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BTS Rap Monster ‘The Mating Call of Nerds’ (Ver 2.0)

A/N: I’m horrified at how much editing this needed. It almost feels like I wrote a new fic…OTL. But I think it’s (hopefully) much better. ^^ 


The funny thing about being in a foreign country for so long was that when you’re surrounded by another language and not paying attention, hearing a familiar one can take a second to register. Even if it is your mother tongue. 


Startled you raised your head from your tablet. Before you stood a tall man, complete with pink hair and a dimpled boyish grin.

“I’m Kim Namjoon,” he introduced with a bow. “I’m sorry to intrude,” he continued in near perfect English. “But do you know what your shirt means?”

Confused and feeling like you had missed a step somewhere you looked down to remind yourself what you were wearing. Ah, it was one of your favorites. Your print tee positing the question, ‘What if Schrodinger’s cat was a zombie?’ 

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One thing I love about Janine is the level of confidence she has in Runner Five.

The way she speaks when she’s directing missions makes it clear that she has no doubt that they can accomplish what she’s asking. She sends them out on errands without hesitation, whereas sometimes Sam or Maxine sound almost apologetic, as if they’re inconveniencing Five, as if the runner has something better or more important to do. Janine treats them just like she would any other member of the township, with all the responsibilities of that position. The tasks she asks them to undertake may be life-threatening, but facing dangerous situations for the good of the community is Runner Five’s job, and she trusts that they know that and will act accordingly.

And while it’s very gratifying to hear Sam say, “Five, you’re amazing!” Janine’s matter-of-fact attitude that they are performing at exactly the level she would expect from an Abel runner demonstrates that she’s not at all surprised at what Five is capable of, and that’s nice to know, too.


Matsuno Osomatsu

  • Leader of the group
  • Best/skilled fighter 
  • Weapon is a metal pipe
  • Trying his best to look after his brothers
  • Hides his emotions to protect his brothers

Matsuno Karamatsu 

  • Second strongest and most skilled fighter
  • One eye was blinded from an accident
  • Helps Choromatsu investigate 
  • Normally prefers not to fight unless himself of his brothers are in danger
  • Strong mental and physical ability

Matsuno Choromatsu

  • Collects useful information about zombies and the cities’ geography and writes them on a journal he kept
  • Carries important items in his bag (etc, Food, water, small weapons and hand grenades.)
  • Organised roles for each brother to do
  • Weak physical ability yet very intelligent 
  • He’s the medic of the group and obsesses over his brother’s health

Matsuno Ichimatsu

  • Good sense of hearing and smell ( keeps alert most of the time)
  • Carries his knife most of the time
  • His depression gets really bad at certain times
  • Moves freely like a cat
  • Can collect information from cats

Matsuno Jyushimatsu

  • The strongest matsu but can’t control his power properly
  • Often gets into trouble
  • Mental breaks down when there’s too much to handle
  • Gets injured easily 
  • Carries a bat with him when he fights zombies 



Wonder why Todomatsu’s not here? e w e

You’ll find out soon….

Line art done by me (Mod Llama)

Colour done by Mod J

Haunted Houses Bring Us Together - Halloween/Haunted House HS AU - Olicity

I’m trying to write more consistently…something everyday, whether that be a party of my Olicity epic or a one-shot or an episode drabble…just, something.  And I was browsing fall fic prompts today and I was inspired to write this.  It’s pretty much all fluff…it’s unedited and I wrote it all on my phone during work, so I hope it isn’t too messy.  Like/Reblog if you like? Please!  

“I hate you guys,” Felicity moaned, shifting her weight nervously on her favorite panda flats. “Like for real.”

“No you don’t,” Iris commented curling herself into her boyfriend, Barry’s side. “Calm down.”

“I don’t do scary,” Felicity reminded them shuffling closer as she eyed the actors in gruesome costumes milling through the crowd. “I don’t know why I’m here.”

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okhufflepuff  asked:

Scorbus: one of them is reading a book in a public place, and the other comes along and puts a different book in their hands saying, "no, this one's better" or something along the lines of public meeting with books.

Scorpius was sitting at the bus stop and reading a copy of Pride and Prejudice for school. He had just gotten to the part where Mr. Darcy had proposed to Elizabeth when someone unceremoniously dropped a different book on top of his own. 

Scorpius started for a moment, staring at the cover of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. Frowning, he looked at up at the person who had placed it over his book. A dark haired boy with glasses about Scor’s age - eighteen - was smiling at him encouragingly. “You should read this one instead!” he said, sitting down next to Scor. “It’s so much better! It’s got zombies!” 

Scorpius rolled his eyes and removed the book, placing it back into its owner’s hands. “No thank you.”

“Oh come on!” the pushy stranger said, scooting closer. “Who doesn’t like zombies?”

“I don’t,” Scorpius informed him loftily before burying his face back in his book. The dark-haired boy looked put out for a minute and then took a deep breath.

“What if I promise you’ll like it?”

Scorpius sighed. “Look, I appreciate the - unwanted - help but I’m reading this for one of my lectures. I won’t be able to participate in the discussion if I’ve read the version with zombies in it.”

“Oh,” the stranger said, holding to book towards his chest. “Sorry.”

“It’s okay,” Scorpius said, giving a small smile. He had to admit the guy was cute if a little annoying. Maybe overzealous was the right word for him. “I believe they made a movie of that book.”

“Yeah, it wasn’t as good though,” the stranger said with a heavy sigh. “Never are.”

“That’s the truth,” Scorpius said with a nod. “I’m Scorpius, by the way.”


“Nice to meet you,” Scorpius said, bookmarking his page and then shutting his book. “So do you just go around trying to get people to read Pride and Prejudice and Zombies or am I just special?”

Albus blushed slightly and ran his fingers through his mussed up hair. “I’d been reading over the past few days and then I saw you reading the original version and I don’t know…”

Scorpius laughed. “So I am special.”

Albus chuckled along with him. “I suppose. It didn’t hurt that you were also really cute.”

Scorpius preened slightly at the compliment. “Handsome enough to tempt you, eh?” 

Albus grinned at him. “You are by far the most beautiful creature I have ever beheld.” 

Scorpius snorted and bit his bottom lip. “Perhaps I could be persuaded to read the zombie version.”

Albus’ face lit up with excitement. “Really?” 

“We’ll see,” Scorpius said as the bus pulled up in front of them. Scorpius got on and Albus followed, the two of them sitting together. They immediately struck up another conversation, moving from books to movies to music. Scorpius had never laughed so frequently or smiled so often in the company of anyone else. 

By the time the bus arrived at his stop, Scorpius was very pleased with himself. He clutched his book to his chest for inside held the number of Albus Potter.