zombie bash

Signs in a Zombie Apocalypse

The fearless leader who is done with crap and somehow knows what the hell is going on: Capricorn, Sagittarius

The one with the guns and blowing crap up: Aries, Gemini

Goes on a risky supply run because they don’t care about crap they just care about food might as well die trying right: Taurus, Leo

Screams but bashes zombies’ heads in anyway: Libra, Scorpio

Hides in the cellar or attic or some random house and boards up all the windows: Pisces, Virgo

Is the zombie: Cancer, Aquarius

Has a Voltron apocalypse AU been done yet? My favorite space dorks Keith and Shiro would make an excellent zombie-killing team, and the hybrid zombies would be called galra. Honestly this is mostly just because Steven Yeun voices Keith (by beloved Glenn).

Also, BONUS zombie-galra shiro:

Outbreak Part Four

Author: mystic-biscuit
Series Rating: NSFW 18+


Hi! Look here’s part four, sorry it took so long. As I’ve mentioned I’ve been going through a bit of a time in my personal life, but things are starting to even out. Thanks for being so patient. I hope you like it, I only like half edited it ‘cause I wanted to get something out because I’ve had a lot of you guys asking :) Sorry it’s shorter than the rest of the parts, there was a whole other chunk I was gonna put on, but I figured this was a good place to end it. Yenno, cliff-hangers and shit. Love you

Part One Part Two Part Three  

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another school doodle

i wanted to draw Stan and Ford being awesome and kicking butt haha. i guess this could be a kinda continuation of my one Scary-oke AU doodle from a while ago?? i imagine these two would never try to sing a 3 part harmony together so they go straight for bashing the zombies’ skulls in haha

(just forgive each other and reconcile and fight monsters together dangit hug it out you two)

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I listened along to 2D's rambling during the film, giggling often to what he had to say. "Really? I didn't know that." I whispered, moving my hand from his waist to gently draw circles in his chest. -shy anon

“’S true! And the house it was filmed in was gonna be demolished, so the owners gave it to the filmmakers and basically said ‘do whatever you want with it’ since it was gonna be destroyed soon anyway.” He points to a zombie getting its face bashed with a tire iron. “And that guy is actually the screenwriter! John A. Russo.” He blushes a bit. “I-I like this film a lot.”

Gameplay in Aberford

The neat thing about making your own video game is that you can combine gaming elements you like with other gaming elements you like and create something new and exciting. What we’re shooting for is a mix of two very popular elements: story-driven narration and kinetic, challenging combat with a multiplayer option. Imagine, for example, if in L4D, when you reached a safezone, you had a chunk of story to play through before continuing? Or if in a TellTale game, when a fight broke out, you actually had an open combat system to fight with instead of just quick time events (which you could then use for multiplayer/freeplay)? We think that sounds like a riot, which is why we’re developing along those lines.

For fun (and because people keep asking), I’m gonna list some of the games that have inspired the design of Aberford, talking about the elements we’re incorporating and the elements we’re leaving behind. (I’m not bagging on any of these games, btw, I love each and every one dearly.) They’re not all zombie games because, as I’ve said before, we’re not making a typical zombie game.

The Walking Dead (Or anything TellTale)

What we want to emulate: The deep, rich story. The moral complexity. The choices. Stylized art. 

What we don’t want: The lack of freeplay, the lack of multiplayer

The TellTale games have these amazing, engaging stories and I love them to death. So in Aberford, large sections of the game involve a “choose your own story” format, where you push the group dynamic one way or another with different consequences. It’s not as extensive or thorough as a TellTale game, but it’s also not the entire game. But if you want to run out a complex, detailed story, it’s one of the most engaging ways to do it. And we do have a lot of story to get through. Plus, the stylized art looks great and is easier to make than photorealistic art, so we can build more gameplay within our budget.

Left 4 Dead

What we want to emulate: The fun, multiplayer action. The “jump in and play” style. The panic caused by the tanks/spitters/chargers/etc.

What we don’t want: The complete lack of story and character development. The “stand there and spam attacks” gameplay

L4D is blast and it’s easy to get in to. There’s no leveling and the inventory is simple. You can play it alone, or with friends, and it’s good either way. The need to adapt to special zombies really shakes things up. But what I don’t like is that the combat generally devolves into “stand there and attack as fast as you can” while you mow down waves of squishy, inconsequential enemies. And you finish the game without learning anything about the characters (and without them growing in any way). So while we want the combat to be fun, easy-to-learn, and not overburdened with hours of inventory management, we also want to make sure you have to move around and be smart and feel like you’re earning your zombie kills. And, of course, we want to make sure you can have a lot of fun bashing zombies with your friends

Tomb Raider

What we want to emulate: The strong, female lead. The quick time events

What we don’t want: The male-driven quest lines. The feeling of “protecting” the character

The new Tomb Raider was a huge transformation for a worn-out franchise, and I really loved what they did with a strong, intelligent, believable Lara Croft. And the quick time events were a great way to let a smaller, less-imposing character believably fight much larger, more dangerous opponents. But almost all of Lara’s choices (quests) are given to her by men, and the player was meant to feel as if they were protecting Lara, instead of feeling like they were Lara. In Aberford, the women make most of their own decisions (regardless of what men tell them to do) and we want you (as much as possible) to feel as if you are the characters, like when you play Max Payne, Uncharted, or Farcry.

Batman: Arkham City

What we want to emulate: The tactical approach to combat. The intelligent handling of a group of enemies. The feeling of being powerful in combat.

What we don’t want: Being the God Damned Batman. Climbing all over everything. People in clown masks.

When it comes to realistic (but still fun) melee combat, the Arkham Franchise is a surprising good model. You can manage a group by being fast, aggressive, and aware of the situation. If you keep hitting and moving around, you can avoid getting hit. And when you can’t avoid getting hit, a well-timed counter can keep up your momentum. However, instead of being the absurdly ripped and armored Dark Knight, you’re an average-sized woman in a dress with no gadgets and all of your attackers are bigger and stronger than you. Your only real advantage is that your faster and more clever than they are. What we’re shooting for is combat that’s fun and empowering when you’re doing it right, but with a swift reminder of how dangerous these zombies are if you get careless. So you’ll have to keep your head about you, use your available tools intelligently, favor finese over brute strength, and sometimes run like hell in order to beat your enemies.

28 Days Later (Not a video game, but very influential)

What we want to emulate: Fast, terrifying zombies. High-infection rate. No shambling corpses.

What we don’t want: Not a video game. Skips over the outbreak.

This movie brought me back into zombies. It was the first and only vision of a zombie apocalypse where I thought “There’s no way I could survive that”. So we want our zombies to be very physical and very scary. Many are former soldiers, some are even current soldiers (spoiler alert). A single one could kill you if you’re not being careful. It lets us have a more action-oriented approach that’s still extremely scary. And it makes every kill feel like an achievement, rather than a chore.

There’s probably others (I play a LOT of games), but those are the games I know we studied when designing Aberford’s gameplay. Stick around to watch the technical components come together as we refine our alpha combat engine.


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do you know any very emotional ziall stories?? x

god, yes! i’m not sure what the definition of emotional is here, but i’m just gonna rec the ones that made me cry and generally feel a lot. :)

it could get ugly (but it was beautiful) 

my all time favourite - zayn is a model and niall is a lawyer. they have to start working with each other, but they have quite the past.
highly emotional, oh my god. i cried during like half of this.


being gay in a very traditional, homophobic town has gotten zayn some really bad experiences. niall is the new minister’s son who changes everything. 
just read it, it’s gonna make you cry rivers (i did at least).

to put a little sunshine in your life and this is no bridget jones

just because those are a must for every ziall shipper

tight grip

they’re just sleeping together, not even having sex, but it’s a bigger deal than that.
using the original summary because there’s no better way to describe this. beautiful and very emotional.


niall is a musician, zayn is an artist. and he’s deaf.
another must-read. so, so  beautiful.

they ask me what’s my best side, i step back and point at you

niall gets kidnapped because zayn’s business might be a little bit shady at times. zayn is willing to do anything to get him back.
goodness, i’m not over this yet. very, very emotional.

come take my pulse

things are so much more complicated in a world where you don’t know if you’ll live another day. niall saves zayn from a zombie and things go on from there.
i never thought i was someone for zombie apocalypse aus, but apparently i am. i thought about this for days on end, and i still can’t really get it out of my head. stunningly beautiful and very frightening, a story that no one should miss out on.

you’ll never live down what you can’t forget, so forget it

another zombie apocalypse au, incredibly underrated because it’s so much more than people bashing in zombie heads.

bruised giver, grit spinner

they skate, and their lives aren’t easy.
i’m having trouble summarising this, because really, this is one of the best fics i’ve ever read. it’s incredibly well written and very touching in the way feelings are portrayed. it’s also slow burn, which makes my heart melt every time.

see this through

niall starts taking care of zayn, who sometimes comes to the shop he works at to buy whatever he can afford with his food vouchers.
this is probably the most realistic homeless!au i’ve ever read, it’s slow burn and absolutely lovely.

10 things i ____ about you

after an accident, niall doesn’t remember the past few years of his life. zayn has trouble dealing with that.
god, i sobbed my way through this. definitely worth it though.

i finally found you, my missing puzzle piece

zayn and niall grow up together, and they obviously don’t communicate about their feelings enough.
cute and oh so emotional.

if i’m louder

zayn is kind of a bad boy, and he’s bored. niall is quiet and reads a lot. then he starts tutoring zayn.
i think i read this for the first time last summer? still gives me feels every time i listen to more than this.

walking on a dream

zayn’s in the army and niall writes him.
the ultimately emotional fic in this fandom. if you haven’t read this, prepare for inconsolable sadness. i love this insanely much, even though i desperately hate the ending.

okay, so those are the ones i can think of off the top of my head. there are so, so many incredibly good fics though, i probably forgot a lot. feel free to go through my (not regularly updated or complete) fic rec or my bookmarks on ao3 to look for more :)

I’ve been wanting to draw or write some kind of zombie apocalypse AU for shikatema bc I keep thinking of this one scene where shikamaru is struggling with a zombie with his bare hands, on his back, with the zombie literally about to rip his throat out BUT ALONG COMES THIS SEXY FOUR PONY TAILED WOMAN WHO BASHES THE ZOMBIES BRAINS RIGHT IN WITH HER METAL BAT.

I wanna write it so bad.
Like maybe Temari and her brothers have been traveling together, trying to make it to a place that is rumored to be a safe, secure society. So has Shikamaru and his long time childhood friend Ino…. But when tem and her brothers find them, they had been attacked by zombies and their friend Choji had just been killed (yeah sorry guys I had to make it sad).

Temari tells them they’ll help them get to a certain point but then they have to part ways because everyone knows traveling in a group larger than three is dangerous… It just attracts the zombies even more.

then eventually after traveling with them for about a few days, Temari changes her mind and suggests it to her brothers. Kank is just like… Temari you know why we can’t keep them along… Wait… You’re getting attached to them aren’t you…? Temari acts like that isn’t the case, that she does indeed have a heart of stone and she says it only makes sense that they keep traveling together because they’re going in the same direction and shikamaru has already proven himself very useful in terms of intelligence and mapping routes….. When in reality it’s because she HAS become attached.

Ino is the only friend she’s made since the apocalypse started… And there’s something about Shikamaru that pulls her in. And these two are the only people they’ve ever helped that haven’t tried to stab them in the back or betray them in some type of way.

so… They Temari tells Ino and shikamaru that they should stay with them since they’re heading in the same direction.

There’s more shit I wanna add in (like more conflict obviously) but this is getting too long and if I ever do write it I don’t wanna spoil it (: