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Astro in a Zombie apocalypse

- Hides in a tree house
- Only goes down to get food
- Runs like he could win the Olympics and always leaves the rest behind
- “Jinjin where the fuck are you?”

- Has been protecting Myungjun since day 1
- “Listen don’t panic but we might need to run”
- Only eats canned food
- Hasn’t slept in weeks

- Has a notebook to keep track of everything he learns about zombies
- Surprisingly good with firearms
- “Did you know that…?” “NO ONE FUCKING CARES DONGMIN”
- Once cured a zombie with his angelic looks

Moon Bin:
- Feels bad whenever they kill a zombie
- “What if zombies just need a hug?”
- “Okay, maybe not”
- Gets bitten on day 3

- Nobody has seen him since the apocalypse started
- Has been living in the woods for weeks
- Survives on raw meat
- Kills zombies with his bare hands

- Only has his blankie and a knife
- “Fuck I left my blankie behind”
- “Guys? Where are you?”
- Gets bitten by Moonbin on day 4

If I can suffer thru 6 seasons of Glee just for Naya, go thru 7 loooong years of PLL just for Shay, then you better believe I’ll watch every got damn episode of FearTWD for Alycia lol

Caddies and Crossbows

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Zombie Land / The Walking Dead crossover

Light/Beginnings of Daryl Dixon x Reader
Best Buddies!Tallahassee x Reader

Words: 2497

Set between CDC in S1 and beginning of S2 of The Walking Dead.

What was this idiot doing?

Well, looting, just like you but he was just doing it so badly. He’d not even checked the area, he had no clue that you were there, hidden around the doorway in the other room. But that was the way that you’d rather keep it for now, save for your little group, other survivors had been only bad news.

So keeping your distance, you watched the young Asian man adjust his cap and continue to riffle through the draws in the pharmacy. If he wanted antibiotics then he was sorely out of luck because you’d stashed them all in your satchel bag. Someone in your group had to think about things like that, God knows that Tallahassee wouldn’t.

Speaking of your group, you needed to find them. Running from a particularly large group of Walkers you’d gotten separated and you managed to duck away into this small pharmacy and had just finished filling your bag when you heard the man coming in and ducked around the corner.

If it came to it you could probably take him down, it just if he had any friends hiding out close by and as if on que the man was joined by a larger black man.
“Glenn hurry it up man, we need to find the others.” So there were others with them.


Daring to peak over the windowsill you could see that the street was heaving with Walkers, they wouldn’t be leaving any time soon, they just didn’t realise it yet. Luckily, as always, you were heavily armed and a damn good shot too. Tallahassee had taught you how to shoot way back before he’d taken that as his name. You’d had an odd friendship; he was many years older than you and had been a close friend of your older brother, until your brother got in trouble with some bad guys. Tallahassee had kept you away from it all and when the brother vacuum in your life had been created Tallahassee had been sucked right in.

He changed a lot too, when you first met him he’d been a recently rehabilitated drug user, though he’d be embarrassed to admit it. He would tell you about how he used to hang around with a real wrong ‘un called Merle who used to deal to him.
You were glad that you never knew him like that and that he got out of that life long before his son, Buck, came into the world.

Not that any of that mattered now, your brother, the bad guys, Tallahassee’s son, everyone was dead. It had been just the two of you for a while, on a destructive path of alcohol and adrenalin fuelled survival and zombie killing competitions until Columbus had stumbled into your lives with his neurotic ways and irritable bowels, later Little Rock and Wichita had forced their way into your lives. But you loved them all and the younger three had taken to calling you ‘Mama’ to wind you up, they didn’t try the same with Tallahassee for fear he may think that they were trying to take Buck’s place.


A rotting smell brought you back to your senses and your head snapped up to watch the two men in the other room, couldn’t they smell that? You reached down to your thigh holster and pulled free the machete that you’d stolen from Tallahassee, slowly you creeped forward and when the Walker dove for the men they scrambled away. None of them saw you until the Walker had the black man pinned and your machete came straight through the Walker’s head.

You jumped back and kicked the body off of your weapon. Both men stood watching you with wide eyes, their chests heaving.
“Who the fuck?” One of them hissed.
You raised your weapon at them, “Either of you bitten?”
They shook their heads, “No no.”
“If you’ve lied to me, then I’ll kill you.” You warned and sheaved the machete back into its holster, from the looks on their faces they believed you and that was all that mattered. You doubted that you could but putting the idea in their hands was all that you wanted.

Kicking the body away, you ducked down and gestured for the men to join you on the floor as a pack of the walkers shuffled past. They ducked down too and you let yourself get comfy.
You extended your hand to them, “Y/N.” They shook your hand and all of you settled for a long wait.


Out of all the people that Tallahassee ever expected to see again, Merle Dixon’s scrawny little brother was pretty fucking low on the list. Though it would make sense given all the weapons lying around the Dixon homestead, and god he must have dragged himself up so he must have some survival skills.

But, Dixon or not, Daryl wouldn’t survive Tallahassee blowing out his ribcage with a shot gun and Columbus, who was stuck in the middle with Daryl’s bow trained on him, certainly didn’t want to get caught in the cross fire.
“Fuck me!” Tallahassee exclaimed, “Don’t tell me your junkie brother is about here somewhere too.”
“Shut up.” Daryl snarled and held his bow up straight at Columbus who stood with his hands raised. Behind Tallahassee Wichita and Little Rock had lowered their weapons. Behind Daryl his group had lowered their weapons and Lori and Carol held their children away from the confrontation.

“If I could say something?” Columbus started and raised one hand slightly higher in an attempt to get attention and when Daryl’s gaze focused on his he swallowed hard, “Well you see- the thing is. I – that is we-”
“Just spit it out.” Little Rock sighed.
At the confused glances getting thrown his way, Tallahassee shrugged, “He gets nervous, don’t think you’re helping with the bow.”
“We’re looking for our friend,” Wichita added, “We got separated.”
With a nod of agreement both Tallahassee and Daryl lowered their weapons.
“That’s better, look we’ve also been separated from two of our men, we can help each other look.” The Sheriff stepped forward and spoke evenly like he was afraid of sparking another confrontation.
“Who the fuck are you?” Tallahassee asked as he took in the sight of the law man.
“Rick Grimes.” He introduced himself and held his hand out in greeting.
Tallahassee didn’t take it but instead scrunched his face and mocked, “Rick Grimes.”
Daryl smirked, now he remembered this guy, Merle’s old friend and if he remembered rightly, he was a crazy bastard.

They reminisced slightly as they stalked towards the closest town, with Wichita and Little Rock jumping into the conversation every now and again with sharp mocking remarks. Both Carl and Sophia where enamoured with Little Rock, there couldn’t have been many years between the three but Little Rock had obviously been matured through the brutality of the new world.
Columbus was very happy holding up the back of the group with Dale, they were two peas in a pod. The two groups exchanged descriptions of their lost members and made a plan of action, but as usual best laid plans often fail and the group was forced to flee from a pack of walkers.

“Get in doors, hide out.” Rick ordered as he pushed a Walker away from Lori and Carl and the group split.


The clock on wall didn’t look like it had worked in decades, even before the end of the world so you had no clue how long you and your new friends had had to get acquainted but, and you hated to admit it, you had enjoyed their company. Both men were engaging and more than willing to tell you about their group and their misadventures at the CDC, you made a mental note of everything they said in case the rest of their group showed up and weren’t as accommodating.

They told you all about their very own Sheriff Rick and his family and their resident redneck Daryl Dixon, the man sounded familiar and though you couldn’t place it he already reminded you of Tallahassee. You told Glenn and T-Dog all that you dared too about your group, you were cautious of giving anyway any information that could prove dangerous.

So you kept it simple:
- Columbus was highly tuned and very observant. (Neurotic was more like it.)
- Little Rock and Wichita were sisters and it was best not to try to fuck with them. (100% true.)
- Tallahassee was slightly bat shit crazy. (Very true.)

But your nice time was cut short by a scream.

You didn’t recognise it but the guys seemed to as they jumped to their feet and pushed their faces up against the window. You followed their lead, out of the window you could see the tail end of the pack, there was nowhere near the amount of walkers that had flooded the street but still way too many to handle.
“Carl.” Glenn breathed out and you finally found what had captured their attention. Atop a long abandoned car a young boy was surrounded by walkers, he screamed as they grasped and snarled at his feet.
“Jesus fuck.” You hissed and before you could think, and Tallahassee would argue that you never thought, you had yanked open the door and where barrelling out into the street. Machete out, you slashed at any walker that came close as you raced to the car.
At the sound of whistling you looked up and saw Tallahassee racing out of another building, he was joined by a thin man with a crossbow and with both of them whistling walkers close by turned to follow the sounds and you disposed of them.

Fucking suicidal rednecks.

Out of the corner of your eyes you could see two men rushing towards the boy on the car. Running over to snatch a bin lid from the side of the road you hollered to the two men, “You get the boy, we’ll distract them!”
The thicker set of the two nodded and you ran back to help Tallahassee while banging your machete against the bin lid to distract more walkers.
“Hey now don’t be tryna take Zombie Kill of the Week.” Tallahassee laughed as he caught a walker by the back of the head and smashed its face down into the floor.
“As if you stood a chance.” You smirked and pushed a walker away with the bin lid before cutting it down with your machete.

Everything moved too fast after that.

The pack of walkers seemed to surge and swell until you’d been cut off from both Tallahassee and his new crossbow wielding friend.
“Shit. Shit.” You hissed to yourself as you tried to back up while cutting down the walkers. More of the other group had come to help and you’d seen Columbus helping the boy down from the car but still you were all overwhelmed.
You managed to find a break and rushed back out of the crowd of gnashing hands but you were relieved when, above the chaos, you caught sight of Columbus and the boy being dragged by the other group into the safety of a building.
Tallahassee caught your eye and you gestured wildly for him to follow Columbus, there was no way that you could get to him through these walkers but you could get them away while everyone got somewhere safe. He shook his head in disagreement with your silently exchanged plan but you were already too far away. Spinning on your heel, you whistled loudly before beginning to bolt down the street.

The pack swarmed and moved as one, following you instantly. You ran, your feet pounding along the road until a walker sideswiped you knocking you to the ground. You hissed and pushed the dead woman up, holding her above you as he clawed at the ear and snapped her jaw at you.
A booted foot kicked the side of her head and she was knocked to the floor beside you but you had already jumped to your feet and had begun to back up beside the crossbow man who had saved you.

“Thanks.” You breathed out, he gave you a brief nod and then both of you were running.

You couldn’t say how long you’d been running, but your lungs and throat burned, your legs shook and finally the noises of the dead quietened behind you. When you finally stopped in your little safe haven, an old auto body shop at the edge of town, both of you dropped to the floor panting for breath.

Neither of you spoke nor moved for a while until finally, on a huffed breath, he introduced himself, “Daryl Dixon.”
“Y/N Y/L/N.” You responded and he nodded and you both fell into silence against listening to the walkers outside as they passed past you.
“So,” Daryl breathed after a moment, “Zombie kill of the week?”

He asked, he couldn’t help showing his amusement.
“Gives us something to focus on.” You laughed and he returned it.
“Who’s winning?” He asked.
You pulled a face, “Tally.”
He smirked, “Tally? Well I am definitely using that.”
“You two know each other?” You asked and he gave a one armed shrug.
“He knew my brother.” He answered and realisation hit you.
“Wait.” You pointed at him, “I knew I recognised your name, your brother is Merle right?”
Daryl narrowed his eyes at you and scrutinised your expression as though he was trying to decide whether or not he should tell you, “Yeah.” He mumbled after a moment and chewed his thumbnail before stating, “You don’t sound like a fan.”
“I’m not. But I’m sure I’m not the first.”  You mused and he made a noise of agreement while you dug through your bag. Daryl watched, somewhat amused, as you pulled out and placed down; a bottle of Jack, a pack of cards, some broken biscuits and a small hand turn lantern.
“Ya’ll planning a party?” He asked you, you moved for him to come and sit closer to you, and after shooting you a suspicious look he did.
“We don’t know how long we’ll be stuck here until its safe, let’s get to know each other.” You held up the pack of cards and teased, “Strip poker? Truth or dare?”
He rolled his eyes at your mischievous expression, “Now ya’ll being friends with Tallahassee makes sense.”
“He is lucky to have my friendship, I will give you that.” You joked and he shook his head slightly as he shuffled the cards, he didn’t trust you not to fix the deck, while you cranked the lantern. It was going to be a long night but at least he wasn’t stuck in there with Officer Friendly.

Not sure how well this will work but I’ve had it stuck in my head!

Killing it!

Zombies run 5k week 6 run 1:
Did have an amazing run besides the obstacles of having already 25°C at 7am and my period
5min walking ✅
10min jogging ✅
Stretching & 30 Squats ✅
5min fast walk ✅
7min jogging ✅
2min stretching ✅
7 min jogging ❌ because my cramps acted up
2min stretching ✅
7min jogging ✅

Overall 4,5/5

Arrow 4.06 - ‘Lost Souls’

I’ve never been shy of saying that, for me, character development has always been more important than plot. Plot is the thing that makes you go from A to B; character is what makes you care. For all that this is a show based on a comic book character, it wouldn’t mean much to audiences if we couldn’t follow the character’s journey on-screen, to see him go from A to B, to develop and grow and evolve in healthy ways. In the comics, it might work to have a character who largely lives in stasis and each week seems to do the same thing to much the same results; on screen, that would not fly. As Stephen Amell has often said, if you don’t care about Oliver’s relationships and his emotional journey, then why would you care about why he fights so hard? In fact, just this past weekend he said a similar thing: action and stunts are great, but on their own they cannot sustain a show.

All this to say that this week’s installment of Arrow is probably my most favourite of the season, and that is largely because of its focus on character work. One of my complaints in past seasons has been that the show races through plot at the expense of character development, and at last we get to see an episode almost entirely devoted to exploring the nuances of characters both in their individuality and in a relationship, with plot being entirely secondary.

That’s not to say that this approach is entirely successful – there is a marked (and frankly slightly bizarre) lack of development on the Sara/Lances/Ray fronts; of course this is yet another symptom of the ‘disease’ I like to call ‘the LOT backdoor pilots’, but it does ring false in some places. That said, the episode as a whole works well because it balances humour, pathos, action and focuses on relationships that have always connected well with the audience.

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Things That Make Me Want To Scream, part one of an ongoing series:

gossip blogs. people speaking on behalf of norman, as some kind of an authority, like they know what they’re talking about. just because daryl dixon kills zombies on your tv once a week, it doesn’t mean you know norman reedus. (neither do i, by the way.)

i don’t understand how anyone can claim to be a fan while participating in that crap, because that’s not respectful at all. being a fan of someone means supporting them, not tearing them down. just because he is a successful and well-known actor, it doesn’t mean that his private life, away from work, is free game and open for public judgement. i can only imagine how violated he must feel when people take liberties like that.

stop worrying so much about what he’s doing in his personal time and start worrying about what you’re doing in your personal time. you have one life to live, and if you’re spending your precious time on this earth gossiping and speculating about the private life of some guy who doesn’t even know you, then you might wanna step back and reevaluate.