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Hey Everyone!

The latest enemy to get the fine tuning and combat improvement treatment is the Zombie and for this one I thought I would make something completely different.

While zombies can still just swing at you like other enemies, they also have a special grab attack. Unlike the regular attack, the grab attack has a longer wind up and cannot be staggered (meaning will not be stopped when attacked unless he receives a killing blow). Once the player is successfully grabbed, the Zombie will start chomping away mercilessly until the player manages to free himself. Chomping doesn’t do a lot of damage but the player is open for any other attacks from other enemies - for example, the Lich boss summons zombies to grab the player, leaving him open for it’s high damage attacks.

Also included is a bonus GIF of a Zombie accidentally blowing himself up..

That’s all for this week!

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The Banana Bus Squad Vocab

A while back I made this vocab list and now I would like to find the videos where they appeared in but i can’t do it alone. To all those who helps i will feature in a special thank you section.

Banana Bus - A large driveable bus the resembles a banana also the name of a squad of idoitic nerds that we love dearly

Donezo - The moment you finish a person

itsyaboi - to get a titty d*ck load of speed to propel ones self off diagonal plane in order to achieve “BIG AIR B*TCH” whilest screaming “ITSYABOIIIIIIII!”

Sciooscr - Daithi De Nogla’s version of scissors

Moentrooem - Daithi De Nogla’s version of “Mowing through them”

Sciosccs - Another version of Daithi De Nogla’s scissors

Puncake - A land mine like circular object by I Am Wildcat

Los Puncackes - Spanish for more than one puncake

Mashotgun - Another version of shotgun said by random in Black ops 2 now used by I Am Wildcat

Machine Mistols - Another version of machine pistols said by random now used by I Am Wildcat

Degreeses - BasicallyIDoWrk’s word for multiple degrees

Operation HOG - C4 is attached to the back of Ohmwrecker and he goes in for a sciucide kill

First Try - Said when you complete something NOT on the first try

Zip Zop Boopity Bop - A random saying that can be said at random times for random reasons

Kawaawii - Daithi De Nogla’s version of kawaii

Cocktus - A penis shaped cactus

lil can - little can said in a dumb voice when a can is seen

Keep er going - To keep something going (well duh)

Technique - Said when you need to something with determination

Snookered - (Is an actual word might I add) To subject ones self or opponent in a difficult situation

Pack A Poonch - the Pack A Punch from Call of Duty: Zombies

Fart Sniffing Formation - when everyone is hiding by laying down in a row sniffing each others butts

Big White Easter Egg - The moon in GTA V

Wop - A panic word for Mini Ladd

Knees weak arms spaghetti - said when things are getting intense

Zomies - Kids word for zombies

Half-Bodies - a zombie crawler

Munkee - a monkey grenade in World at War: Zombies

The Tradition - After each mission in GTA V you kill Daithi De Nogla

Get er Going - to get something going

Hemlet - A helmet from GTA

Kapooya - sound effect used in videos and an airline service

Streme Spoats - Variation of extreme sports

Moontage - It’s a montage

Hoodini - When something magical happens

Pablo - Mini Ladds creepy Spanish guy

Kwyrentine - Quarantine Nogla edition

Bindlings - Daithi’s version of buildings

Daithi De Planet - A planet that can support life but is mostly filled with zombies

Dats a toilet - A youtube channel that finds toilets in games or said when a toilet is found

Jukes of Hazard - To juke someone by tricking them and getting away from being caught

Stepulater - A ladder

Troople Kill - Getting a triple kill on storm stroopers

Wamborghini - A Lamborghini

Knowledge - When you read lots of books and own a Wamborghini

Wallop - When a lifeless body hits a wall

Just a Prank - When you do something and it was most definitely not a prank

Darth Knight - Darth Vader

Bobby Buffet - Boba Fett

Banana Bus Squad Vocab Part 2 (Fan Additions)

I That a Shark Eating a Cheeseburger - From a GTA 5 billboard of a chark eating a cheeseburger (By Anonymous)

Urt - Noglas word for earth (By Anonymous)

Jose Rico Taco Nacho Quesadilla Mandela Jones - A character Wildcat made up for a school project

McLarry - A McLaren (By @atomicworm74)

Mini Ladd clutch - When Mini Ladd is left alone and will definitely die (By @yeahimgingersowhat)

FUUUUOOOOCKING EVAN - When Vanoss leaves Daithi and he gets fucked (By @yeahimgingersowhat)

I’m gonna subtitle that - After someone screams non-coherently for ages (By @yeahimgingersowhat)

Come on iiiiiiin - How you invite someone in (By Anonymous)

Dadidadiddlydadada: What you sing when you slowly get closer to something (By Anonymous)

Chipotle!: What you scream when going down in an airplane (By Anonymous)

Pluto Nash: The movie everyone wants to see “I like it”: The most descriptive way to answer something (By Anonymous)

Song Rec Master List for SC-AU

I have some adorable anons who love to send me song recs for my AU ♥♥♥ So I figured I should make a list of it so I’d remember to check them out, also to share with you guys too!

Akaashi’s Songs
“Desire” (feat. Greta Link) by Perturbator
“Private Dancer” by Julian Perretta
“Silent Pleasures Album” & “Engelsschrei Album” by Seelenkrank
“Kernkraft 400” by Zombie Nation 
“My Toy” by Tristesse De La Lune
“Okinotayuu” by Wagakki Band
“Japanese Fantasy Music - Immortal” by Adrian Von Zeigler

Sugawara’s Songs
“Pornostar” by Miss Construction
”Womanizer” by Britney Spears

Oikawa’s Songs
“Kunstprodukt” by Miss Construction
“Satisfaction” by Benny Benassi
“Electrolicious” by Pzychobitch
“Fuck me too” by Miss Construction 

Asahi’s Songs
“Die Deutschmaschine” by And One

Yamaguchi’s Songs
“Solarchaser” by Syrian
”Chandelier” by Sia
“High Hopes in Velvet Ropes” by The Cab

Halloween Special Songs
“Blood, Brains And Rock N Roll”, “Gonna Getcha”, “The Darkness”, “Go Zombie” or “Creepy Crawler” by Zombie Girl
Punish Yourself Band

I shall listen to these while I draw the comics! ♥♥♥

P.S.: This list may be updated in the future with more song recs added!

Play Dead a halloween themed playlist for all you spooky nerds!

track list:

a happening hyperstory | gravity falls theme silent hill version | charlie’s inferno that handsome devil | can’t play dead the heavy | skeleton song kate nash | cannibal queen miniature tigers | the moss cosmo sheldrake | monsters matchbook romance | dead to me melanie martinez | grace for sale the devil’s carnival | arsonist’s lullaby hozier | welcome to mystery plain white t’s | mz. hyde nightcore | carousel melanie martinez | if only i were a goth thou shalt not | in all my dreams i drown the devil’s carnival | blood my chemical romance | change deftones | creepy crawler zombie girl | counting bodies like sheep to the rhythm of the war drums (hectell remix) a perfect circle | the ghost of you my chemical romance | rev 22:20 (4:20 remix) puscifer | biting down lorde | there is a cure timber timber | the horror of our love ludo | house of the rising sun lauren o'connell | the devil takes care of his own band of skulls

Trailer - 'The Crawl'

0:00 - 0:04

Blackness. Slow, laboured breathing extends into a death rattle.

V/O, female: ‘We lost the world.’


0:05 - 0:09

Series of fixed-camera shots of cities destroyed and deserted. The images intersperse with close-ups of wounds and dead flesh.

V/O: 'To the dead.’


0:10 - 0:13

An overgrown yard crowded with shambling, rotting corpses.

At the farthest corner of the lot, something hidden in the undergrowth snatches a zombie out of sight.


0:14 - 0:16

Young man (Y) runs through the charred remains of an art gallery. A mob of bloody dead run after him.



Blackness. Sound of wet explosion.


Y has turned, is staring at a swamp of decaying blood, all that is left of his pursuers.

V/O: 'We’re all prey to something.’


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Rick and I started some early testing just to see how things were and there are lots of little bugs and some unpolished features but overall it was great. It ran better than ever (I was serving and running max settings and getting about 30-45 fps where in A11 I would get at most 30 with lag spikes down to 8-13 fps. The visuals are the first thing that grabbed me. At every turn stuff just looks worlds better than before. The new physically based lighting looks amazing and makes the whole scene just flow together. When something bright moves, you see that reflect off the world. Crawler zombies in the grass are actually tinted green because of the grass and world refracting light and color realistically.

The new item quality system needs balanced, but has a lot of potential. It took 4 swings with my damaged stone axe to fell a zombie instead of the predictable two hits. I imagine a flawless stoneaxe would kill one with one shot but I need to level up a lot before I can craft one. The feeling of deep progression is there now, with each part I find in the world having quality range that contribute to the weapon. Its going to be really cool when we get it wrapped up and balanced.

We also reworked the burnt zombie, hopefully people like him better than the “lava monster” version.

I’m a big fan of emergent game play and its hard to see what happened here because I don’t want to get to close to that bear, but a zombie attacked the bear and the bear tore the zombies legs up and the zombie turned into a crawler. He then sensed me and came after me. 

We added some new zombie sounds and it felt very fresh hearing some new ones mixed in. We still use the old sounds too so there is simply more variety.

We’re working hard on finishing things up and preparing for the release. It’s looking like late this week, Thursday or Friday. Release notes should come in a couple days. I’ll try to post a forge video before the release, just to get you guys warmed up. It’s very easy to use, but completely different than it used to be.