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Might I ask if you have some tips on poses?

Oh boy, I want to avoid this because I am bad at explaining. I decided not to! Well, I do have some tips on poses. I don’t consider myself that good because my anatomy can be sometimes incorrect and correct. I will post some random poses drawing I did as examples!

I prefer to do basic poses depending on the characters personality! They are nothing special because the pose look so simple. Gesture poses counts as simple! 

Here comes my favorite thing to draw. If you like to make your characters do something wild and crazy like they are having fun. Dynamic poses you will have to draw them out. Honestly they are not too hard to do. My advice for drawing like this I usually read comics, mangas, watch anime, play fighting games and video games. I use those reference there. There are few series i am inspired that make dynamic pose so simple and easy was either my hero academia or one punch man. As for fighting games they have concept art of characters fighting style on what moves they will have. Super smash brothers push their characters more dynamic. That helps me a lot. I have seen some people take pics of the game to draw out the pose they capture it on the right moment! 

Now here comes the fun part. MONSTERS! I am going to use Darkstalkers characters as in monster pose. Monsters poses can be ridiculously fun to draw plus their anatomy are exaggerated. To be frank monsters are my favorite thing to draw because I feel free to do ‘em whatever i want to do with poses I come up with. The reason I put this one up because monster pose are pretty fun!

I highly recommend looking up poses of real life people photos and pose gesture guidebook. They are super helpful! 

Here is a lil fact I have a big memory on how to draw poses very well. Sometimes I don’t use reference to know what pose i should draw. It comes to me. I know it is odd. Sketching poses really quick makes it easier for me!

I was in French and these zombies appeared in my dormitory when the night fell. Annoyed – not wanting to have my family be bitten by them, I asked the zombies to pose until morning came that one of them reverted to human by the time I took their eccentric picture.

apparently trackdancer’s shitty picture is actually part of a tutorial

…this should be fun

Almost Photo-realistic renders in MMD using Shaders and Effects

apparently photorealistic can be written with the dash and without
that annoys me
and a shader is an effect, so isn’t that redundant?

(it’s trackdancer, so I’m going to be super nitpicky)

for some reason, this isn’t even the final render
why was some random middle step included as the header image

Ever wondered how to get almost photo-realistic renders just by using MMD with MMEs?

not particularly

and it isn’t fucking that

Well, Haku’s going to show you one way to achieve these kind of results

stop using MMD models as your mouthpiece
it feels like you’re talking to a bunch of first-graders

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A Season 2 Theory (Hear me out guys) This is why Laura is crying

Okay, so take a look at Danny’s poster. Now take a look at Perry’s. Did that? Good. 

Now, did ya’ notice they have the same eye color…?

Now, I am all behind werewolf Danny, but considering Perry’s zombie like posing, I feel like this is more of a brainwashing thing. 

So how does this connect to Laura crying? I’m sure your imagination can already think of a lot, but let me paint a picture: 

Mattie has brainwashed all of Laura’s friends. Danny is an absolutely TERRIFYING mercenary for her now. Perry is a minion. Carm, however, is on Laura’s side. 

Mattie walks in and Laura tells her something along the lines of ‘you can’t stop us, no matter what, Carmilla and I aren’t going to give up’. 

Mattie: Oh, really? 

And a figure walks into the room. Carmilla. And her eyes are the same color as Danny and Perry’s. 


More practice. How far can I go in basically a few hours. Also fun with cel shading. 

So, I like Hsien-Ko. And I want to try some kind of weird pose. So here we are. Practice practice practice and all that business. Less focus on the breasts and the hips and way more the pose and the colors. No idea if this is working but any work output is valuable.


We’re fixing bugs like crazy and some of them were sky/weather bugs. Here is a look at the pine forest after it was fixed, which looks freaking awesome. Expect a patch later today barring any showstopping bugs. The last image is a t-posed HD zombie Joey just finished which will appear in A13.

Book Review : Pride and Prejudice and Zombies by Jane Austen and Seth Grahame Smith

Characters : Everyone in the book seems pretty much the same from the original version of Pride and Prejudice, as far as I know. Elizabeth was QUITE intense as a warrior. Mr Darcy seems the same as well with the added twist of being a zombie slayer too. I was pretty much okay with everyone.

Plot : I love the addition of the zombies because it added extra interest for me to pick this book up. It was literally Pride and Prejudice with an added hint of zombies, that’s really all there is to say. I loved how the Bennet girls were known and respected as the protectors of their village.

Thoughts : This book was pretty interesting but, I did find it a bit slow. I think it was mostly because of the text and how sophisticated the language was compared to what I’m used to breezing through. The zombies posed a threat in the book but it wasn’t all about them. It definitely added a little something extra to a classic tale.