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anonymous asked:

okay feel free not to answer this because you're probably flooded with sense8 headcanon asks BUT do you have any for a zombie apocalypse au?

  • nomi wakes up in a hospital gown with seven other people in her head and the world burning out the window
  • neets setting a building full of zombies on fire and whisking nomi off on a motorcycle 
  • will, diego, and ‘totally not bitten i told you suck it diego’ deshawn trying to find will’s dad and get the hell out of chicago 
  • lito trying to kill daniela’s zombie ex-boyfriend with a flower pot and failing spectacularly until wolfie takes over because he’d rather not know what being a zombie feels like thanks
  • that old lady with the tea takes over the prison in like two days and sun rips off her sleeves, wraps up her knuckles, and goes to find her dog 
  • as it turns out, dog and sun’s master are totally fine, so sun gets to spend most of her time helping riley out of the swirling hell vortex that is zombie london
  • kala holed up in her lab, desperately researching a cure. her family shows up after the first couple of weeks, kala’s dad’s trusty butcher knives keeping them more or less intact. priya has poor auntie’s head in a box, but at least it helps kala with her research 
  • wolfgang trying to get to mumbai if he has to take the fucking silk road to get there, sergei’s arsenal on his back and muzzled zombie felix chained to his belt
  • armored van damn cutting through the streets of nairobi driven by capheus, jela with a chainsaw, and that ring lady providing encouragement