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Nazi zombies zodiac signs

Aries: Samantha Maxis
Taurus: Samual J. Stuhlinger
Gemini: Marlton Johnson
Cancer: Abigail “Misty” Brirton
Leo: Billy Handsome
Virgo: Russman
Libra: Nikolai Belinski
Scorpio: Edward Richtofen
Sagittarius: Tank Dempsey
Capricorn: Ludvig Maxis
Aquarius: Takeo Masaki
Pisces: Albert “Weasel” Arlington

Tag yourself, I’m a libra

turning this from my weed blog to my personal blog, so I need new awesome blogs to follow

so like and/or reblog this post if you blog about:

Hip-Hop or Rap, preferably Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Machine Gun Kelly (if you’re an active EST blog I’ll definitely be following you 💯) Flatbush Zombies, Drake, Schoolboy Q, Hopsin, Futuristic, Dizzy Wright etc.

Stoner blogs obviously lol, but I’m looking for people who post a lot of original pictures

dd/lg but 18+ please 👌💯

Band blogs too

Anything 90’s

Definitely more active Anime Blogs

I follow hella beautiful stoner babes, beautiful aliens 😍👽 but where are all my stoner bros 💪💪 at, I know you’re out there, hmu 🔥

Thats about all I can think of rn

Wild Jins FanFic Recs

Just because, why the heck not? There may be a lot of wolf heat AUs because I’m trash. And just to be 100% clear, none of these are mine.

The Pretenders - Wolf AU (M)

Last Nite - Zombie Apocalypse AU (M)

Please Understand Me

Rap Monster
Deeper Than Ink - Soulmates AU

Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea - Pirate AU (M)

Ankle Biter - Tae dad AU (M)

In Bloom - Wolf AU (M)
Blue Orchids - Soulmates AU

Equilibrium - Jungkook x Jimin x Reader (M)
Elements - I’m not sure who the MC’s male lead is in this one, but it’s good
Hidden Stars - Jungkook x Reader / Suga x Reader (M)
Future Hearts - Jungkook x Reader / Jimin x Reader (M)

Member x Member
Got My Body So Wet - Jimin x Namjoon - Wolf AU (M)
The Sound of Winter - Suga x Jungkook - Wolf AU (M)
Trying to Behave (But You Know That We Never Learned How) - Suga x Jimin (M) - this one messed me up so bad and it’s not even complete
Tear the Moon From the Stars Tonight - Jimin x Suga (M) I’m a sucker for Yoonmin

BTS in a ZOMBIE Apocalypse {Requested}

“BTS in Zombie Apocalypse please~~ I love your reactions XD”

Here you go anon! :)

Jin: Taking refuge in an abandoned grocery store. Has eaten dried sausage and animal crackers for 3 months. Allows weary survivors to come in for shelter. Eats them and makes more dried sausage.

Suga: Stood in the middle of the road and waited for a zombie to bite him. Didn’t want to invest the time in running away. Zombies couldn’t tell that he wasn’t one of them and walked right past.

J-Hope: Used to be innocent but is now a hardened warrior. Has killed enough zombies to populate a town. Lives in the trees and comes out only at night to forage for berries. 

Rap Monster: Lied for years about being a boy scout. Now has a group of people following him who thinks that he’s a nature expert. Working on faking a zombie resistant cream made of bark and deer poop to hand to his group. Hopes the zombies will eat them and he’ll have a better chance at survival.

Taehyung: Thinks the zombies just need someone to listen to them. Gets turned into a zombie in the first 5 minutes of the zombie apocalypse. 

Jimin: Was captured by zombies but not turned. Used as bait for other humans to see him and then him “lead” them to the zombies. Doesn’t know why he’s being allowed to live. Doesn’t really want to find out.

Jungkook: Stole a bicycle from a 5 year old the 3rd day and has been riding around town in a hello kitty helmet. Has had a lot of close encounters but has always survived. Thinking about going to the grocery store for protection.

anonymous asked:

Can you please make an adventure click & drag? Something like the zombie apocalypse or anything. You can choose what kind of adventure you want it to be.

Click & Drag

-Zombie Apocalypse-

1/ Finds you in the middle of the woods alone

2/ Teach you how to fight/kill the zombies

3/ Gets bitten first and beg you to kill him before he turns

4/ He was about to confess to you, but got interrupted by a zombie

5/ Always gives you a bit of his food because he wants you to be healthy

6/ Always watch out for you when you sleep

7/ Sacrifices himself to save your life

put in the tags who you get !

Admin K