zombie cash

So apparently today the last episode of Naruto Shippuden aired.  I can’t believe Studio Pierrot dragged it out for 3 years after the manga ended. 

I would call it an end of a era but the Naruto franchise wore out it’s welcome even before the manga ended so it’s more like good riddance.

Too bad the powers that be is determined to keep this zombie cash cow alive with their next gen BS. 

I seriously wish I could talk to the confessor of the most recent confession just to reply to this:

Spongebob has more than 10 seasons! And that’s not a big deal?”

Have you spoken to Spongebob fans?! Many of them think the show should’ve been cut after the first movie! Fans have been wanting Spongebob to die for about ten years now (and counting)! The only reason it’s still going is because it accounts for 2/3 of Nickelodeon’s income. Some fans do think the show is slowly getting back to its good self, but the general opinion is the pre-first movie seasons are the best and the show is little more than a cash cow zombie.

The same applies to other long-running shows like The Fairly Oddparents and the Pokemon anime. Many fans want these shows dead already because they feel they’ve been running for too long. This is a common trope of every long-running series in existence. Even with video games. I’m part of the Sims fandom. Lots of fans think the series should’ve died after Sims 3. Many more think it should’ve died after Sims 2.

Winx Club is not unique in having fans who think it should’ve ended at season 3 or after the first movie. If anything, that makes Winx Club more like every long-running show out there, not less.

(I’m sorry for ranting, but this complaint is so common, I don’t understand making it seem exclusive to Winx.)

I made this mural last November in the backstage of Antwerp concert hall Trix for Converse. They’re pimping all the ugly backstages of concert halls. I loved the idea and put my Zombie Cash character on a wall with a subtle Converse-reference. Fun times !