zombie isle

You are the leader of a small group of zombie apocalypse survivors in the States. One day, a bunch of Brits show up, claiming that they destroyed all of the zombies in the British Isles and are here to take back America.

The Painting!

My favorite part of last night’s episode (5x03) was the part where Ali sees that painting in the Funeral Home and acts really weird.. Like I felt like it had to be somehow meaningful. So I looked up the painting - it’s called “Isle of the Dead” by Arnold Böcklin. 

I found an interesting theory posted by bllpll HERE about how it has significance in Vladimir Nabokov’s work (He’s the author of “Lolita” - Ali’s favorite book, and also an anagram of Vivian Darkbloom). All of that it interesting, and you should go read it.

HOWEVER! There’s more!

I just discovered that the painting was shown in the movie “I Walked With A Zombie" 

"I Walked With A Zombie” was the movie Emily and Maya saw on their first date. And then Nate gave Emily a "I Walked With A Zombie" t-shirt “from Maya’s family” in episode 3x04.

I have no idea where I’m even going with this, but I like all the connections. Especially stuff about Maya. I’d love for her to play a bigger part in the whole thing.

Has this painting shown up in other places on PLL?

Tip for Impulsive Shopping/Option Overwhelm

Hi! Just wanted to share a tip that’s helped cut down on my impulsive shopping, stress and overwhelming indecisiveness this year.

Idk about everyone else but I dread going to the store. For groceries, for TP, for anything. What seems like a breeze to my NT husband is a sensory nightmare to me.
Everytime we ran out of a common household item, (for example laundry soap) I’d go to the store and spend probably an entire hour in the laundry soap isle. Looking at near every single one of the 20+ options. Searching for one that is better, cheaper, less chemicals, more eco friendly, blah blah blah. By the time I’d settle on something, I’d have completely exhausted my mental motivation, but there are still 10 other things on the list! Shampoo, cat food, trash bags, all the things that as adults we get the privilege of spending our hard earned money on.
By the time I was leaving, I’d have got half the things on the list, given up on the others, and filled my cart with other useless crap. Usually starving, probably had to pee. Irritated at all the sheeple that can’t figure out which side of the isles to zombie slow walk on.

ANYWAY. If this is you too, I’d like to HIGHLY recommend Amazon.com subscribe & save. It’s a free auto delivery service. They have an extensive selection of all kinds of categories of things that are eligible.
You choose what you want, how often you want it (as often as each month or as far off as 2x/yr) and that’s it.
If you’re a prime member, most of the stuff ships in 2 days, if not, it’s free standard shipping.
If you have 5, 15%. They also have coupons for stuff all the time.
Plus if you can afford the extra money/space, you can buy a ton of stuff in bulk, which is even cheaper and saves on packaging too!

The only kind of downside is that it’s autopay too of course, and im pretty forgetful. So I set a reminder (and they send emails too) each month to go review it. The way I’ve worked around this is I set all of my initial picks to once every 6 months, and then when I run low I change it accordingly.

It’s saved us a bunch of time/money/stress this year and I can’t imagine going back to the way things were before!!