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The abusive twincest story of Cheryl & Jason from the pages of Afterlife with Archie

(i remind you that Afterlife is from the same writer behind Riverdale)

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you know what i love about riverdale is we’re only 3 episodes in and it’s already pretty nuts- nuts enough that i think it’s time i sat you all down and told you about the afterlife with archie. there are major spoilers for the series ahead, but even knowing this spoilers it’s still a wild ride and i recommend reading.

so basically the afterlife with archie starts when jughead’s dog, hot dog, is hit by a car and killed. and jughead takes him to sabrina and is like, please save my dog, and sabrina is like well i’m not great at necromancy but i can try???

well it brings back the damn dog as a zombie, hot dog bites jughead, jughead shows up to the fall dance and just fucking tears into ethel, and all hell breaks loose

so now we’ve got the archie gang on the run from the hordes of the undead in the woods of westchester county, and there’s a lot of weird side plots like cheryl killed jason because he was creepy and abusive and killed her dog and how veronica’s butler is like, possibly part of the occult and wait, there’s more

as punishment for her black magic, sabrina’s aunts remove her mouth and sentence her to the netherealm for a year- but her interdimensional travel is somehow interrupted and she wakes up in the realm of the elder gods- you know, the elder gods. those kooky folks. and so now, in this actual comics canon, sabrina is the actual bride of actual cthulu, and the leader of the undead horde- i wish i was making this up. i truly do 

josie and the pussycats are 100 year old vampires. this is not related to the main plot.

it turns out the person that hit hot dog was reggie- and reggie, out of guilt, is like, im going to turn myself over to the horde, i’m going to end this- and it WOULDVE WORKED, it ACTUALLY WOULDVE BROKEN THE SPELL, but fucking sabrina, teenage witch, bride of cthulu, is like- reggie. my man. my main guy. if you kill betty cooper, i’ll give you midge and she’ll love you and you can be with her forever and reggie is like well sure that’s worth more than humanity, yeah

this series started in 2013 and is only on issue 11 it’s a fucking disaster and you all have to read it

also they call zombie jughead “jugdead” and somehow everyone is like yeah thats tonally appropriate

The Jarchie AUs Prompts Compendium

So i thought i could make a post to collect the many prompts for Jarchie AU fics that i’ve seen hinted around here on tumblr so that some of you might be inspired to write some fics. Feel free to reblog and add your own prompts.

Also, most of these fit Beronica as well, as main or secondary couple (it also fits Bughead for that matters)

-Life is Strange AU
Where Jughead gets rewind powers and saves Archie

-Hogwarts AU

-Ilvermorny AU

-Percy Jackson AU

-Doctor Who AU
Where Jughead is a Time Lord and Archie is his companion

-Class AU
Where Jughead is the Alien prince

-Little Mermaid AU
Where Archie is a merman and Jughead is the troubled prince

-Neverland AU
Where one is Pan and the other is Wendy.

-Afterlife with Archie AU
Where a supernatural zombie apocalypse occurs and Jughead is the patient 0

-Stranger Things AU
Where the characters are just kids and have to deal with the Upside Down

-Werewolves AU

-Vampires AU

-Struck by a Lighting AU
Where Jughead gets struck by a lightning and dies

-Bridge to Terabithia AU
Where Jughead introduces Archie to the world of fantasy and then dies

-Dirk Gently AU
Where Jughead is an Holistic Detective and Archie is his partner

-Narnia/Fillory AU
Where the Core Four become Kings and Queens of a fantasy world

-Descendants AU
Where Archie is the Prince and Betty is the daughter of some good guys while Jughead is the children of a Villain and so is Veronica

-Eyewitness AU
Where Archie and Jughead witness Jason’s murder


I have more ideas for most of these prompts, so if you are interested in developing some don’t hesitate asking me about it in chat, i’m good with AUs.

Also some of the ones i listed are already in development by some writer but there’s no such thing as too many in fics, am i right?

The Best Zombie Story Right Now Is Not What You’re Expecting

I hope you’re reading the best zombie comic around. No, not The Walking Dead. Not the rural noir Revival. Not even the bizarre guilty pleasure that is Zombie Tramp. I’m talking about Afterlife With Archie, which just completed its first arc. (The collection will be out in June.) Writer Roberto…

Lots of great things being said about AFTERLIFE WITH ARCHIE! If you haven’t started reading the series, now is the time to start! Check it out HERE


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The writer promises the “series is going to get pretty dark,” citing influences like Evil Dead, The Stand, and The Walking Dead, while still maintaining a signature Archie flavor. – Newsarama