zombie in miami


@poetryforwolves ayy let’s start with him! He does wicked art yo! on top of being an amazing person. although always sleepy…making me sleepy too.

@sakokii ahhh! they do commissions! they do amazing tera art however a lil limited. they’re amazing and you should totally look at their tera adventure comics! :D

@panciotta asdfgh..their art makes my sad days not so sad! and their hotline miami comics. i can relate to some of them glitches. keep up the amazing work. <3

@sessomesmaru an amazing person all around! and their art is magneficent. much fluff and angst. overwatch and tf2 and more!

@shadowenza she does awesome tf2 posters. and she does commisions for them too! check her art. help her out!

that’s it for now! I’ll show off more later! :D