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Nazi zombies zodiac signs

Aries: Samantha Maxis
Taurus: Samual J. Stuhlinger
Gemini: Marlton Johnson
Cancer: Abigail “Misty” Brirton
Leo: Billy Handsome
Virgo: Russman
Libra: Nikolai Belinski
Scorpio: Edward Richtofen
Sagittarius: Tank Dempsey
Capricorn: Ludvig Maxis
Aquarius: Takeo Masaki
Pisces: Albert “Weasel” Arlington

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BTS Reaction to their S/O arising from the dead AFTER being bitten by a zombie-

(for anon)

((Sticking with the funny theme yall))


He’d be delighted to see that you didn’t die after all and try to shower you in kisses with those legendary lips as jimin tries to hold him back. “No don’t!! We don’t know if she’s a zombie yet!”


He watched you walk towards him, fully alive, and angry. “Soooo. We good. Right?”


As you made your way towards your (ex)? boyfriend, he but on his lip and sized you up. “Ugh babe. Even in death you look SO good.”

Rap Mon-

You crossed your arms angrily and sneered at namjoon, here. And him being him, got all philosophical and worldly on you. “So all in all you’re upset, I see that. But you know Y/N, in this world. You have to understand-“


As jimin watched you walk towards him, not dead, he looked away and denied it all even as you called his name. “Who even is that? That’s not me.”


“You son of a bitch, you almost ATE me!!” “Yes baby I know I’m sorry. Please. Accept this cake and rose on my behalf.”


Jungkook looked at your alive self and sighed happily. “Well you’re not dead and that’s great. Let’s just lay and love life together yeah?”

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Suggest me some 2017 hip hop, rap & rnb songs ?

• KING Z3U$ - Pistol Whip
• Travi$ Scott - beibs in the trap (feat. NAV)
• Night Lovell - Trees of the Valley
• Future - Low Life (feat. The Weeknd)
• Kanye West - Blood on the leaves
• 6lack - Prblms
• Kendrick Lamar - untitled 2
• A$AP Rocky - Telephone Calls (feat. Tyler, the Creator, Playboi Carti, Yung Gleesh)
• ScHoolboy Q - THat Part (feat. Kanye West)
• Dylan Brady - All I ever wanted
• The Weeknd - Reminder
• Post Malone - Too Young
• Migos - Kelly Price (feat. Travi$ Scott)
• Joey Bada$$ - Devasteted
• Stetch - Clouded
• KV KA - Who you
• Flatbush Zombies - Ascension
• J. Cole - Deja Vu
• A$AP Rocky - Phoenix
• Travi$ Scott - Drugs you should try it
• Migos - Slippery (ft. Gucci Mane)
• Belly - White Girls (ft. Travi$ Scott)
• Big Sean - Sacrifices (ft. Migos)
• Playboi Carti - Mangolia
• Travi$ Scott - Butterfly Effect
• A$AP Rocky - RAF (ft. Playboi Carti, Lil Uzi Vert, Frank Ocean)
• Chief Keef - Hate being sober
• Drake - Gyalchester
• Earl Sweatshirt - Faucet
• Flatbush Zombies - New Phone, Who Dis?

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YA Characters' Attitudes toward the Zombie Apocalypse
  • Rhysand (ACOTAR): is super prepared, has a fully stocked shelter for all of his friends as well
  • Kell Maresh (ADSOM): desperately wants to get ready but Lila won't let him so that they can live more spontaneously
  • Matthias Helvar (Six of Crows): has been training every day for his entire life
  • Adelina Amouteru (The Young Elites): throws innocents at the zombies so she won't have to deal with them
  • Aelin Ashryver Galathinius (Throne of Glass): just winging it tbh