminded that they are to avoid answering that you are part of any organization, group or unit, be it real or fictional. This includes (but is not restricted to):
the Ghostbusters
Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division
the Men In Black
the Beatles comeback tour
Space Marines
Space Nazis
Space Soviets
Space Hippies
EXALT (Really?)
Scooby Doo’s Gang
the SCP Foundation
the Brady Bunch
the Power Rangers
Kamen Rider
Magical Girls
Justice League
the League of Legends
the Illuminati
the Priory of Sion
World Police
Thunderbirds/International Rescue
3rd Street Saints
King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table
Pan Pacific Defense Corps
Raczak Roughnecks / Rico’s Roughnecks
the UNSC / ONI Section III / the 105th Orbital Drop Shock Trooper Division
Stargate Command
the Parahuman Response Team
the Adeptus Mechanicus
Megacity One Department of Justice
Raynor’s Raiders
the Colonial Marines
the Grand Army of the Republic
the Rebel Alliance
the Galactic Empire
the Royal Manticoran Navy/Marine Corps
Wolf’s Dragoons
Section 9
the Mane 6
Mobile Infantry
Diamond Dogs
Ghost Recon
Voltron Force
the Planeteers
Jedi Knights
Black Knights
Boy Scouts
Girl Scouts (even if you bring back cookies)
Zombie Emergency Response Operations
I.R.S. back-taxes retrieval committee
Society for Creative Anachronism
the plumbers
Jehovah’s Witnesses
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormons)
The Church of Scientology
Robin Hood’s Band of Merry Men
Team Dai-Gurren
House Lannister
House Stark
House Baratheon
House Targaryen
The Night Watch
Team Four Star
Krusty Crab Crew
Team Rocket, Aqua, Magma, Plasma or Galactic
The Aristocrats
Santa’s Elves
Brotherhood of Nod
Global Defense Initiative
—  Things XCOM Operatives Are Not Allowed To Do

ushas42  asked:

I suppose at some point I should ask what the Evil Within is about, other than a hot policeman with an ax. Wikipedia just confused me.

get ready baby I’m gonna give you all the full version of the story because I am bored and I need people to hop on the trash train with me.

I can’t believe I typed all this. It really shows how much I love you. Or mostly what happens when tumblr puts me in straight baby jail for reblogging too much joseph oda and doesn’t allow me to post for 20+ hours. 

The Evil Within — A serious story recap by Vale plz R&R


The amazing hero of our story Detective Sebastian Castellanos gets sent to the Beacon Mental Hospital to investigate the usual “oh no the radio is mostly static *bzzz bzzz* someone help *bbzzz bzzz*  of course we are not getting all killed *bzzzzz* *high pitched noise* *radio silence*” kind of problems that you always find in survival horrors games.

And of course since he is such a hot dad™ (I am not mocking he is actually a dad also hot in that kind of average game protagonist way) he needs not one but TWO amazing sidekicks to ship him with do all the job for him help him in his adventure. 

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