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Laura Moon is uncomfortably relatable to me, as someone who suffers from chronic depression. There’s a lot of hate for her, and while I know that she’s not a very good person, she feels very real to me, and I can understand why she does what she does.

The thing is, I only hate characters that hurt people for no reason. But Laura? She does things that hurt people for HERSELF, because she is trying to find a way to feel alive, to feel real.

That’s why she has the affair, that’s why she gets Shadow to rob to casino. It’s not about hurting people - in fact she seems very detached from the pain of others, as though it’s not her automatic first thought to consider them. This is common in some mental illnesses when you feel numb or empty, and life feels black and white and not quite real.

Basically what I’m saying is don’t hate Laura. Appreciate her as a character. She’s not evil. She’s human.

Is Nazi zombies dead?

Well lemme tell you all loud and clear; as long as y'all keep asking me things and as long as I keep thinking of shitty posts, I’ll stay in this fandom no matter how many people remain. I’ll carry this bitch if I have to, but oh boy I ain’t letting it go. These characters, the story and just the overal game means too much to me, too much to just let it slide and disappear. I’ll be the kid squeeling and hugging a pillow when I hear funny quotes, I’ll be the kid crying when I see those ending cutscene’s and I’ll be the kid forever thanking my boys for being there. I know this game has this effect on more people so nah, sorry, as shitty as my posts may be or how bad my answers may get

I ain’t quitting

Ok but was the issue of Koumei just casually having an army of zombie doll soldiers underground since who knows how long ever or will-ever be addressed, or is it one of those things played down for comedy value? Because that implies Koumei has found a sort of semi-immortality and he could possibly use those techniques on himself to become immortal and undying and we should probably fear him

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I just wanted to say I love your blog! ♡♡ Could you make a list(love to hate) of which bachelors love to cuddle?

Thank you so much!!! I personally like to believe they all will be happy with a nice cuddle every now and again, just some more than others B) 

but!!! Here is the list from likes most to least.

Alex - you know his partner loves being wrapped up in his strong arms, and you know he loves knowing this (and providing it <3). Honey, he won’t let you go. 

Sam - he would be number one, since he does love to cuddle sososo much, he loves to hold his partner! Buuut he’s just a bit fidgety. He’ll be fine for about 10-15 minutes until his leg starts jigging, and eventually has to move. 

Elliott - He enjoys cuddling, but what he loves most in a cuddle is gently stroking his partner - their arm, hair, leg. Anything’s good! It would also depend on the activity, he will be at peace cuddling his partner whilst reading a good book, whereas whilst watching TV, like Sam, he gets fidgety, especially if he starts to get invested in the show.

Harvey - honestly, he is indifferent. On one hand he loves holding his partner, knowing you’re there and you love him, but on the other he became accustomed to living alone and so doesn’t always find it necessary to be all over his partner. He also sometimes believes he’s a bit old for it all (even though he’s not, cuddle that man!!). 

Sebastian - he isn’t always the biggest fan of intimacy, especially at first, but he will warm up to his partner the more time they spend together, and become more comfortable initiating cuddles. He mostly likes to rest his head on their shoulder, though, and have them rest their head on his. 

Shane - whilst he may not always be in the mood for a full on cuddle, he will happily sling an arm around his partners neck, and hold them against him. Although he does love his partner to hug him from behind, or wrap their arms around his neck and hold onto him. He loves his partner to initiate intimacy.

Shit my physics prof says
  • “And that’s exactly why your hand is attached to your body and doesn’t randomly fly through the room!”
  • “Alright, just let me use my crossbow for this.”
  • “Did I just shoot you? I didn’t mean to shoot you!”
  • “Why wouldn’t you have a random morning star laying around?”
  • “Don’t fucking leave your spoon on the moon then!”
  • “I’m probably going to kill one of you. Anyone wanna go first?”
  • “It’s like you parked your car on the sun. Same result.”
  • “Who else am I going to ask how to get rid of a body then?”
  • “Math doesn’t have any feelings, but you can hurt it anyway.”
  • “Are we doing voodoo now? We’re doing voodoo now.”
  • “I pretty sure a demonic thing ate it. That’s the only explanation.”
  • “Like, imagine you go on a nice trip… but in space!”
  • “I wanted to tell you an epic story, but my wife said no, so the epic story didn’t even happen.”
  • “Of course we could always just set it on fire and see what happens.”
  • “Nothing to feel loved like talking to yourself in a room full of people.”
  • “Well, it’s supposed to be done that way but — scratch that, it never works.”
  • “You disturbed the monkey!”
  • “Why did none of you get me coffee. I hate all of you.”
  • “There’s three types of people. Star Wars fans, Trekies, and idiots.”
  • “No. I just like blowing stuff up.”
  • (Imitates chainsaw noises.)
  • “Oh, come on, you can’t all be saving Hyrule at the SAME time.”
  • “Everything gets better with breadsticks.”

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POV for the writing meme: Kent in the chapter of YAG&IAN when he ignores swoops. Or honestly, his POV in any of the chapters but the first, because I am thirsty for content and for knowing just exactly how gone Kent was for Swoops at the time

Kent was doing it again.

He was doing it again and he knew it, and the worst part about it was that he couldn’t stop. His vision went red when Jeff limped back to the dressing room, and he honestly couldn’t have explained how he’d ended up in a fight if he tried.

It was completely unprofessional. Kent should’ve known better, been a better example for his team. He didn’t deserve that A on his jersey.

Jeff was just so… warm. Warm, nice, funny, hot – and he was just always there when Kent needed him. He was a great teammate and a good friend, and he was so smart. He was nothing like Jack at all.

Except, of course, for the fact that Jeff went through fuckbuddies like some of their teammates went through socks and Kent hadn’t had sex in two years. It was nothing to Jeff to see three different women in as many nights, and he never seemed to miss them. They certainly never spent the night. And that was fine, it really was, except for the fact that Jeff was so blatant about it and every time it happened, all Kent could think about was the fact that those women were to Jeff what Kent was to Jack.

Shoving his fist into the wall, Kent hissed. The hot water stung his eyes, and he ground his teeth together in frustration.

“Get it together, Parson,” he muttered. 

On one hand, having a crush on a straight guy was probably the safest thing Kent could do. He’d never tell him and nothing would ever happen. Even if Jeff were interested in guys, nothing would ever happen. And that thought – it would keep Kent from doing something… stupid.

Except that it hadn’t, and he’d completely lost his mind there for a minute. Letting out a slow breath, Kent went back to washing the shampoo out of his hair. He would get this under control. He had to. He didn’t want to do this again, to be like this, to hurt like that.

Two days later, once they were home, Kent went to confession. The church was cool and quiet, and once he’d sat alone in a pew for a while, Kent gathered the courage to talk to the priest.

“In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit,” Kent said, voice soft. “My last confession was three months ago.” He paused.

It was awful every time, this part. Kent hated it. His voice always came out in a whisper. “I’m gay.”

( askbox writing meme )