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Power Naps

It’s the end of your first week back at college after the break, and it’s been a long one. Harry has plans for you two to go out for dinner, and admittedly you’re tired. You’re exhausted from all the homework that’s been piled on you already, and when you shuffle zombie like through your flat door- you promise yourself it’ll just be a power nap until Harry finished his work for the day.

But four hours later Harry is kneeling next to you with a smirk on his face. Your hair is tossled across both his and your pillows as you’re buried in the middle of the bed. There’s soft snores escaping your mouth and Harry moves to grab the stray pile of homework you’d been working on before you fell asleep to the side.

He’s about to turn back towards you when one of the books falls off the table and hits the floor with an exuberant bang. He hisses, glancing at you as you stir and lift your head to peer at him with sleepy eyes. “Harry?”

“Sorry angel, didn’t mean t'wake yeh. Go back to bed.” He hums in a warm whisper as he leans down and cups the back of your head, bringing it forward to press a kiss to your forehead. He’s never been able to help himself around you, especially when you’re so adorable during your post sleepy haze.

“No, no we’re going to dinner. Just give me 10 minutes.” You grapple, voice heavy as you try to prop up on your elbows.

“No, no, relax pet. Yeh had a long week, yeah? We can order some takeout. That Indian place yeh like?” He mumbles, sitting on the mattress as you sit up too.

“Are you sure? I feel bad Harry….” You declare with a sigh as your head drops a bit, messy bedhead forming a curtain around your face.

“Hey, course I am. Wanted t'have dinner with yeh, and we’re doin just tha’.” He says in a firm voice as he leans over to tilt your chin up, meeting your gaze.

You smile when you meet his eyes. “Okay, okay. Can we watch a movie too?” You pipe up with excitement.

Harry chuckles as he leans forward to take your face in both of his hands, “Whatever yeh want, pet. Whatever yeh want.” He seals the promise with a series of soft butterfly kisses on your face.

And yes, you two do eat takeout and watch a movie of your choice- only to be followed by one of his. It’s filled with small chuckles and his eyes lighting up in interest as you fill him in on all your classes. He’s proud of you, keeping up with school. It’s a lovely night in, and it’s largely, if not completely because of Harry.

And when you’re tucked on top of him like a small child, a blanket and his arm anchoring you there, and with his hand scratching at your scalp lovingly as the movie plays, you realize it’s the best time you’ve had all week.

You can manage for another power nap, perhaps, but you’re comforted by the fact that they’re always better when Harry’s around. Because waking up to him, is the best part of waking up.

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