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dressed like a daydream// a quakerider one-shot

(aka the one where Daisy spends the night and accidentally shows Robbie a more vulnerable side of herself)

“The shaking…” Robbie started quietly, “it happens when you have nightmares, right?” 

Daisy laughed then, a hollow sound that didn’t meet her eyes, because having nightmares would be way too easy. She would gladly take zombies or axe murderers running through her mind over what she actually had been dreaming about. Because when Daisy slept, she didn’t dream in fantasies or imaginary scenarios. No, she dreamt in memories; a constant flashing highlight reel of her absolute worst moments, flashes that she could still see every damn time she closed her eyes. She wished these were just dreams, all the death and pain and friends lost because of her.

“Yeah…” she responded dryly. “Something like that.”

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Zombie Garage Punks Never Die: Why a Compilation of 60s Teenaged Rage Is the Best Album of the Year

Every Back from the Grave record begins with its jacket art, and it always tells the same sort of story: A bunch of zombie punks are reanimated to rid the world of the squares and douchebags that have turned it into an ugly place to live. It’s a revenge fantasy, the cartoonish destruction of the last few decades of American music and culture by the spirits of the past, and it’s hard not to take the side of the axe-wielding zombie punkers.

Nowadays, in an era when everything that has ever been sung, spoken, ukuleled, painted, collaged, or crafted has been recycled, recontextualized, cool-branded, and downloaded, I often feel that the old world wants some sort of vengeance on the new. The mass market is full of the reverberations of bits and pieces of the culture of the past that come to the present watered-down, commodified, regurgitated. The Urban Outfitters version, the shmuckification of the counterculture one retro T-shirt at a time. The garage punk zombie teens on the Back from the Grave LP jackets know all this, and they are pissed off. Tim Warren, the man who has been compiling these genius assemblages of primitive American shit music for the last 30 years, is pissed off too.


Greetings HiJackers!

I’ve noticed lately that things seem to be kinda quiet. Perhaps some of you are abstaining from seeing anything new relating to half of your lovely pairing (Hiccup) and that’s fine! In the meantime, might I suggest a show that may tickle your fancy?

Stay with me here, trust me.

It’s called “Dude! That’s My Ghost!” It airs on Disney XD in the UK, but all the episodes can be found on YouTube in excellent quality, and they’re only 11 minutes long! The show is about a zombie movie-obsessed teenager named Spencer Wright and his friend, the dead, but still fabulously famous pop star, Billy Joe Cobra (who happens to be his distant cousin on his mom’s side.) Spencer and his family live in Billy’s old house (mansion) in Beverly Heights. Most of the time, the show is centered around Billy trying to help Spencer fit in in such a community as Beverly heights, or the two of them getting out of some mess Billy got them into, usually involving his ectoplasm.

So why do I bring this to the HiJackers, of all people, you ask? Well, a couple HiJackers have already gotten in on the act, namely Laryn-Dawn and j-analogman. This is probably due to the dynamic between the two characters being similar to the ship we so adore!

Spencer is a dorky brunette who loves something (zombies and horror) and wants to make it a major part of his life/future.

Billy is dead.

He’s also a huge dork who gets excited whenever someone can see him (Only possible if someone is wearing something of his, i.e. Spencer’s pick necklace) and tends to annoy the living tar out of Spencer.

Even if those are just small points, I recommend you look into it!

The episodes are short and you can see them in any order! All you need to know about the show is in the opening sequence!

Of course, I bring you here because, let’s face it. HiJack is a ship, so Spencer and Billy have to be shipped. Right? Right. Their main ship is called “EctoFeature” but the ship between Spencer and a younger, alive Billy is called “YoungFame.”

I really hope you guys like it! It’s a fun show and To be honest, it needs a bit more love~ Give it a shot!

These are a couple of my favorite episodes if you’re interested:

The Ghost of Spencer Wright

Axe Maniac

Zombie Love

Billy, Billy, Billy, Billy, Billy

House of Horrors


Walk This Way

The gay is strong at the end of this one.

Thank you and Enjoy~

actual-queen-josephine  asked:

Olivia, Cordelia and Lissa reacting to female avatar proposing to them please? (Sorry if you've done this already, also I love this blog, and the mods are amazing :D)

hi omg we’re mutuals *waves* -O

Olivia: After quite a bit of deliberation, you decide to propose to her. Proposing to her comes with a whole new set of problems. For one thing, is there a church in Ylisse that would marry two women? You’re not quite sure. And there’s always the possibility Olivia will say no. You feel a sharp, hot pang in your heart at the possibility - you don’t know what you’ll do without her.

But as with the best of plans, risks have to be taken. You’ll never know if you don’t try.

You catch her one afternoon after dance practise. Maybe not the most romantic of times, sure, but you still feel a rush of affection for her when you see her flushed face, obscured partially by the towel she’s using to mop up the beads of her perspiration. This is the only time you’re sure she’ll be completely alone, after all - when she’s in the dance studio.

“You danced beautifully, as always.” You smile, glance down at your gloves; through your fingers and at the ring you giddily prepared last night.

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Alright, but what if the apocalypse happened and those of us who are “glued to our phones/computers/soul-sucking wireless devices” actually knew what was going on and how to survive due to us being connected to other people and all the assholes who look down on us for being “internet zombies” had no idea until the literal zombies busted through their windows and tried to eat them.

ACNL Game: Zombie Run

My apologies for not posting any games recently! I found this game in a youtube video a while back and I thought I’d give it more exposure by posting it here ^-^

Amount of players: 3-4

What you need:

  • A town where running is permissible (with or without paths),
  • A timer.
  • 3-4 shovels (1 for each player).
  • 3-4 axes (1 for each player).
  • Best time to play is at night! (any other time is fine too!)

How to play:

The main idea of this game combines concepts from two previously posted games, Timebomb and Axe Chase. To start off, one person will be designated as the “zombie”. They will wear a pattern hat for the other players to identify them as the zombie. As the other players wait (either at the plaza or train station), the zombie will set the timer and bury it in a hidden location. Once this has happened, the zombie will then equip his/her axe and run nonstop around the town (can’t camp near the timer the whole time!), as the other players must find the timer without being hit by the zombie’s axe. If a player is hit by the zombie’s axe, they will then become a zombie by equipping their axe and wearing a pattern hat (the pattern doesn’t matter). If the survivors manage to find the timer before time runs out, they win! If the time runs out and/or there are no survivors left, the zombies win!