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Slip Ups

“Niall!” You scream out, running as fast as your legs are taking you. But it still it isn’t enough. You heard the snarls, growls, and the scent of rotting flesh assaulted your nose.  

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“ OMG you should do one where you & Harry have been together for like 4or more years and one night he ALMOST has sex w/ a girl but catches himself but feels so guilty that he tells you and yeah u can decide the ending !! “

Thanks for the request!


Harry loves Y/n. She’s his whole world and only the thought of losing her was enough to make him go crazy. And he knew that when he tells her what he did, she was gonna leave him. He couldn’t blame her really.

Harry was out with some friends in L.A and he was drunk. He was so drunk that he could barely remember his name. He wasn’t gonna drink this much, but he missed Y/n and he wouldn’t be seeing her in another 2 weeks, so he decided to drink the ache in his heart away.

Not such a good idea.

He doesn’t know how it happened, but when he realized he was half naked in another woman’s bed. He didn’t know her, he didn’t know where he was and why he was there. But he was only able to stop when he realized the girl underneath him wasn’t the love of his life, Y/n.

He got up really quick, putting on his tight jeans back on and looking for his shirt, while the mystery girl kept complaining about how he should “go back to bed and fuck her already.”  

He could barely know what was happening, but he wanted Y/n. He wanted to cry and ask for forgiveness, but before that he needed to get the hell out of there.

He came back home to Y/n the day after that. She was surprised to see him so soon, but she couldn’t care less, she was just so happy that he was finally home, in London.

It’s been a week. He came home a week ago and he needs to tell her about what happened that night, but he’s so scared of losing her that he just can’t.

“Harry, babe, I’m home!”

He closed his eyes, feeling a tear roll down his face.

“Harry, what happened? Why are you crying? Babe, please, talk to me!”

He was sitting on their sofa and she was there, in front of him, wiping his tears away and looking like an angel. God, he loves her so much.

“I-I-I…” He couldn’t speak, sobbings escaping his mouth, making impossible for him to say anything clear.

“Calm down, babe. Please, Haz, breathe.” She hugged him tight, his arms around her waist and his face on her neck.

“I –I kissed someone.” He finally said it and he could feel her body tense.

“You what?” She asked, her voice barely above a whisper. She took a few steps back, letting go of him.

“It was a week ago. I-I was out with Jeff and some friends. I missed you so much so I decided to drink. I got really drunk, so so drunk… I don’t know how I ended up in this woman’s bed. I only realized when we’re half naked already. I realized she wasn’t you and I pushed her away and left. I swear to God babe, I didn’t mean it. Please, please, forgive me!”

He was on his knees, praying to God to have some mercy and that she could forgive him.

“That’s why you came home?” She asked, tears rolling down her face. “You came back because you cheated on me?!”

“I’m so sorry, Y/n! Please don’t leave me!”

She didn’t know what to do. He cheated on her. It didn’t matter if he was drunk or if he stopped before they had sex, he still was kissing another woman while she was at home, missing him. And he waited a week to tell her about it!

“I think…” She couldn’t talk. He was on his knees in front of her, begging for forgiveness, but she could barely find the strength to talk. “I think I need to leave.”

“No no no please Y/n please!” He was sobbing so much she could barely understand him. “Please babe I love you. It was a mistake, please, just please don’t leave me. I can’t live without you!”

She wept her tears and without saying another word, she left.


“You should talk to him.” Y/F/N said.

“I don’t want to.” Y/n whispered. After she left Harry in their shared flat, she went to Y/F/N’s house and she’s been staying there for a week now.

Harry tried to call her a million times, but she can’t find the strength to talk to him, so she keeps declining.

“Are you gonna leave him for good?”

“I don’t know. I should. I mean, he was able to through away our relationship, right? God, we’ve been together for 4 years! How could he do this?”

“He’s not good, Y/n.” Her friend finally admitted.

“How do you know that?” Y/n asked confused.

“I went to see him a couple of days ago. Niall called me to know about you and he told me Harry is… Do you know he barely sleeps anymore? He looks like a zombie. Niall and Liam keep going there to make sure he’s eating and to know how he is but he hasn’t say a word since you left. He just keeps lying down on the sofa, staring at the wall.”

Y/n could feel the tears threatening to fall. Imagining her Harry like this was hurting her in ways she couldn’t even start to describe.

“I know you don’t want to see him.” Her friend started. “But Liam asked if you could go there and maybe talk to him. He can’t keep going like this. He hasn’t been eating, sleeping… His body is going to give up on him if this keeps going.”

Y/n didn’t say a word, she just got up from the kitchen counter and went to her room.

A few minutes later she could listen to the front door closing, indicating that Y/F/N has left for work.

She got dressed and going against her better judgment she went to see Harry.


The flat was dark as soon as she opened the door. She was going to knock but she thought that maybe Harry wasn’t going to answer.

“He needs to get up, Liam!” She could hear her friend’s voice from the kitchen. “He’s going to kill himself like this!”

“I know… Did you talk to Y/n?” Liam seemed tired, bags under his eyes.

In the kitchen were Niall, Gemma, Y/F/N and Liam and they had yet to realize she was at home.

“I did. She just got up and went to her room.”

“Oh God…” Gemma closed her eyes. “She was our last option! Not even mom was able to get a reaction from him!”

He ignored Anne? He loved his mom! He would never do this. But looking around the kitchen, to their disheveled faces, she knew Harry wasn’t doing good.

Without listen to another word she went to their living room, finding her boyfriend lying on the floor. By the position he was in, it looked like he had fallen from the sofa and not bothered to get up.

“Get up.” She demanded.

Harry almost didn’t believe she was actually there. He had prayed to God for so long that he could see her again, listen to her voice again, that he was more than surprised to see her there, right in front of him.

She looked worried, but most important, angry.

“What are you doing to yourself?! Are you trying to kill yourself or something?!” Her voice caught the attention of the rest of the people in the kitchen and she never saw Gemma so relieved as when she saw Y/n there, talking to her brother.

“Are you really here?” He whispered, not believing his eyes.

“OF COURSE I’M HERE YOU IDIOT!” She was more than angry now. How could he do this? Not take care of himself?! If he died… She doesn’t want to even think about that. “I have to come all the way here so I could pull you out of that black hole you got yourself into!  Are you trying to kill yourself? Are you that selfish? Did you even think about your family? Your friends? Me?! What the hell am I supposed to do if you die?!”

“Celebrate?” He asked, sadness very clear in his voice.

“Why would I do that?”

“Because you hate me.”

“Oh God Harry…” She kneeled down in front of him, holding his face in her small hands. He looked awful, yet so handsome. “I don’t hate you. If anything, I still love you very much. But you need to understand that what you did was… It hurts, Harry. I know you didn’t do it to hurt me or anything like that, but still…”

“I’m so sorry.” He cried.

“I know, babe. But right now I can’t come home. I-I can’t trust you. Trust me, I want nothing more than to come home and hug and kiss you, but I can’t right now. It’s too soon and…”

“I know. But please, give me a chance to build that trust again. Maybe we could start slowly? I just need to know that we still have a chance!”

“Of course we do, honey.” She took a deep breath. “We can start over, slowly. I’m gonna stay in Y/F/N’s house for a while and after we can see what we’re gonna do, ok?”

“Ok. Can I at least hug you?” He’s voice was so small, like he was afraid of being rejected.

She almost through herself at him, missing his hugs more than anything.

She knew they had a lot to work on their relationship if they wanted to mend their broken hearts, but she knew they were capable of doing so.


*Kinda drifted from the prompt, sorry :\

“Unless you want yourself and your entire little posse to be dead within the next two minutes, I would put the gun down.” A gravely, harsh voice of death pierces the once tranquil air of the forest. In an instant, the group of two men,  two women and one bruised boy turns on their heels. 

Fear is imminent in their eyes. It had been so ever since the first time the captive boy had muttered the name Harry Styles. Televisions and radios may not work anymore, but word still got around quickly. When you mess with Harry Styles, you don’t recover. 

The ragtag group of survivors look on shakily as they face the hard-pressed, terrifying man himself. Black bandana tight around his head, pushing dirty, overgrown hair– hair that must’ve once been beautifully luscious and perfectly styled– up and out of his dark green, haunted eyes as they stared back at the group, a sinister, almost teasing smirk on his face. 

They were scared. 

He was dirty looking, of course, they all were. His black shirt’s sleeves had been ripped off long ago, shoving off ripped biceps that probably weren’t there 5 years ago when the world went to shit. He’s boyish looking even in his horror-movie aura. They boy’s– because really, he is just a boy, only 18 when the whole thing started– brown boots are battered and grungy, but thick nevertheless, army make. Blood and bits of skin teetering off of the steel toecap, testament to the multitudes of skulls he’s kicked in; alive and otherwise. 

He’s not alone. He usually never is. The opposing group has only heard stories of the Styles crew, but the descriptions weren’t too far-fetched when the pegged the members as “ruthless, deadly, and more than happy to kill.” 

“We.. we aren’t looking for any trouble.” The group leader, a middle-aged man named Ty, attempts. Really, they thought the kid was stealing from them, what were they supposed to do?

Looking back at the boy, Ty probably should’ve known better than to keep him from leaving. The blonde, innocent looking kid did warn them. Especially after Walt had gotten angry and gave him a nice purple-black bruise under his left eye. He winces as he sees the boy shaking his head at Ty, almost like a sign of defeat, like he knows what the outcome is going to be. 

Walt’s gun– the one Harry was referring to earlier– doesn’t move. Aside from the barely noticeable amount of shaking it’s doing, Walt doesn’t drop the gun. 

“Your friend doesn’t seem to agree with that sentiment.” He murmurs articulately, and Ty wonders why no one’s ever mentioned the fact that he has a British accent.

 There’s a sinking feeling in his gut that tells him it’s because those who hear it– they don’t get to live to tell the tale. 

Ty puts his hands up in surrender, placatingly. He turns to the side, still keeping an eye on Styles as he mutters warningly, “Walt, don’t do this. We just want to go on our own way. You can have your kid, no problem.”

Walt narrows his eyes, stepping forward, closer to the blonde kid, his gun bumping the back of the now worried looking boy. 

Harry’s facade doesn’t change, he simply takes a step forward as well, arm moving to his back where he grabs a crossbow, something that the stories told as well. There was never a confirmed attack from the Styles group unless there was at least one arrow lodged into someone’s skull. 

“You really, really don’t want to play this game with me, Walt.” He says lowly, a dangerous tint to his voice that will forever ring in Ty’s ears. 

There are moans and soft gurgles coming from somewhere over the hill, and the air becomes unsettling. Shuffling feet and crackling leaves are coming from every which direction, but the several torch lights only cover the small vicinity in which they are– not anywhere near the real dangers beyond the trees. Night is quickly approaching and they all knew what came hand-in-hand with the darkness. 

The two women from Ty’s group, one Ty’s wife and the other Walt’s, watch on with nothing but electric fear in their eyes. It’s granted, understandable, as this is one of the worst situations one could be in. 

Harry’s group looks a bit differently, one man with bright, insane blue eyes, playfully sharpening his knife against another, and another taking a leisurely drag from a cigarette as he nonchalantly stabbed leaves in the ground with massive sword– properly called a katana. Lastly in the group was another man, one that had the same boyish features that the rest of them did, methodically scratched his beard as he lazily tapped against a gun strapped to his belt. 

Looking back at his wife apologetically, it seems to be clear how this will end. Especially if Walt continues with his bullshit. “I want to know,” The idiot growls as if he has all the power in the world, “why this little twerp was in our camp last night.” He demands, hand tightening around the kids throat and gun still pressing harshly against his bleach-blonde hair. 

Harry didn’t like that. 

The playful smirk was gone and Ty knew that the game was over. Harry is two more steps forward and suddenly, Walt seems to understand his predicament. 

“You… you better stay back, now, or I’ll.. I’ll blow his brains out!” Walt shouts, backing up more and bringing the blonde with him. The kid has yet to say a single thing and surprisingly enough, he isn’t crying. 

He was crying his little eyes out the night before, locked in a shed near their camp. The women, especially hated it, but Walt deemed it necessary as they didn’t know what the kid was capable of. 

Now, Ty could see that the kid was still scared, obviously, anyone with a gun to their head is bound to be a bit uneasy. But there’s a trust and an understanding in his eyes that’s convincing the older group leader just how screwed they really are. Harry’s eyes are tight now, just like his grip on his crossbow. 

Another step forward. “You’ve heard the stories about us, Walt, I’m sure. People who steal from us,” He takes a step forward, “people who hurt our own,” Another menacing step froward, “and those things that aren’t really people at all… none of them survive us, Walt.” Harry informs, stepping so close that he could easily grab the blonde up and just take him away. But he wouldn’t do that.

Walt’s shaking hand is now reinforced ten-fold. He knows he’s made a mistake. 

“And you, Walt. Not only did you try and steal from me, you also hurt one of our own. All that’s left is the final…” Harry trails off, waiting for what he knows will come. 

Walt breaks, dropping the gun as if that would fix the entire situation. Ty watches as the kid runs, past Harry and into the arms of the one with the katana, who embraces him like a mother bear, checking over his bruise and then holding him close to his chest, directing his face away from Harry.

Ty watches as Walt tries, in a last-ditch effort to pull a gun on Harry, but he has no time.

He understands what’s about to happen.

Ty watches as Harry brings one, dirtied steel toecap and forcefully kicks the older man into the awaiting jaws of a walker*. 

* * * *

Stepping over a bloody, disemboweled arm, Niall rushes as quickly as he can into Harry’s arms. There’s a bit of blood on his face and hands, but it’s nothing Niall isn’t used to. A few tears leave the blonde’s eyes as he repeatedly apologizes over and over again, whimpering, “Harry, Harry, I’m so so sorry, Harry, I’ll never do anything that stupid again, I swear Harry I just wanted to help, I love you so much.” He cries, savoring in Harry’s affection as the brunette comforts him, rubbing his lower back lovingly and pressing a kiss to the crown of his head. 

“I love you too, Ni. It’s okay, none of us are mad at you, just… we’ll talk about your punishment later.” He rectifies, and Niall nods in agreement, holding on to his boyfriends hand with all of his might. “Let’s get back, walkers are everywhere and we need to get Ni some food.” 

Louis, Zayn, and Liam each nod in agreement, cleaning their weapons off briefly in the already blood-soaked grass. 

* * * *

“Did we really have to kill all of them?” Niall asks as they get closer to home.

Harry’s grip tightens around the young, innocent kid he had found just 3 years ago. How he had survived till then, nobody knew. “Of course we had to, Niall. Remember our talk on people and how they’re not always good like us?” 

“Yeah, but only one of them was really mean to me.” Nialll murmured and Harry stopped, taking Niall’s chin with one of his large, calloused hands, making the blue-eyed boy look him in the eyes. 

“Niall, do you know what I would do if someone ever hurt you?” Harry asks genuinely and Niall shivers at the thought. 

He grips Harry’s waist tightly as he whispers, “You always say that you’d ‘fucking murder them and anyone they loved,’ right?” 

Harry grins, poking Nail’s nose. “Don’t say those words, darling, but yes. I’d fucking murder them and anyone they ever loved, or liked, or ever came into contact with. So, can’t you see, Ni? We had to kill that bad man, yes? So he didn’t ever hurt anyone again?” Harry chides, encouraging Niall to reply.

The blonde nods simply, allowing Harry to continue to lead him back to camp. “So, don’t you think his friends would feel the same about him as we do about you? When someone hurts their friend, don’t you think they’d try to hurt us?” Harry asks and Niall’s mouth forms into an ‘O’ shape, showing he understood.

“So if we didn’t kill them… they’d kill us.” Niall finishes, adding, “I guess it was necessary, then. Thank you for saving me, Hazzy.” He smiles up at Harry, pecking the brunette’s cheek sweetly.

Harry nods with a smile, allowing the boy to believe his own conclusions. 

The less Niall knew, the better. 

* * * *

Soon enough, they arrive back to their camp, a nice, overly protected yet somewhat deteriorating country-inn. They had gotten lucky, what with the relatively easy food supply and comfortable, safe rooms but there’s a lot of dangers that come with camping in a big, visible, and alluring place that looks promising to everyone that comes across it. Raids, thieves and looters were not unusual. 

Luckily enough, after a couple of years of living in the same place, killing anyone/thing that comes their way without remorse. 

Walkers were scary, sure, but people… people were the ones to worry about. 

It’s easy to stab a zombie in the brain and watch the already lifeless body go to rest, but people were harder. 

People would scream and beg and cry and plead and people didn’t always try to fight back. 

But not to worry, after the first few, you learn to stop caring that you can literally see the life drain from someone’s eyes. You stop caring that all of someone’s hopes and dreams have suddenly been vanquished and seized from them without a single warning. You stop seeing people as people and simply see them as monsters, much like the ones crawling around outside, ready to steal, rape, and/or kill everyone you love. 

People are worse than walkers. 

Harry learned that the hard way.

* * * *

Once they get through all of the precautionary measures (barbed wire over a perimeter fence and several “conveniently” placed bear traps) that were taken long ago to take out any raiders that attempt to get in while they’re away. 

Looking around at the few bodies scattered around the lot, impaled on the barbed wire or prone with a knife through their heart, Harry makes a mental note to get someone to clean them out before they have another walker problem. 

Niall’s still tucked safely under Harry’s arm, looking tired and hungry and dead on his feet. Zayn helps Liam open the door and then once again seal it after the boys all get through. 

Once the doors are closed the personas drop. 

They all shrug off their bigger weapons at the door, not loosing their handheld guns, strapped-knifes, or any of their other miscellaneous weapons.

Louis jumps on Niall, ruffling his hair violently. “I’m glad you’re okay, Nialler.” He says, playfully hugging the boy tightly after thoroughly ruined his (already ruined) hair. 

Liam goes next, hugging the boy tightly in another embrace and whispering something along the lines of, “you’re an idiot, never do that again.” and rushing off to go start making something for him to eat. 

Zayn had already had his Nialler time but still walked over, pressed a kiss to his forehead and gave him an unimpressed look, raising an eyebrow at Harry. “You’re gonna get punished bad, Niall.” He murmurs and Niall sighs, shrugging. “Honestly, babe, should’ve seen Harry when he found out where you were.” Zayn says, making Harry narrow his eyes accordingly. Zayn, maybe the only one who will ever defy Harry smirks. “It was hilarious. Still ,good luck sitting tomorrow.” He shrugs, making Louis laugh out loud from the other side of the room. 

“Wake me up when dinner’s ready!” The dark skinned boy calls, collapsing on the ratty old couch that was crowded around an unused fireplace. 

Niall closes his eyes, sighing as he takes in the familiar smell of that has become home. Harry wraps his arms around the blonde, resting his head on Niall’s shoulder and inhaling the boy’s scent, humming in satisfaction as he nuzzles into the irish boy’s neck lovingly. 

“Haz,” Niall says softly, gripping onto the strong arms around his waist, attempting to comfort the older boy. “I’m okay, yeah?” He tries, turning in Harry’s arms and raising on his tip-toes to rest his forehead against Harry’s. “I’m sorry if I scared you. I scared me too. I just… I wanted to help.” Niall answers, making Harry shake his head.

“Don’t do that ever again.” He says, making Niall laugh, pulling away from the brunette and smack the ginning boy lightly. “I understand you, baby, alright? Just know… if you ever, and I mean ever, leave this place on your own or put yourself in danger again? You don’t be able to sit for a month. A year, probably.” Harry warns and Niall shudders, nodding in understanding. 

“I love you.” Niall murmurs as he hugs his boyfriend tightly and Harry sighs hard, trying his best to control his emotions as he grips Niall just as tightly.

“I love you too.” 

*Walker = zombie

Did I just make Harry into Daryl Dixon?? Not even sorry about that. Also I KNOW Niall’s hair probably wouldn’t still be blonde after 5 years but hey a girl can dream 

I think I will be doing a prequel/maybe a sequel(smut)/ STORY of this?? Idk I really liked the characters and this AU >:) 

You can prompt me here! I do Niall centric OTP, OT3, OT4, and OT5! You can see my previous writings here and my master post here.

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ot5 as fanfic tropes?

liam: kid fic where two single parents meet through their kids and their kids are friends but they don’t get along until their kids parent trap them

louis: childhood friends who spent every waking minute together to teenagers who drifted apart until an unusual/unprecedented event brings them back together and they end up lovers

niall: zombie apocalypse au where niall is the leader of his human colony/gang and he picks up a stray human and they fall in love much to the distrust of the others

zayn: famous/non-famous au where the non-famous person doesn’t know he’s famous and they date until non-famous person gets suspicious that they can’t be seen together and then they find out and there’s c o n f r o n t a t i o n but all is well in the end

harry: pretend relationship where he asks the other person to be his fake partner because he ticked plus one to his sister’s wedding in a fit of optimism but he finds himself one week out from the wedding with no date and all of his other friends are in relationships


One Direction Zombie Apocalypse AU


((Wow, I didn’t think this would get this many notes! XD Louis has jean-shorts on because…. IDK, the apocalypse happened while he was kinkily masturbating in the mirror. It was a one time thing; he saw it on a porn of decided to try it out. Not his fault the world decide to implode while he was experimenting…. Also, don’t ask why Harry’s weapon of choice is a hammer…. He was building a shed at the time, okay?))

((Wow, those backstories…….))

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A blurb where you and Niall are cuddling???

“Stop movin’.”

“I can’t help it.  You weigh a ton.”


Niall had been home for an hour.  It took him five minutes to change into some shorts and a t-shirt and then he wormed his way onto your body while you caught up on The Walking Dead episodes you’d missed.  As much as you loved cuddling, these were important episodes and Niall seemed intent on distracting you by running his fingertips over your already heated skin.

“Stop!”  You commanded when he kept it up.

“What?  Can’t I touch ya?”

“Not while I’m watching this.  It’s the finale.”

“Someone dies.  Comes back as a zombie.  End scene.”  Niall said as he burrowed into your chest and let out a deep sigh.

You wrapped your arms around his shoulders, turning the volume up a bit more.  You threw one of your legs over his, shaking your head again.  He breathed in deep, cuddling into you even more,

“Much better.”

You shook your head, pressing a soft kiss to his forehead,

“You’re impossible.”

“But cuddly.”

“Yes.  But cuddly.”

You turned your attention back to the TV, smiling to yourself when moments later you heard his breathing even out.  Looks like you were sleeping on the couch tonight.

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lmao poor niall getting shot down by everyone. good thing zayn's a survivor and he'll take niall with him. (◡‿◡✿)

lol the kid is HOPELESS, he doesn’t stand a chance. first one to die in any of these dystopian apocalyptic scenarios if left to his own devices, no doubt.

never forget how niall would survive the hunger games:

how niall would survive a zombie apocalypse:

how niall would survive a post-apocalyptic death arena with his bandmates:

he’s so lucky to have zayn ensuring his personal safety. to have all his boys looking after him — they wouldn’t even just die for niall, it’s to the point where they’d /let niall kill them/ so that niall could go on. the only way he’d actually make it lbr. :’)))))))))))

  • Medical examiner: I just cannot find the cause of death in this one.
  • Me: *Rises up like a zombie*
  • Me: It was Niall Horan wearing glasses
  • Me: *dies again from thinking about Niall Horan wearing glasses*
  • Medical examiner: *also dies from thinking about Niall Horan wearing glasses*
  • Everyone in the entire world: *dies from thinking about Niall Horan in glasses*
  • Harry Styles: *to Niall Horan wearing glasses* You look very handsome.
Build Me Up and Keep Me Warm

Zombie AU. One day Harry wakes up and he’s dead. Or undead. Dead, but not dead. Whatever. This is his life and it kinda sucks, but Harry likes to think that there’s more waiting for him beyond the coldness of his heart.


The one where Harry yearns for something warm, Louis won’t stop talking, Zayn and Liam are out for zombie blood, and Niall is Harry’s zombie best friend who thinks his name is Naill.

By avatarlahey




Niall On Zombies from the 1D Degree app 

Okay, I totally owe this one to Botflybaby and Elfgutz whom y'all should check out because their dolls, art and stories are epic! Thank you Botflybaby for letting me read your amazing zombie fic, it’s inspired me to revisit an old one I thought of set in similar land, but never really went anywhere with. I had a bit of time to kill today and I was browsing the net and I saw this photomodel Niall Underwood?? It immediately struck me how much he would be perfect to play as one of the main characters in my story, so I decided to recycle a wig and try to make it into Kitson’s hair, lol.

Kitson Davies lives in a world that has survived a zombie pandemic. Four years had past since the initial outbreak. The living had overcome the dead. They had buried, mourned their losses and moved on with their lives while the walking dead are systematically contained and controlled. In Australia, the government had started a program of tagging and rounding them up into concentration camps to be sorted into several categories depending on the severity of their infection and physical condition/dexterity (some of these fuckers are fast!). The more cynical conspiracy theorists believed they are being turned into remotely controllable soldiers to fight the ongoing Jihad that took over Northern Europe a few years before the outbreak. Some zombie-rights activists believed that the government is doing research (some experiments) into trying to cure or stabilise zombies if not completely restoring their humanity. The capitalists of the world though got creative; with all these ‘fresh meats’ so to speak, zombie trafficking soon replaced human trafficking. There are many loopholes in the law, so things like zombie child prostitution and zombie slavery became the done thing, even though not fully sanctioned by the government. After being sorted and tagged, many zombies are released back into society as many things: domestic help, manual labours, factory workers, or pets (they are much more effective at keeping burglars out than guard dogs), some famous fashion designer had even started a zombie modelling agency. Some scientific study revealed that zombies consume fresh meat to slow down the rate at which they decay. When you are a zombie, apparently your cells deteriorate a lot faster than normal people, so that’s why zombies seem hungry all the time, but further research revealed that the quality of meat determines how well it preserves a zombie, so that it is possible to keep a zombie 'alive’ for many many years. What scientists haven’t been able to fully understand or proof however, is whether zombies are in fact sentient, and can think and feel as though they are still humans. It is more widely believed that a zombie is just a jumble of twitchy nerves with no intelligence. 

Caught up in such a world is our main character Kitson Davies, who got infected and became a walking dead at the age of 16. He is currently 20 and is chained up in an underground dungeon along with twenty other zombies by the operator of an illegal zombie gladiator arena. 

Being a zombie is much like being an animal, you are running on instincts all the time: the instinct to run, to fight, to survive and eat…true that the instinct to eat seems to overwhelm everything else most of the time. But it is also like tripping on some pretty strong hallucinogen, you are not in control of your own body, it seems to be running on adrenaline at all times, you do not have sense of morals, or judgement of right or wrong, and every sense is heightened, touch, smell, hearing… Your thoughts, they are fragmented, fleeting, like trying to make sense of something in a dream. Zombies can’t really communicate, much less talk. Some because their organs that allow this have deteriorated so much, others because they are too far 'dead’, and Kitson is no different. He feels though, and he is somewhat aware of what is happening to him. Sometimes in the fighting arena, as he faces a pack of feral dogs or other zombies, he would stop trying to fight and feel this confusing but overwhelming sense of fear, remnants and scraps of his human thoughts would get in the way and he’d lose a finger or two due to this clumsiness. The crowd love him though, many come to bet on the lithe and agile “Pretty Boy” as he is stage dubbed. There are other zombie gladiator stars too caged right next to him: the Amazon (used to be a housewife but she’s pretty strong and hot looking), Snakeskin (used to be an older Indian man, half his body was burnt and scarred during the zombie raids which earned him the nickname), Monkey (a twelve year old Asian girl and the fastest moving zombie in the arena), these just to name a few. Kitson doesn’t know where most of them had come from or sourced from but every zombie in this dungeon is sure not tagged nor tracked. He thing is, aside from the gladiatorial side of business, the owner of the place milks profit by whoring out their fighters to whatever creep is willing to pay the price. Kitson himself had been sold several times, or raped by the corrupt arena operator, or watch the twelve year old girl across his cell be raped by a Japanese businessmen who had come to indulge in perverted delights. One day though, Kitson’s buyer was much younger than the usual. A young man of the same age, thin-ish and pale, with glasses, quite nerdy. He looked like the spineless sort to be bullied at school. In fact, he WAS a bullied kid at school. To be exact, at Kitson’s old school… And now that memories come crawling back, Kit remembers that this kid is Joshua Woodruff who used to get bullied by Kitson’s gang of friends. Kitson couldn’t claim innocent of his past, his gang leader (who is dead now) made him steal money and beat the kid up sometimes, or he would get beaten up instead. And now Josh had come specifically to see him and exact his revenge. 

Josh felt great the first time he was able to beat up a completely helpless Kitson Davies to a pulp. Down here, all chained and gagged up, his tormentor couldn’t do a thing to hurt him. Josh finally felt he was in control of those bullies, justice was being served. Kitson had no idea how much damage he had done to Josh and so the little shit deserved this. Deserved every single blow to the head with the steel pipe and everything else. Josh wasn’t satisfied. He came back several days later and did the same thing again. Sometimes he would even bet at the arena and watch “Pretty Boy” fight and then he would buy the rest of his time and take out his anger on the dead walker. His big beautiful blue eyes were as glazed and dead looking as the rest of his kind. Josh nearly lost his nerves the first time he stared into them, but hatred and revenge had driven him. Josh doesn’t really know why he keeps coming back to see Kitson though. The novelty of beating the crap out of the defenceless zombie had worn off after a couple of visits. Now he is just more curious than anything. Some nights he would just watch Kitson as he tossed fresh meats on the ground and watched Kitson gobble it up even as his arms were chained back. One night out of curiosity and something much darker in him, Josh stripped Kitson and stroke his genital, amused and disgusted to find that it pretty much responded like any filthy human would. As he prodded Kitson’s backside with the handle of a bat, he wondered what zombies would feel when they were fucked, would they even know what was happening? He couldn’t do it though. No, he wasn’t like this… After the initial hurt is gone, Josh just wanted explanation. He wanted to know why Kitson and the others had tried to kill him in the past. They were all just children for fuck’s sake. The more Josh spent time with Kitson though, the more it seems like there was more to him than just apparently clinically dead, and before he knew it, Josh started to have inappropriate dreams about the Pretty Boy.

Arrghhh that’s it so far, I haven’t thought of more but eventually Pretty Boy gets rescued with Josh’s help, he is enrolled into the zombie restoration program and they managed to bring him if not completely back to human after some more fucked up shit that involved Josh’s sister who is member of the zombie rights activists.

Me, being rational: Harry probably pointed at Niall on that zombie apocalypse question so Niall would be the first one to answer it…


Preference #195 Thinking Out Loud
  • Liam: ‘well me I fall in love with you every single day’ “____!” You hear Liam shout as soon as the door opens. “In the kitchen!” You respond, stirring the pasta around in the pot a bit, wiping your hands on the dish towel as Liam comes in, holding up five bright green post its. He glances at them, grinning back at you before crossing the room, pulling you into a kiss. “Hello.” You sigh out as you pull away. He chuckles, “Hello.” He pulls the post its he still has in between you two. “You made my day with these.” Liam had had a rough morning, not wanting to go to his press day at all, and the paps were being ruthless lately, so he knew they would be outside his door. You just stuffed some encouraging messages on things inside his bag, knowing he’d use his headphones eventually, as well as the water bottle. It was just something you did quickly while he was in the bathroom, not even a second thought. “Really?” You quip, glancing at the words ‘You can do it!’ written in your scrawl. “Mhhm.” He hums, sighing. “I swear everyday you do something everyday that makes me love you more, if that’s even possible” He says, smiling at you as you blush. “You’re sweet.” You peck his lips, moving to finish dinner.
  • Louis: ‘darling I will be loving you till we’re seventy.’ “I am not going! Especially not since Liam still looks like he is 20. Honest to go the man has three kids and he is still in shape. I eat enough cheetos for both of our children and no, I’m not going.” You sighed, shaking your head as you leaned against the bathroom door. “Louis Tomlinson, it is your bandmates child's first birthday, you’re going.” You argued. Louis got like this sometimes. Yes, he was 35, so his body had changed, but it was sometimes hard for him to accept. But he assured you anytime you cried after having to get a jean size up, so you had to do the same. “Look Lou, you look great, okay? I think I made that quite obvious last night, but honestly, you could be purple and I’d still love you, and your bandmates don’t give a shit. I love your body, and your face and your laugh and Liam has an obsession with the gym so just ignore him, yeah? And I’m out of things to say.” You mumble just as he swings the door open, grinning at you. “I’m going to love you till you’re like 70 and getting all wrinkly.” He says, kissing your forehead. “70?! Look mate, you signed up for forever, not till just 70.” He grins, “Even better.”
  • Zayn: ‘I’m thinking out loud’ You huffed, picking up another one of your sweaters that you saw. You swore half of your wardrobe laid on Zayn’s floor. He was still lying in bed, flipping through a magazine. You finally pick up your last pair of jeans, shoving it into the duffel, letting out breath as you straighten up. “Okay so I am going to go do my laundry and I have to do my dishes because they’ve been sitting there a week but I’ll grab take away and a movie on my way back, sound good?” Zayn looks up at you, brown eyes narrowed for a moment, something you know he does when he is calculating his answer. “Yeah that’s good, and sometime this week we’re going to take all your stuff and move it in here and I will pay what is left of your lease because I hate it when you’re not here.” You widen your eyes for a moment, “Are you asking me to move in with you?” Zayn nods instantly, shrugging. “May as well. you’re here enough and you know, you should get used to it, cause I’m going to marry you someday.” he says, grinning shyly. “You’ve thought about marrying me?” You ask quietly as he blushes, ducking his head. “Course I have. Just never really said it out loud. Sounds right, though yeah? ____ Malik.”
  • NIall: ‘when my hands don’t play the strings the same way, I know you will still love me the same.’ “I feel like a walking zombie.” Niall mumbled from your lap, a towel covering his face and his in ears hung around his neck. “You’ve had a full week.” You offer, playing a bit with his slightly sweaty hair. “Full four years.” He replies, turning to hide his face into your stomach. You giggle a bit, sitting in the silence until he looks up at you again. “You wanna know something?” He asks, blue eyes blinking at you. You smile, “Sure.” “I don’t know like what’s going to happen after all this. Like I can’t do this forever. Eventually my hands aren’t going to be able to play and me knee is finally going to just give up on me, and I know the boys will be there for me, but the one person I can see staying with me in anything is you. You know? Like, you love me cause I’m me. Not cause of all this, yeah?” You smile fondly at him, nodding slightly. He grins again, settling back into your lap. “I lied, I am totally only here to get at Zayn, I mean have you seen that man? Good god-” “I hate you.” Niall interjects, laughing despite himself. You scrunch up your nose, leaning down to press a kiss to his lips.
  • Harry: ‘honey your soul, could never grow old, it’s evergreen.’ “Mum, I’m serious, sit down.” Harry says, shooing his mother away from her kitchen sink. “Harry you have to make sure-” She starts but he rolls his eyes, sighing. “I know mother. The delicate tea cup. You’ve said it three times now, please just go sit. Talk with Gem and ___.” You smile at Anne as she slides into the seat across from you, giggling at your legs that are resting across Gemma’s lap. “Don’t feel bad, I have to fight him on doing the dishes even if he’s cooked.” You say to Anne as she smiles. “Harry, our hero.” Gemma drones as you snort, Harry catching her words and flicking some water towards her. “Always so kind.” Anne says, smiling at Harry’s back, ignoring her children's banter. The two were still at some sort of glaring war and you took the chance to lean towards Anne. “He truly is one of the sweetest people I’ve ever known, so you know, thanks for raising him. He gets better and sweeter and more caring each day.” You say as Anne chuckles, shaking her head. “My pleasure.” “Let me help.” You say, hopping up suddenly, standing next to Harry as he scrubs at a pan. You stare at his profile for a moment, before kissing his cheek lightly as he smirks, turning to you. “What was that for?” You shrug, “Nothing. Just love you.”
  • notes: this song is A+++. please send in some requests! If it wasn't obvious that i love writing based on songs, I do! send me songs, ideas, whatever! hope you enjoyed!

genderfluidapollo-deactivated20  asked:

trc / adam x gansey / zombie au (kaya im trash for all three of those im dying here (also i have finally started blue lily lily blue)) ilu bab


  • Ronans father is a scientist, he’s looked down upon by his scientist peers because his methods are a bit,,, unconventional. long dramatic backstory short: niall fucks up when he wants to show the whole world that he can do stuff right and his (failed) cancer cure starts the zombie virus (ffs niall). flash forward a decade and niall, the (believed)only person immune to the virus, has been killed. his son Ronan has joined a small group of survivors around aspiring young scientist richard gansey, after the rest of the lynch family fell victims to the virus
  • gansey is convinced that there is a cure out there even though most of the world has given up .that’s why he left his families safety bunker to find this cure (and his parents let him because) (they’re canonally not good at parenting someone do sth about that) 
  •  adam never had a bunker. adam had to try and suvive in a small community of survivors with little to no protection from the horrors from outside and from his own home. but he survived until now and thats all that’s important
  • blue also grew up as a part of that community, but her family never agreed with the everyone against what’s out there AND themselves to survive policy its holding up. 300 fox way is a place for everyone to come to that needed shelter (and a cup of tea)
  • this is how adam and blue met and where ronan went after his family died 
  • ronan and adam hated each other from the first day because of various reasons 
  • a few of ronans reasons were: adam had a family but chose not to be with them, even though he could (this is before ronan knows why adam chose to leave home), the women of 300 fox way seem to love him while they hate ronan, adam is way to pretty to be part of this post apocalyptic bullshit 
  • adams reasons: this asshole comes in here and is rude to everyone who tf does he think he is, ronan is threatening his position as ‘broody guy who doesn’t talk about his past’, he is talking to his bird blue, he has a bird and he is talking to it
  • so for about a year its blue just trying to live her life between zombie attacks, community drama in henrietta and drama at home with ronan and adam (next to surviving the zombie apocalypse blue’s nr 1 goal is to make them realize that they like each other) (its the only two things she agrees on with orla actually)
  • and then this fucking kid comes along
  • kidS actually
  • this fucking wannabe scientist with a journal full of chemical formulas and plants and neurological stuff and pages and pages full with information on ronans dad 
  • and this other kid who’s quiet and pale and weird and never leaves ganseys side??? 
  • his name is noah. they never see noah eat or sleep and everyone is a little worried about him. but gansey sits them down and tells them that noah’s with him and they dont need to worry and that it’s okay
  • the thing is, noah is infected. the virus worked slower on him and when gansey met him he actually managed to do something to slow it down further (noah is basically kieren from itf now)
  • ofc gansey knows who ronan is and who his dad is and he knows that niall had been immune and he has a theory that ronan is too and that might be the one component he needs to complete his mission, to find the glendower cure, how he’s calling it
  • the only way to find out if ronan is immune though is infecting him
  • and that’s when adam riots 
  • ronan himself doesnt really care, but adam locks him in blues bedroom and screams at gansey and his selfishness and “i dont care if you need him for your cure, he means nothing to you, he’s just a piece of your plan! you won’t- i wont let you risk his life!”
  • and ronan hears all of that and just goes “oh
  • and when adam returns to the room, angry and upset and panting ronan explains to him that he wants to do this, that he needs to know if he can help fix what his father fucked up
  • that there are so many lives at risk 
  • “you could die” adam is chocking out after ronans words and ronan nodds calmly and returns that if he doesnt do this adam could die (and everyone else with him but ronan doesnt say that, he says that adam could die and he looks at him and adam just goes “oh”) 
  • so adam lets ronan go finally and HALLELUJAH ronan is immune 
  • with ronans blood/spit/whatever gansey manages to come up with a prototype of the final glendower cure, but they need to get it to the Headquarters ™ (idk man in every post apocalyptic world there is a headquarter of the rest of mankind or sth) 
  • and to do that they all get ready to travel there, as a group. gansey originally doesnt want to take blue and adam with him because they’re at risk (bc noah is already infected and ronan is immune), but blue tells him “fuck you, you’re not infected or immune. we’re coming dumbass.” and adam just makes an offhand comment about how he trusts gansey with this because gansey was right about ronan, gansey knew 
  • but gansey knows another thing
  • gansey knows that he is going to die (im sorry
  • because he is a carrier of the virus, and even if they get the cure to the headquarters and manage to save mankind, gansey has to die because its too much risk (and the glendower cure would kill him anyway)
  • so they start their journey and its a whole lotta fights and drama and noah totally acting like he doesnt see it whenever ronan and adam or blue and gansey sneak off (he totally does and he totally teases them about it)
  • and wowie this got really long

send me a group/pairing and a setting!