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You Don’t Own Me *smut*- Michael Gray

Request// Hi! Can I request a Michael Shelby imagine(a smut so if you aren’t comfortable with smut I completely understand!) where he cares for the reader so much he is overprotective and to prove to him that she can handle herself she dominates Michael? - @wewillfindanewtomorrow

*Oh yeah, this was a fun one and a great way to start off the PB week. If you want me to tag you for the prompts made in this week, just let me know! xoxox*


“You don’t have to protect me, Michael,” you nearly screamed. “I can protect myself!”

This had been the one argument you and Michael could never seem to settle. Ever since you had begun your job at the betting shop, Michael had become more protective over some of the silliest things. He didn’t want you working without him present or in on anything having to do with illegal business. He would hardly even let you step inside the Garrison if it wasn’t for a party or event.

He seemed to have forgotten that you were raised by a police officer and war hero. You being the only daughter he had not only came with the backlash of being constantly smothered by your brothers, but it also included training to defend yourself against any man who stood in your way. You weren’t raised like the other girls around you, but in a way you were happy with how things turned out. You’re father had taught you to be strong and never depend on a man.

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Nintendo: Hey guys! We’re remaking Fire Emblem: Gaiden from the ground up, look out for it on May 19th. 

Me: Neato, I’ve got some money saved up I should be good. 

Mangold: It’s official Logan arrives digitally on May 16th and physically later in the month. 

Me: Ok? I guess I can save up I still have some ti… 

Treyarch: Sup kiddos, We’re releasing Zombie Chronicles on May 16th that includes 8 of your favorite zombie maps built for the next generation. 


Okay, but guys, GUYS, listen, you know what would be awesome??

A Zombies, Run! Dating Game

Like, an app for your phone! You’re Runner Five, you can go on missions and also talk to all the characters, and depending on your answers they will like you more or less, you can chose if you want to be platonic best friends or pursue a romantic relationship…

Also, depending on who you befriend and how, there are different story lines, you will get different items from them. Now those items might be required to unlock a “higher level” or a certain path with another character.

e.g. if your friendship with Jody is strong enough that she considers your advice, and you tell her to do one mission instead of another, she might find some curley wurleys, which you can then give to Sam so he’ll talk to you about his family and you become better friends; but if you can’t convince Jody she will go on the different mission, and bring a cheesy romance novel instead, which you can try and give to Janine, but depending on how well you know her already she might either think you make fun of her, or appreciate that you thought of her…

What I’m saying is: Zombies, Run! Dating Game!


Balls Out #2.

When you have some talent, sometimes immense, false humility is definitively useless, except to be accepted by people who might play the exact same game as you. Know your value, even if the official world negates it with the greatest, the blandest, and the most snobbish manners and scorn. We are not them….we are not the elite, which is often composed of money spoiled zombies and people offering places to each other as reward of a good ol’ fellatio in the corridor or under the desk. You are brilliant. Don’t say you try, don’t permanently bow before famous ancestors. Praise yourself if you’re worth it, without bragging, but objectively, praise the others if they deserve it, give and give again even if the feedback is slight or sometimes inexistent. The world needs a revolution, all over, inner included. Art is here, permanent, rich, vivid, unrewarded. Make it live proudly even if the system might never change, cake shared between the same ol’ zombies, fellatios in the corridors and under the desk, and us, working hard to offer presents which are rejected by absent-minded, empty-eyed false connoisseurs.

Basile Pesso, Barcelona/FreeLand, 20 April 2 017
Absynthe Minded, Papillon