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Apocalypse AU’s

Send a symbol for a starter, or send me “It’s the End!” for a randomly generated one.

1. ☄ Incoming asteroid

2. ☢ Nuclear holocaust 

3. ☣ Worldwide plague

4. ☎ Destruction of all technology

5. ❀ Destruction of all plantlife

6. ☼ Robot uprising

7. ☠ Zombies

8. ♒ Natural disaster

9. ✯ Alien invasion

10. ☹ Monster(s) attack

  • Shakespeare characters vs. Christmas trees
  • There is no tree, we got distracted: Hamlet, Romeo, King Lear
  • There is no tree, we accidentally set it on fire: Mercutio, Kate Minola, Viola,
  • There is a tree, but we didn't feel like doing anything about it: Benedick, Beatrice, Orsino, Oberon
  • There is a tree, and it has the most ridiculous ornaments: Puck, Feste, Hal, Poins
  • There is a tree, and it's properly decorated: Ophelia, Tybalt, Hermia, Helena, Richard II
  • There is a tree, and I'm using it for some evil purposes: Iago, Richard III, Aaron
  • There is a tree, isn't it romantic, let me seduce you: Theseus, Juliet, Lucentio
  • There is a tree, can I make a profit from it: Falstaff, Petruchio
  • There is a tree, I will fight it: Hotspur, Fluellen, Aumerle
  • There is a tree, let's get drunk and try to forget about it: everyone who has had to wrangle any of the above, but especially Horatio and Benvolio

I’ve seen a lot of people doing these, so I did too. This is my March reading list… wish me luck. I’ll need it.

  • Shakespearean Questionaire: What on earth is a Christmas pudding?
  • I don't know, can I eat it: Hamlet, Hal, Benedick,
  • I don't know, can I get drunk on it: Falstaff, Christopher Sly, Macbeth's Porter, Sir Toby Belch, Sir Andrew Aguecheek
  • I don't know, can I hit someone with it: Hotspur, Kate Minola, Ophelia, Coriolanus
  • I dont' know, can I kill someone with it: Tamora, Brutus, Lady Macbeth
  • I don't know, can I marry it: Petruchio, Orsino, Egeus
  • I don't know, is it any use for duelling: Aumerle, Laertes, Aufidius
  • I don't know, can I hide poison in it: Claudio, Iago, Aaron
  • I don't know, and frankly, I have worse problems: King Lear, Any Antonios and Sebastians
  • I don't know, can I look it up somewhere: Horatio, Benvolio, Viola, Malvolio
  • I know, and I'm not telling: Beatrice, Feste, King Lear's Fool, Maria
Ghosts, Witches, and Zombies...Oh My.

I said I was going to make a Fall/Halloween rec list. So here it is, I love ghost stories, so there is a few of those. There are also zombie fics, witches and a vampire. …. maybe some love for pumpkin spice too. <3

*Can I Keep You? wearing_tearing

After practically being raised watching Buffy, The X-Files, and Ghostbusters, Stiles liked to think his reaction to seeing a shimmery shadow resembling a seventeen year old boy floating ten inches above ground and glaring fiercely at him wouldn’t be to let out a high pitch scream, try to karate chop him, and then, when that obviously didn’t work, throw a basketball at him.

A basketball that just went right through the boy’s stomach.

or, the Sterek Casper AU.

*Come with Me and Walk the Longest Mile DevilDoll

“Stiles shouldn’t accept rides from werewolves he meets behind abandoned convenience stores.” In which the zombie apocalypse is just one of their worries.

*Fall(ing) damnfancyscotch

Stiles LOVES Fall.

*here in the forest dark and deep grimm 

There’s a boy in the woods.

There’s a boy in the woods and he’s always there, rain or shine, day or night.

There’s a creaking in the hall and a knocking on the door and no one is ever there.

Five people died in this house and Stiles Stilinski is not at all sure they’re gone for good.

*Historically Inaccurate asocialfauxpas

Stiles is surprisingly okay with all the weird shit that goes on at Beacon City Historic Ghost Town - ghost lights, howling, pianos playing on their own. Having to work closely with the surly blacksmith is another matter.

*Hunger For Your Touch Who Natural

“I got you, my dad, a gorgeous home… a freaking cat… Guess I’m just waiting for the other shoe to drop.”

It does.

*In This Twilight How Dare You Speak of Grace secondstar

Zombies. Stiles always knew the world would end this way. 

*The Jelly to His Doughnut blacktofade ( must have an AO3 account to read)

When Derek moves into his new house, he doesn’t expect it to be haunted by a teenage ghost called Stiles.

*Just a Little Hocus Pocus secondstar

On All Hallow’s Eve when the moon is round,
a virgin will summon us from under the ground.

Stiles lights the black flame candle, bringing three witches back from the dead who need his soul to survive the night.

*Outrun Your Ghosts wangler

When Derek Hale arrives at the Beacon Hills Young Adult Rehabilitation Center, he plans on keeping his head down and serving the rest of his time in minimum security peace. Stiles Stilinski changes all of that.

*Spook: A Ghostly Love Story in Three Parts zosofi

Derek is fifteen when he dies. He’s been fifteen for six years when he meets Stiles.
And then suddenly… suddenly things start looking up.

*they call kids like us vicious and carved out of stone standinginanicedress

“Since you’re so sure, what’s the proof that you have that he’s not a vampire?”

Feeling like he’s the only sane person left on planet earth, Derek rolls his eyes heavenward. “First of all, there’s not a mound of dust sitting where he used to be -” he gestures upwards towards the sun like behold, the light, and Scott’s jaw tics, “and second of all, he’s never done anything even remotely suspicious.”

Which is true. The most malicious thing Stiles does is watch television late at night and talk to himself – two things that Scott and Derek can hear crystal clear through the walls of their apartment with their werewolf ears. That being said, neither of them have ever heard Stiles muttering something like who shall I prey upon tonight or I must get my coffin ready for my slumber. The most suspect thing Derek’s over heard over there is the crinkling sound of way too many snack foods.

*Time Is Numbered By Days secondstar

It’s been fifty four days.

*when the highway takes me paxlux

It’s been a hundred days.




anonymous asked:

Do you know of any Doctor/Rose fics that take place in a post-apocalyptic setting? (like zombies, but doesn't have to be zombies)

Here’s a few: I’m woefully under-informed on this genre, but hopefully these fit!


So I made some “Zombie Killing Charm Bracelets”. I have been waiting for months for all the materials to arrive through the post. Then I kept forgetting to nip to my local bead shop to get the chain! But now they are ready and complete!

A combination of metals have been used to add to the “fashioned together during a zombie apocalypse” look. Including the bracelet chain itself! Each charm bracelet contains a total of 17 charms. Including a little bullet charm at the end of the extender chain.

Any way, I have these available for sale in my Etsy store here: https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/229410557/zombie-killing-charm-bracelet?ref=shop_home_active_1

So please check them out! I could honestly do with the extra funds right now!