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"progress playlist" "one of those days" "music to listen to during long car rides" "for when you're feeling romantic" "music my dog would prolly like" "songs i'd listen to w my pet cow" you don't have to do them all but here's some ideas !!

“progress playlist”
Personal - Kehlani
Biking - Frank Ocean
Piece Of Mind - Kehlani
HUMBLE - Kendrick Lamar
New Phone, Who Dis? - Flatbush Zombies
Cash Machine - D.R.A.M.

“one of those days”
Peach Pit - Sweet FA
A Song About Being Sad - Rex Orange County
Loner - Kali Uchis
You - Keaton Henson
Telegraph Ave. - Childish Gambino

“music to listen to during long car rides”
Suburbian Born - Kevin Abstract
Postcards Holiday - Boys Age
302 - MIKNNA
I Can’t Feel - Ethereal
AiCarumba - Telana

“for when you’re feeling romantic”
Fly Me To the Moon - Frank Sinatra
Japanese Denim - Daniel Caesar
First Love/Late Spring - Mitski
Shore - Daniela Andrade
It’s All Vain - Wet
I Want To Hold Your Hand - From “Across The Universe”

“music my dog would prolly like”
Half Dome - Toro y Moi
Junk of the Heart (Happy) - The Kooks
Man in the Sixties - Balue
Don’t You (Forget About Me) - Simple Minds
Houdini - Foster The People

“songs i’d listen to w my pet cow”
Hey Jude - From “Across The Universe”
Dancing in the Moonlight- Alt-J
Dreams - Fleetwood Mac
Brown Eyed Girl - Van Morrison
She Moves In Her Own Way - The Kooks

I made this mural last November in the backstage of Antwerp concert hall Trix for Converse. They’re pimping all the ugly backstages of concert halls. I loved the idea and put my Zombie Cash character on a wall with a subtle Converse-reference. Fun times !

I d o n a t e  my  s o u l  A Simon Monroe playlist prior to and after The Rising, and all that sadness that comes along with him.

“I balanced all, brought all to mind, 
The years to come seemed waste of breath, 
A waste of breath the years behind 
In balance with this life, this death.”

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